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4-Paataal Khand

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3-Chyavan Rishi

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3-Chyavan Rishi
2-Padm Puraan, 4-Paataal Khand, p 437-444

This Khand covers the pages 411-609 (220 pages) of the book. It gives the account of Raam's Ashwamedh Yagya, and Krishn's life.

Story of Chyavan Rishi

Sumad asked the welfare of Raam and Shatrughn told him everything. He gave a lots of wealth, clothes, gems to Shatrughn's servants and he himself also followed Shatrughn. Shatrughn stayed there for three days and then proceeded further on their way along with Sumati. They came to an Aashram where many Muni lived and were doing Yagya. There even lions protected cows and rats did not dig burrows for their own living. Snakes played with peacocks and elephants and lions lived together. Seeing this Aashram, Shatrughn asked Sumati - "Hey Sumati, Whose Aashram is this? All animals are living here in such a friendly way. Munis' voice is also echoing in the whole Aashram. I wish to listen to these Munis." Sumati said - "Know it as Chyavan Rishi's Aashram. Munis' wives also live here. This Muni Chyavan is the same Muni who destroyed Indra's proud in Sharyaati's Yagya and offered Yagya share to Ashwinee Kumaar."

Shatrughn asked - "When Chyavan Muni did this and what Indra did in that Yagya?" Sumati said - "Maharshi Bhrigu is Brahmaa's one of the 10 Maanas Putra. One day he went far to bring Samidhaa (twigs for Yagya) in the evening. At the same time Daman named Daitya came to destroy his Yagya and asked for the Muni and his wife. When he asked about them several times, Agni Dev got scared and pointed out towards Muni's wife. She was pregnant at that time, as Daitya caught her, she started crying and calling Bhrigu Jee for her help. Still he took her out of the Aashram and insulted her. In this situation the child came out of her womb and fell down. He said to the Daitya - "Don't go from here and burn immediately." The Daitya got burned immediately.

The mother came to her Aashram carrying her child. When Bhrigu Jee came to know that it all has happened because of Agni Dev, he gave Shaap to him - "You become eater of everything, holy or unholy." Hearing this Agni Dev got very sad and held Muni's feet and requested for his forgiveness - "Please be kind on me. I told your wife's address because of the fear of lying, please be kind on me." Bhrigu got pleased with him and said - "Even if you will eat everything, still you will be holy." After that Muni did his child's Jaatkarm Sanskaar. Since the child fell (Chyut) from the womb, he named him as Chyavan.

Marriage of Chyavan Rishi

When Chyavan grew a little, he went to do Tapasayaa on the banks of Narmadaa River. He did Tapasyaa for 10,000 years. He got covered by termites' dust and two Palaash trees were also grown on him. Once Vaivaswat Manu's (the present Manu) son Sharyaati came on the banks of Narmadaa River for Teerth Yaatraa with his family. He had a beautiful daughter, she started wandering around in the forest with her friends. There she saw a anthill and a light coming out from it. She broke that hill for curiosity sake and it started bleeding. Seeing this the Princess got very sad and she didn't tell this to her parents because of being guilty.

At the same time Prithvi started shaking, many horses and elephants of the King started dying and people started quarreling. The King knew something was wrong, so he asked everybody, "Has anybody committed a crime against Muni?" Everybody denied, then King knew that his daughter has done it. He went to Muni with all his people and pleased him. Muni said - "You should know that all this is done by your daughter. Your daughter has pierced my eyes and thus they have bled, knowingly fully well she has not told you this. That is why you give me your daughter, then all this will be calm and quiet." King got very sad at this but he had no choice except to marry his beautiful daughter to that blind old Muni."

Sumati further said - "Hey Sumitraanandan, Now Chyavan Rishi started living in his Aashram. He was very happy to get Sharyaati's daughter. Although Muni was old and blind, still Sukanyaa used to serve him very sincerely and dearly. She also ate fruits and roots etc and was ever ready to serve her husband. Thus 1,000 years passed. One day Ashwinee Kumaar came there, Sukanyaa felicitated them with great respect, so they asked her to ask for any Var. She asked for the sight for her husband. They said - "If your husband can offer Yagya share to us, then we can give him his sight." Chyavan Rishi agreed for this. They asked Muni to have a dip in a pond. All the three, Chayvan Rishi and Ashwinee Kumaar, had a dip in that pond and when they came out, they all looked alike. Now Sukanyaa couldn't recognize her husband, so she prayed Ashwinee Kumaar and they showed her her husband. Ashwinee Kumaar went away.

Once Sharyaati wished to do a Yagya so he called for Chyavan Rishi. He went there with his wife. When Sharyaati saw another man with his daughter, he got a little angry with her and said - "How did you get this wrong wisdom that you left her husband and you are with another man?" Sukanyaa softly said - "Father, He is not another man, he is your son-in-law Chyavan Rishi." and told him whatever happened. Sharyaati got very happy to hear all that. Chyavan Rishi did Som Yagya for him and gave Ashwinee Kumaar their share of Yagya for the first time. They did not get any share in a Yagya before than this. They were not allowed to sit with Devtaa being Vaidya (traditional doctor), but Chyavan Rishi gave them seat among them. Indra got very angry at this. He picked his Vajra to kill him but his arms froze by just a look of Chyavan Rishi. Indra asked for his forgiveness and since then Ashwinee Kumaar had started getting Yagya share. Chyavan Rishi is very powerful, so you also go to him and get blessed. Request him to come to Raam's Yagya."

Shesh Jee further said - "Shatrughn and Sumati were talking like this that the Yagya horse came to Chyavan Rishi. Shatrughn also arrived there and greeted Muni and Sukanyaa - "I am Raam's brother and the guard of this horse, Shatrughn." Chyavan Rishi said to Braahman - "See, Whose name destroys all sins, by touching whose feet Ahalyaa got uplifted, the same Raam is doing Yagya. It is my good luck that I will see Raam's face. Today I have got the fruits of my Tapasyaa." Shatrughn said - "Hey Muni, Please come to our Yagya. It is the good luck of our Raam also who lives in the hearts of such Muni like you." Hearing this Muni got ready to go. Hanumaan, seeing him going on foot, said to Shatrughn - "If you permit me then I can take them to our city." Shatrughn permitted him and he took Muni and his people to Ayodhyaa on his back. Raam welcomed them."



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