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4-Paataal Khand

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2-Raam's Ashwamedh Yagya

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2-Raam's Ashwamedh yagya
2-Padm Puraan, 4-Paataal Khand, p 424-437

This Khand covers the pages 411-609 (220 pages) of the book. It gives account of Raam's Ashwamedh Yagya, and Krishn's life.

Raam's Ashwamedh Yagya

Raam said - "Hey Vipravar, No Braahman has ever heard a harsh word from Ikshwaaku family's person, and I killed them? Braahman are the roots to support Ved tree and I have killed such Braahman family, what should I do to repent?" Agastya Jee said - "You are beyond Prakriti, you are Parameshwar, you are the Creator, you are the sustainer and you are the destroyer. Even the greatest sinner's sins are washed away by taking your name only. Whoever does Ashwamedh Yagya, his all sins are washed away. You are omnipotent, so you also do Ashwamedh Yagya." Raam asked the method of doing this Yagya - "What type of horse should be employed for this Yagya? What is the method of worship? And whom should be won for it?"

Agastya Jee said - "Whose color is shining like Gangaa water and ear are black, mouth is red and tail is of yellow color, that horse is good for the Yagya. Write a letter on Vaishaakh Maas Poornimaa, such that it should describe your name and grace. Tie it on the forehead of the horse and leave him to wander around. He should be protected very well. If somebody takes him forcefully, it is guards' duty to bring him back from them. The Yagya doer should stay back in his city in a disciplined way until the horse comes back. He should always hold a horn of a deer. He should donate grains and wealth for one year. A beggar wants whatever thing, the Yagya doer should give him the same thing. Do this Yagya, it should destroy your all sins."

Raam said - "Please check in my stable if I had such horses." Agastya Jee checked the stable and found many such horse and reported Raam about it. Raam came to the bank of Sarayoo River and tilled a 4-Yojan land with golden ploughs. He built many Mandap for Yagya. Vashishth Jee completed all rites according to Ved. He invited many Rishi and Maharshi in that Yagya. They all came there. When all gathered there, they started discussing religious matters. Vaatsyaayan Jee asked Shesh Jee - "What kind of religious discourses took place there?" Shesh Jee said - "Hey Muni, Seeing all Muni around, Raam asked them all the Dharm of all the Varn and Aashram.

Rishi said to Raam - "A Braahman child should do Yagya and read Ved. After his Brahmcharya, if he wants, he may detach himself from the world at the same time, or may take up Grihasth Aashram. A Braahman is prohibited to serve lower castes. He should not do so even in emergency. Who loves his own wife religiously, he is considered Brahmchaaree. Who sells his daughter even for a little money he is considered a sinner. Trade, serving the king, not studying Ved, performing prohibited marriages and not doing his daily chores are prohibited for Braahman. A Grihasth should always felicitate his guest with fruits, food, water, milk, etc. If a guest goes back from a household without getting anything, he takes away the Punya of the whole life of that householder. Who cooks for himself he feeds himself only sinful food. One should not look at the wife who is eating food, or who is naked. Do not show rainbow to others. Do not eat yogurt in night and do not warm one's feet from fire. Do not eat very full in the night. Do not eat in an unclean plate and do not go anywhere without cleaning one's mouth and hands. Thus following Grihasth rules one should step in Vaanprasth Aashram. At that time one should keep either keep his wife with him or hand over her to his son. After that one should take Sanyaas."

Shatrughn Goes to Guard Horse

Shesh Jee said - "Hearing and telling these religious talks, Vasant Ritu (spring season) set in. So Vashishth Jee said to Raam - "Now is the time to worship the horse and leave him to wander on earth. Make a golden idol of Seetaa and take Deekshaa for Yagya. Sleep on the floor, follow Brahmcharya, wear deer skin, take a deer horn in your hand and start your Yagya." Raam asked Lakshman to bring a good horse for the Yagya. Lakshman asked the Commander of the army to prepare a Chaturanginee army which should be invincible. The horse was adorned with little bells, pearl necklaces and an umbrella over him. Army-Chief Kaaljit ordered his army to proceed. All marched forward with the vigor of battle for Raghunaath Jee.

The horse was brought to Yagya Mandap.  Agastya Jee was appointed as Brahmaa, Vaalmeeki Jee was appointed as Adhwaryu and Kanv Rishi was appointed as the gatekeeper. Yagya Mandap had eight gates and there were two Braahmans at each gate. On eastern gate were Deval and Asit Rishi, on southern gate were Kashyap and Atri Rishi, on western gate were Jaatookarnya and Jaajali Rishi, and on northern gate were Dwit and Ekat Muni.

