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15-Snapan Saptamee 

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15-Snapan Saptamee Vrat
9-Bhavishya Puraan, 4-Uttar Parv-52, p 428-430

Snapan Saptamee Vrat
(Chap 52) Yudhshthir asked - "Prabho, What should one do to get Adbhut Shaanti? What should a woman do whose children die after their birth to save her children?" Krishn said - "Raajan, Only previous life's Paap give such fruits in this life. To destroy them I tell you a Vrat named Saptamee Snapan. In the Sat Yug of Vaivaswat Manvantar of Varaah Kalp, there was a great king named Kritveerya. He ruled for 77,000 years with Dharm and in justified way. He had 100 sons who were burned by the Shaap of Chyavan Muni. Then he did Tapasyaa to please Shiv Jee and Shiv Jee gave him Var to get a son, but he put a condition that Kritveerya had to do Saptamee Snapan Vrat to destroy all his old sins. When their son is born then leaving his birth Nakshatra day, he should arrange for Swasti Vaachan by Braahman. In the same way when this Vrat is done for a sick or old, or other persons their birth Nakshatra day should be left out.

One should cook red Agahanee rice with cow's milk and offer it to mothers, Soorya and Rudra. and then offer seven Aahuti of Ghee in the name of Soorya. After this offer Aahuti by Rudra Sookt. Its fire should be lit with the sticks of Aak and Palaash trees, and one should use black sesame seeds barley and Ghee for its 108 Aahuti. After the Havan one should take bath in Gangaa water. Then taking Kush grass in hand establish four Kalash (pitchers) in four corners and the fifth one in the center without hole. Adorn it with yogurt and rice and make it Abhimantrit by seven Richaa of Soorya. Fill it with Teerth water and put some gem or gold in it. Thus in all Kalash put Panchgavya, Panchratn (five gems), fruits and flowers and adorn them with cloth. Then bring soil from the following seven places - where elephants are tied, stable, Bimaut, Sangam of river, pond, where cows are tied, and king's gate.

Then the Braahman should pick up the center Kalash, read Soorya Mantra and bathe the woman whose children have died by seven auspicious women with that Kalsh water. At this time read the following Mantra. (see p 429) Then that woman should put on white clothes and worship those seven women along with her child and husband. After worshipping Guru, donate an idol of Dharm Raaj on  copper pot to Guru. Thus worship other Braahman also and feed them with Kheer and Ghee. After taking food Guru should pronounce these Mantra for the protection of the child. ( see the Mantra on p 429 ) To one's capacity one should donate a cow also to Guru and bid farewell. The woman should fold hand before Soorya and Shankar with her child carrying in her lap. She should eat the remaining food from Havan saying "I greet Soorya Dev". This Vrat is good in too much sorrow and bad dreams also.

Thus leaving the doer's birth Nakshatra, one should always worship Soorya and Shiv on the 7th day of Shukla Paksh, because whoever does this he never suffers from any kind of sorrow or pain. He lives long. Because of this Vrat only Kaartveerya ruled this Prithvi for 10,000 years. Soorya Dev disappeared after telling the method of doing this Vrat. A human being should wish health from Soorya, wealth from Agni, knowledge from Shiv and Moksh from Vishnu.
[This Chapter tallies with Matsya Puraan, Chapter 68]



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