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He is called Asit and Asit Deval also.

Deval Rishi was the son of Pratyoosh named Vasu. The eight Vasu (Aap, Dhruv, Som, Dhar, Anil, Anal, Pratyoosh, Prabhaas) were the sons of Daksh's daughter Vasu who was married to Dharm. Deval had a brother named Dhaumya who was the Purohit of Paandav family. Deval had two sons also. MBH, G-3-Youth/30 says that Deval Muni was Rishi Asit's son.

Deval's Curse to a Gandharv: Story of Gaj and Graah
Once Deval Rishi cursed a Gandharv named Hoohoo to become Graah (crocodile). So he became Graah and started living in a pond. Once a Gajendra came to drink water there, he pulled his leg and took him deep inside the water. Gajendra prayed Shree Hari, Hari came and saved Gajendra and killed Graah. As Hari killed Graah, he became a most handsome Gandharv. He prayed Shree Hari and went to his Lok.

Gajendra also became like Bhagavaan - with four arms. He was a Paandya Vanshee king in his previous life. His name was Indradyumn. He was a great devotee of Bhagavaan so once he abandoned his kingdom and became Sanyaasee. One day he was worshipping Shree Hari, that Agastya Muni came with his disciples. He saw that a man who should be a Grihasth, has abandoned his duties and is sitting there doing worship. He became angry and he gave him Shaap, that "he has insulted Braahman with the elephant-like mind that is why he should become elephant".

After saying this Agastya Muni went away and the King accepted it as his fate. In his next life he was born as Gajendra. This Gajendra once went to drink water from a pond where Graah caught his leg and pulled him deep in the pond. They fought for 1,000 years. When elephant could not get freed, he prayed Hari and Hari got him freed by killing Graah. Hari thus freed him from his elephant Yoni and appointed him as His Paarshad, at the same time Graah also got freed from his Graah Yoni and got freed.

Another Story
There was a Manu by name Dev. He had a son named Prajaapati. He had 7 wives - Dhoomraa, Brahmvidyaa, Manaswinee, Rati, Swasa, Sandilee and Prabhaat. They gave birth to Asht Vasu (8 Vasu) in the names of Ahudu, Aniludu, Agni, Pratyooshudu, Dhaarudu, Dhruvudu, Somudu, and Prabhaasudu. From among them, Pratyooshudu had two sons - Deval and Vibhuvu. Since Deval's complexion was not that fair he was also called as: Asit. Deval was taken to Bhaavan named Ved Vyaas as a disciple and this Sage was respected equally that of Bhagavaan Ved Vyaas on account of his knowledge and dedication to duty.

Ved Vyaas is not a name of any person, but its meaning is 'he who divides Ved' he is called Ved Vyaas. In every Chatur-Yug one Ved Vyaas is born, lives and does this job. A list of such Ved Vyaas for this Manvantar is given in Vishnu Puraan - see the list of Ved Vyaas of this Manvantar. Bhaavan Ved VYaas name is not in this list so he might have been living in some another Manvantar or even Kalp.

Other Stories About Sage Deval
(1) Some time later a sage named Jaigeeshavya approached Sage Deval and requested for shelter to complete his Deekshaa. Deval desired to show his powers to Jaigeeshavya and so he started visiting unusual places where astonishingly he found that Sage Jaigeeshavya had visited those places much before him. Then only he could realize what Jaigeeshavya's powers were. Then the Sage Jaigeeshavya taught Sage Deval the meaning of simplicity and its entirety.

(2) Some time later Sage Deval cursed one Gandharv by name Hoohoo to become a crocodile when the Gandharv disturbed him while he was taking bath in a pond. Thus Hoohoo became a crocodile and was killed by Vishnu when he caught the legs of Gajendra - read this story above "Story of Gaj and Graah".

(3) In  Devaang Puraan,  the creator Lord Brahmaa took the help of Sage Deval for weaving clothes to the Divine forces and also to human beings. Though the Devaang Puraan has no authenticity in the Pauraanik order of Hindu System of life, yet, this episode was considered relevant in some texts of the Hindu Dharm Shaastra.

(4) Once Rambhaa the Divine Dancer of Devtaa desired to have Sage Deval for her pleasures which was refused by the Sage. Thus, Rambhaa got angry with him and cursed the Sage to born in an inferior caste. That is why, Sage Deval was born in Devaang Caste and he became the Prime person of that caste. He was blessed with three sons named Divyaang, Vimalaang, and Dhavalaang who helped the sage to create and manufacture wonderful clothes for the benefit of the Society and also for the benefit of the Divine Lords.

(5) Once the Divine Sage Naarad Jee asked the Sage Deval to clarify him as to how the universe is born and how birth and death take place and ultimately where the universe ends. The Sage Deval answered Naarad Jee that the universe is born out of and from the basic five elements like Land, Air, Fire, Water, and Cosmic system. He said that all the five are responsible for creation and destruction. He also said that the body is generated from Land; ears from cosmic system; eyes from Fire; life from Air; and blood from Water. Two eyes, nose, two ears, skin, tongue are the five sensing parts of the body; while hands, legs, etc five are Karmendriyaan which make any one to perform Karm. Therefore the theories of body and mind have come to light due to the explanation given by this sage.

(6) Once Sage Mareechi had 6 sons. Rishi Deval cursed them to be born in Asur Yoni so they were born as Kaalnemi's 6 sons, when Kaalnemi was born as Hiranyakashyap's son (according to Harivansh).

Deval and Shwetaketu
Once this sage was taking bath in the Holy River Gangaa that he found some bodies hanging to a tree like dead bodies. He asked them for the reason of such a situation, for which the bodies answered that they were the forefathers of Sage Deval and since the sage did not marry anyone, the sage has not discharged his three kinds of debts one the Dev Rin; the other the Rishi Rin; and the third one the Pitri Rin - to his forefathers. Hearing their plight, Sage Deval immediately got himself married the daughter of Sage Kaundinya. Thus the Sage Deval was freed from the three debts of a human being. The sage was blessed with a daughter by name Suvarchalaa.

Over a period of time, when Suvarchalaa had grown of marriageable age, the sage desired to perform her marriage and started searching for a bridegroom. He invited many people and asked them to show one person who is blind and who is not blind at the same time. Shwetaketu, the son of the sage Uddaalak appeared before the sage and informed him that he is blind and not blind at the same time, on account of his eyes unable to see the entire universe and the facts of the universe, but still not blind since he had Gyaan Netra the third wisdom eye which makes him see the entire universe. The Sage Deval was much pleased to hear the answer and performed the marriage of his daughter to Shwetaketu.

Deval's Works
Over a period of time, a Smriti in the name of Deval Smriti came into existence and the sage was considered to be the best Sages who helped the society with his explanations suiting the practicality. He is considered, thus, as the Sage of first category of sages in India.



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