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Chyavan Rishi was the son of Maharshi Bhrigu and Pulomaa.
According to Bhavishya Puraan, 1/7, he was married to Vaivaswat Manu's son Sharyaati's daughter Sukanyaa.
According to MBH, G-0-prolog-14 "Chyavan Rishi was married to Manu's daughter Aarushee and had a son from her named Aurv. Aurv came out of ripping Aarushee's thigh. Aurv had the son named Richeek."

Padm Puraan, 5/5 says that Maharshi Chyavan had a son named Medhaavee. Once an Apsaraa Manjughoshaa attracted Medhaavee and stayed with him for 57 years, but Muni was so much attracted to her that he could not keep the track of time. When she wanted to leave him, he said, "Just wait till I do my morning Sandhyaa." Then Apsaraa said - "Do you know how many Sandhyaa have passed?" Then Muni came into senses and gave Shaap to her to become Pishaach. She requested him to be kind on her, so he suggested her to keep Chaitra Krishn Ekaadashee Vrat so that her all sins are destroyed.

Birth of Chyavan
The story of his birth is a very strange one. Bhrigu had a wife named Pulomaa. She was first given to Pulomaa named Daitya, later she was married to Bhrigu. So Daitya Pulomaa was always searching for an opportunity to get her. According to Padm Puraan, 4/3, once Bhrigu went to forest and his wife was alone in the Aashram. Pulomaa Daitya came there and enquired about Bhrigu's wife from the Rishi who were living in the Aashram, but they showed their ignorance. So he came to Bhrigu's hut and asked Agni Dev about her. Agni Dev could not have lied, so he told him about her.

Pulomaa took her forcefully and started going away from the Aashram. Pulomaa was pregnant at that time. She got frightened and her fetus fell from her womb. Seeing this Pulomaa ran away from there. When Bhrigu came back he named that child "Chyavan" because he got "Chyut" (fallen) from its place; and cursed Agni Dev that "you will be eating everything even the dirtiest things." Hearing this Agni asked for his forgiveness and showed his helplessness. Then Bhrigu said - "All right, even if you will eat everything, you will not become impure."

Marriage of Chyavan
[From  Bhavishya Puraan, 1/7]

Once Raajaa Sharyaati came in a forest on a hunting trip. His daughter Sukanyaa was also with him. In the same forest, Chyavan Rishi was doing severe Tap. Ants had built a mound around his body. There were only two holes in front of his eyes. Playing with her friends, princess Sukanyaa happened to come there where Maharshi was doing Tap. She saw that mound and the two holes too in it behind which she saw two stars shining. For curiosity sake, she took a straw and pierced the holes with it. But they were not only the holes, behind them were Rishi's eyes. Blood came out of those eyes. Sukanyaa got frightened. She ran away from there.

Maharshi Chyavan got angry at this and he stopped the working of excretion system of all the people of King's army. Raajaa understood what had happened. Raajaa asked - "Who has played with Chyavan Rishi?" Sukanyaa said - "Father, I think, I did." Raajaa immediately came to Rishi and asked for his forgiveness. In exchange of his forgiveness Rishi asked Sukanyaa's hand so the King had to offer his daughter to him as a Praayashchit. But still Chyavan Rishi said - "First ask your daughter." When Raajaa asked his daughter, embarrassed Sukanyaa got ready to marry him. He returned to his kingdom and married Sukanyaa to Chyavan Rishi.

Chyavan Gets His Eyes and Youth
[From Bhavishya Puraan, 1/7]

Since Chyavan Rishi was not at all in agreeable condition, still Sukanyaa used to serve him sincerely and faithfully. One day Muni asked Sukanyaa to give him a child. Sukanyaa politely said - "I cannot disobey you, but for this first you will have to have youth, good clothes and jewelry." Rishi said - "I am not like your father, where I will get all these things?" Sukanyaa said - "You have lots of Tap, you can do anything." Rishi thought for a while and said - "I am not going to waste my Tap for just this trivial thing."

One day Ashwinee Kumaar were going somewhere that they saw Sukanyaa alone, so they asked her who was she and hat was she doing in that forest alone? Sukanyaa said - "I am King Sharyaati's daughter Sukanyaa. I live here with my husband Maharshi Chyavan. Who are you?" Ashwinee Kumaar said - "We are Ashwinee Kumaar. That man is old, why don't you choose one of us as your husband?" Sukanyaa said - "You are Devtaa, it does not suit you to talk like this with me. I serve my husband with full faithfulness." They told her that if it was so, they could make him young and handsome. All three would come out of Gangaa River and then she could choose one of the three. Sukanyaa said that she will tell them after asking her husband. Ashwinee Kumaar said, "We are waiting for you."