Then women came and worshipped the horse, Vashishth Jee tied the letter which was made of gold, on his forehead. The letter read - "Our Raam is a great archer and is the Lord of Raghu Vansh. He is starting Ashwamedh Yagya, so he sends this horse around. Shatrughn who has killed Lavanaasur is the guard of this horse. Whoever king is proud of his bravery and might, let him come and dare to catch this horse and challenge Shatrughn." Raam instructed Shatrughn thus - "This horse is going to wander according to his will, you go with him and guard him. Who are asleep, who are fallen, whose clothes are loose, and who have fallen in your feet afraid, do not kill such people. Who do not boast of their bravery do not fight with them also. If you are on chariot and other person is on ground, do not kill him. Whoever come to your shelter, do not kill him. Whoever warrior kills a mad, sleepy, and a runaway soldiers, he attains lower species. Do not hit elders, and do not disobey respectable people. Always greet cow, Braahman and a religious Vaishnav. Wherever goes such a person, he is respected everywhere. Vishnu lives everywhere, so who respect everybody considering Vishnu themselves, they make even the greatest sinners holy."

Horse Goes Around and Sumad Honors Shatrughn

Shesh Jee said - "After instructing Shatrughn thus, Raam said to his army - "See, My brother is going as the guard of this horse. Who will back him up? Who thinks himself worthy of this, take this betel leaf from my palm." Hearing this Bharat's son Pushkal picked that betel leaf and said - "I will back him up." After that Raam said to Hanumaan - "I have got all this kingdom etc because of you only, so you also go with him. You guard Shatrughn like you guard me." Jaambvaan, Angad, Mayand, Sugreev, Nal, Neel etc Vaanar also got ready to go with that horse. Then Raam asked His Commander of Army to suggest some other names who could go with the horse and sent all those people also along with the horse. Shatrughn went to his mother Sumitraa and asked her permission to go with the horse. She said - "Go, and be successful. Protect your nephew Pushkal. He is very religious."

The horse started his journey. He headed towards East. Bharat's son Pushkal went to his palace, asked permission from his wife Kaantimatee, and instructed her to behave properly with all elder and young women. She gave him his bow, two quivers, armor, crown and two earrings to wear and worshipped him. Then he took permission from his mother Maandavee and started on his journey. Shatrughn heard the praise of his brother Raam at several places. After praising Raam, they used to give him costly clothes. jewelry etc. Raam had a Minister whose name was Sumati, he was also following Shatrughn. The horse was going through Paanchaal, Kuru, Uttarkuru and Dashaarn etc countries.

Traveling thus they came to Ahichchhatraa Nagaree which was very beautiful and was decorated with various things. Its king was Sumad. There were many beautiful gardens, so the Yagya horse entered one of the forests and others followed him. There they saw a temple. So Shatrughn asked Sumati - "O Minister, Tell me whose temple is this? And why this Devtaa is here?" Sumati knew everything, he said - "This is Kaamaakshaa Devee temple. She came here on the request of king Sumad. She fulfills all wishes for everybody so you also do Pranaam to her." Shatrughn did Pranaam to her and asked what Punya Sumad did so that Devee came here.

Sumati said - "There is well known Parvat named Hemkoot, and on it is Vimal named Teerth. Sumad's enemies invaded his kingdom and defeated him so Sumad went there and meditated upon Jagadambaa standing on one foot for three years. After this he ate only dry leaves for three years. He did austere Tap for another three years, and he controlled his Praan Vaayu for another three years. Indra got scared seeing his Tapasyaa so he sent Kaam Dev to disturb his Tapasyaa. Kaam Dev went there, and Rambhaa started attracting the King. She started singing near the king.

When Sumad heard the music and looked around him, he understood everything. The then Kaam Dev got ready to aim his arrow at him. Apsaraa started serving him. The King said - "I am worshipping my Devee, so no use of doing all this to me." Kaam Dev also failed in his mission so they all went back. Jagadambaa gave him her Darshan. King prayed her and she asked him to ask for any Var. He asked her to give back his lost kingdom, immovable Bhakti for her feet, and Mukti in the end. She gave all that to him and said - "When Raam will do Ashwamedh Yagya, his brother will come here with the Yagya horse. You give him all your kingdom, wealth etc and wander with him around on Prithvi. In the end you will attain Mukti." After having said this she disappeared. That is why he will not catch your horse."

At that time somebody informed the King that some horse is wandering in their country. The King asked them to find out as whose horse he was. They told him that he was Raghunaath Jee's horse. Hearing this the King recollected Devee's words. He asked his people to adorn the city and he himself came to welcome Shatrughn and said to him - "Today I am blessed, I have been waiting for this moment for long time. Please come to my city and bless it." So everybody entered the city, the King worshipped Shatrughn and handed over his kingdom to Raam.



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