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List of Ved Vyaas

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List of Ved Vyaas
From   Vishnu Puraan, 3/2

Paraashar Jee said - "Maitreya, Ved has thousands of branches. In every Dwaapar Yug, Bhagavaan Vishnu appears as Vyaas and divides one Ved into many. He does that because He knows that human mind is not strong enough to understand it wholly. By which physical body He does that, its name is Ved Vyaas.

Vaivaswat Manvantar
In each Dwaapar Yug of every Manvantar Vyaas Rishi divides the Ved. This means that, in this present Manvantar, Vaivaswat Manvantar, Vyaas has divided the Ved 28 times, because 28 Dwaapar Yug have passed in this Manvantar and this is Kali Yug of the 28th Chatur-Yug period. One Manvantar is made up of 71+ Chatur-Yug, so there still remain 43 Chatur-Yug

In 1st Dwaapar Yug Brahmaa Jee himself divided Ved.
In 2nd Dwaapar Yug Prajaapati divided Ved.
In 3rd Dwaapar Yug Shukraachaarya Jee divided Ved.
In 4th Dwaapar Yug Brihaspati divided Ved.
In 5th Dwaapar Yug Soorya divided Ved.
In 6th Dwaapar Yug Mrityu divided Ved.
In 7th Dwaapar Yug Indra divided Ved.
In 8th Dwaapar Yug Vashishth divided Ved.
In 9th Dwaapar Yug Saaraswat divided Ved.
In 10th Dwaapar Yug Tridhaamaa divided Ved.
In 11th Dwaapar Yug Trishikh divided Ved.
In 12th Dwaapar Yug Bharadwaaj divided Ved.
In 13th Dwaapar Yug Antariksh divided Ved.
In 14th Dwaapar Yug Varnee divided Ved.
In 15th Dwaapar Yug Trayyaarun divided Ved.
In 16th Dwaapar Yug Dhananjaya divided Ved.
In 17th Dwaapar Yug Kratunjaya divided Ved.
In 18th Dwaapar Yug Jaya divided Ved.
In 19th Dwaapar Yug Bharadwaaj divided Ved.
In 20th Dwaapar Yug Gautam divided Ved.
In 21st Dwaapar Yug Haryaatmaa divided Ved.
In 22nd Dwaapar Yug Vaajshravaa divided Ved.
In 23rd Dwaapar Yug Trinbindu of Somshushm divided Ved.
In 24th Dwaapar Yug Riksh from Bhrigu's family, called Vaalmeeki, divided Ved.
In 25th Dwaapar Yug Shakti (Vashishth's son and Paraashar's father) divided Ved.
In 26th Dwaapar Yug Paraashar (myself) divided Ved.
In 27th Dwaapar Yug Jaatukarn divided Ved.
In 28th Dwaapar Yug Krishn Dwaipaayan divided Ved.
In 29th Dwaapar Yug Ashwatthaamaa will divide Ved

Kratu divided Ved in Varaah Kalp



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