So Sukanyaa went to her Aashram and returned with her husband, Chyavan Rishi said, "I agree with your conditions." So all entered Gangaa River and as they dipped in her and came out, all looked the same. According to the condition, now Sukanyaa had to choose one among those three and they three looked so same that she could not recognize her husband. So she prayed Ashwinee Kumaar - "When I did not abandon my ugly husband, how can I leave my young and handsome husband." Pleased with her faithfulness Ashwinee Kumar gave her the sight to differ between human and Devtaa. Sukanyaa saw that one of them was not blinking, so she chose him as her husband.

MBH, G-4-Van/21  describes in a little different way. According to it, Sukanyaa once went to take bath and when she was taking bath she was without clothes. Ashwinee Kumaar saw her in this state and got attracted to her. they asked her who was she and why was she living in the woods being so delicate and beautiful. Sukanyaa said - "I am the daughter of Sharyaati and wife Chyavan Rishi." They said - "he is an old man, why don't you marry one of us, we will keep you very well and we will make Rishi young too." Sukanyaa said - "You are a celestial and I am a Pativrataa wife, this does not look nice to you." They said - "All right, Go and ask him if we can help him bring his youth back." She went to the Rishi and told the story to Rishi. Rishi said yes, and Sukanyaa also said yes to Ashwinee Kumaar. Ashwinee Kumaar asked her to bring him with her, so she brought him with her. Ashwinee Kumaar asked Muni to take a dip in the pond. As muni entered into the pond they also entered with him and next moment arose three young beautiful men looking just alike. Ashwinee Kumaar asked her to recognize her husband,  but since they were just alike she could not recognize her husband. Then Rishi himself removed her confusion saying - "My wife is very grateful to you for this change in me."

King Sharyaati also got this news, so he came to see his daughter and Rishi. He and his wife were very happy to see him. Rishi asked him to organize a Yagya in which he would assist him. Sharyaati did it and Chyavan assisted him.

Another Version
Pleased with her services, one day Chyavan Rishi invoked Ashwinee Kumaar and asked them to give him his eyes, beauty and youth. Ashwinee Kumaar granted him both. When Sukanyaa saw him she did not recognize him, then after a lot of persuasion she agreed that he was her husband.

Yet, in Another Version
Once Ashwinee Kumaar came to Rishi's Aashram. Sukanyaa welcomed them heartily and felicitated them very well. Pleased with her services, they asked her to ask something. Sukanyaa asked Rishi's eyes and youth and beauty. They took the Rishi to Gangaa River (or some pond) and all had a dip in that. All came out with the same look and appearance. Sukanyaa recognized her husband by praying Ashwinee Kumaar.

Chyavan Rishi then promised Ashwinee Kumaar to give their share in Yagya. Till then they did not get it as Devtaa considered them of lower status being Devtaa's Vaidya (doctor).

Some time later, King Sharyaati came to visit her daughter. Seeing her serving a handsome and young man, first he got very angry at her that she had chosen somebody else as her husband, but then Sukanyaa told him that he was none other than Rishi Chyavan and told him the whole story. He got very happy to see the changed Rishi.

Chayavan Gives Som Ras to Ashwinee Kumaar
Later Sharyaati came to request Muni to perform a Yagya to get a son. In that Yagya, he gave Ashwinee Kumaar their share and since then they also started getting their Yagya share along with other Devtaa. Indra objected it highly, but still Muni did not agree with him. Then Indra threatened him to hit him with his Vajra, but Muni was adamant as he had already promised them. So as he lifted his hand to offer Som Ras to Ashwinee Kumaar, Indra also lifted his Vajra to hit him. He could not even hurl his Vajra at Muni that Muni froze his hand. Then he gave Som Ras to Ashwinee Kumaar. Then Brahmaa Jee came there and asked him to free Indra's hand. Then only Muni de-froze his hand. Indra said - "I acted like this just to spread your fame and glory, not otherwise." When Muni came back to his Aashram, he was surprised to see many palaces with all kinds of comforts there. He praised Indra for this.

Chyavan's Children
According to MBH, G-0-Prolog/5 Chyavan had a son from Sukanyaa named Sumati. Sumati saw Gritaachee Apsaraa and had a son from her named Ruru.

Chyavan Burns Kritveerya's 100 Sons
According to Bhavishya Puraan, 4/15, Chyavan Muni burnt all sons of Kritveerya (they were 100 of them) by his Shaap.



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