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Anjanee Devee
Major part of this write up has been collected from Skand Puraan, Brahm Puraan, Shiv Puraan, Padm Puraan and Vishnu Puraan, Raamaayan etc books.

Anjanee was the mother of Hanumaan. She was the Apsaraa Punjikaasthalee. Once Gautam Rishi cursed her to take birth in Vaanaree form. On asking how she will be released fom his curse, he said - "When you will become the mother of Shiv's child, then you will be released from the curse. So she was born as Anjanee Vaanaree in Kunjar Vaanar's house. She got married to Vaanar Raaj Kesaree and there she gave birth to Shiv's son Hanumaan through Pavan Dev.

According to this website -, she was the daughter of Muni Gautam and Ahalyaa. When Ahalyaa was cursed by Gautam Rishi for her unfaithfulness to Gautam, Gautam Rishi asked his daughter. Ahalyaa got so much grief-stricken that she cursed her daughter that "As my character was blamed, in the same way you will also bear the blame on your character." This curse caused Anjanee to give birth to Hanumaan. Hearing this curse, Anjanee thought that she would always do penance and would never see a face of a man. So she went to Siddh Mountain and started to do penance underground. Anjanee's penance shook Indr's throne. Naarad Jee guessed Indra's condition so he went to Shiv Jee and told him that Anjanee was doing Tap on Siddh Mountain, and because of this a high energy is forming which waants to imbalance all other energies. He nurtured the whole world, so he should take care of this. Here there are two versions --

One Version
According to Shiv Puraan, there was a Bhasmaasur Daitya who did a severe penance and asked a boon from Shiv Jee, that any person on whose head he keeps his hand, he should be reduced to ashes. Shiv Jee granted his wish. Now Bhasmaasur decided to marry Paarvatee Jee, but for this it was necessary to kill Shiv Jee first, so he ran after Shiv Jee to burn him. Shiv Jee had guessed his bad intentions so he also ran away from him. Running in all the three Lok, Shiv set off towards Vaikunth. When Vishnu saw Shiv coming to His Lok, He understood that there is something wrong, so He rose and assumed the form of Mohinee and stood in the way. He allowed Shiv to pass and stopped Bhasmaasur. He mesmerized Bhasmaasur, made him dance in such a way that he kept his hand on his own head and he got burnt then and there only.

Shiv came back and got lost in the beauty of Vishnu's Mohinee Roop. His semen fell but Vishnu took it in His hand, because if it fell on the Earth, it would  dry up up all the water of the Earth and there would be a Pralaya. Besides this seed was to be kept in some womb, so Vishnu called Naarad and asked him to go to Siddh Mountain where Anjanee was doing Tapasyaa, and insert that semen in the ear of Anjanee, with the help of a bamboo blow and thus bring Ahalyaa's curse come true. A child will be born to do good of the world. So Naarad Jee kept the semen in a bamboo, went to Siddh Mountain and said to Anjanee - "Daughter, I am the son of Brahmaa, Naarad, and I am very happy from your Tap, so I want to give you knowledge. Taking care of Anjanee's vow, Naarad Jee inserted the bamboo in the ground, so that she can fulfill his aim just by bringing her ear near the bamboo.

So she brought her ear near to the bamboo and Naarad Jee immediately blew the semen of Shiv into her ear; and before she could return the semen back, Naarad Jee tied a knot around the bamboo. Anjanee got pregnant. After certain time a son was born to her, because it Vaaayu Dev who transferred the semen into Anjanee's ear, that is why he is called Pavan Putra also. Thus Anjanee became the virgin mother there and now a days there is a Goolar tree there.

Another Version
According to another version, when Indra got disturbed by Anjanee's Tap, Shiv Jee went to Anjanee along with Naarad and with the help of a  stem of Papaya tree and blew air in her ear. When Baby Hnaumaan was born the earth tore out and Hanumaan came out. As he came out he told Anjanee that he was hungry. She told him to eat red berries (Ber). Hanumaan could not understand her words, he looked at the sky and saw the red Sun there. He thought that it was the red berry, so he flew and tried to eat him, but the Sun got stuck in his mouth. There was dark all over the world. Indra got angry at this and hit him with his Vajra on his chin, so the Sun came out of his mouth, but baby Hanumaan got fainted. After this incident Anjanee Putra was called Hanumaan (in Sanskrit Hanu means chin).

Hanumaan was very naughty from his childhood. When he was sent for education in an Aashram, he troubled Muni living there. Once Gautam Muni was sitting in meditation, that he went there and  dried Muni's pot's water through his powers, so Gautam Rishi cursed him that from that he would forget all his powers, but seeing his simple nature he blessed him that when somebody will remind him about his powers, he will regain all his powers.

Once even Anjanee also got tired of Hanumaan's behavior so she threw him down from the mountain. At that Kesaree. the Vaanar King was roaming around with his wife for pilgrimage. He did not have any child so he got very happy to see him and considering him a boon of God raised him as his own son. He got his education from the Sun and after the completion he asked his Guru what Guru Dakshinaa he could give to him? The Sun asked him to stay at Pampaapur where two brothers, Baali and Sugreev, were living and take care of them. Hanumaan told this to Kesaree and he said to obey the orders of his Guru. When Hanumaan reached there he came to know that both brothers had a fight and Sugreev was living on Rishimukh Mountain.



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