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Yudhishthir in Hastinaapur

[2-57] Vaishampaayan Jee said- "Thus after getting the order from Dhritraashtra, Vidur set off to Khaandav Prasth. He came to Yudhishthir's palace. Many Braahman worshipped him and Yudhishthir welcomed him and asked the welfare of Dhritraashtra and his sons. Then he said - "O Kshattaa, You don't seem happy, have you come here in happiness and peace? I hope everything is fine in Hastinaapur." Vidur said - "Everybody is fine in the kingdom, but the King is bent upon his own destruction. He has asked your welfare and have asked you to come to Hastinaapur with your brothers, and tell him after seeing his newly built palace, that it is equal to your palace or not. Stay in that mansion and then play a friendly Dice match. We shall be glad if you will go there, as the Kaurav have already arrived there. You will see the gamblers and cheaters there whom Dhritraashtra has brought there. I have come here to get your approval for this."

Yudhishthir said - "O Kshattaa, If we will play the Dice game, we will quarrel, and who can give his consent for it? What do you think we should do? We will obey whatever you will say." Vidur said - "I know that the gambling is not good, I told this to the King also, still he has sent me to you, so do whatever is beneficial for you." At this Yudhishthir asked - "Besides the sons of Dhritraashtra who are other cheater gamblers there who are going to play with us putting our lots of wealth on stake?" Vidur said - "It is Shakuni who is very skilful in Dice, is very anxious to play, and Vivinshati, King Chitrasen, Satyavrat, Purumitra and Jaya are also there." Yudhishthir said - "It seems that some terrible cheater players are there. This whole universe is under His control. I do not want to play at the command of Dhritraashtra, because he always wishes good of his son. O Vidur, You tell us, what is good for us. Although I don't want to play, but  if Shakuni did not invite me to the Sabhaa, I will not go; but if Shakuni will challenge me I will never refuse, this is my vow."

Vaishampaayan jee said - "After having said this Yudhishthir ordered to be ready to go to Hastinaapur as soon as possible. And next day he set off for his journey with his brothers, relatives and the women of his household; and with Kshattaa without giving any second thought to Dhritraashtra's invitation. He was wearing his royal robe and was riding on the chariot given to him by Baalheek. As a star falls down from the sky, our fate also deprives us of our reason and people tied to it, just follow to the sway of the Providence. In the same way Yudhishthir was also going to Hastinaapur under the influence of Kaal (Time).

After arriving at Hastinaapur, Yudhishthir first went to see Dhritraashtra and then he went to see Bheeshm, Drone and Karn and the son of Drone (Ashwatthaamaa). Then he me Somdatt, Duryodhan and Shalya, and Shakuni, and the othr kings who have already had arrived there. Then he went to meet Dushaasan, his brothers, and Jayadrath. After meeting all he went to Dhritraashtra's palace and met Gaandhaaree, and then he met his old uncle (Dhritraashtra). Seeing Paandav there all Kuru princes got very happy. After meeting everybody Paandav retired to their palaces which were decorated with all kinds of valuable gems and facilities.

Dushalaa and other women of Dhritraashtra's palace came to see Paandav. Seeing the prosperity of Yagyasenee Kaurav daughters-in-law got very jealous. After this Paandav performed their religious rites and decorated their bodies with sandal paste and other fragrant things. They gave gifts to Braahman and asked them to give them blessings to win in the game. Then they slept and woke up next morning and came to the assembly hall where the gamblers greeted them.

The First Dice Game

[2-58] Vaishampaayan Jee said - When Paandav arrived in the assembly hall, all gamblers were already present there. Yudhishthir greeted everybody and sat on his seat, others also took their seats. After all were seated, Shakuni said to Yudhishthir - "We al have been waiting for you. [since you have you come now] Let us start now the game, and the rules should be set." Yudhishthir said - "Cheating in game is a sin. There is no Kshatriya power in it, nor there is any morality. Do not defeat us by cheating." Shakuni replied - "Who know the secret of winning and losing, who knows the baffling is skilful in playing. So begin the game, do not fear and fix the stakes."

Yudhishthir again said - "Cheating in game is sinful, Rishi Deval (Asit's son) also says this. So O Shakuni, do not play with us desperately, win our wealth according to our abilities. I do not wish happiness or wealth by cheating." Shakuni said - "Who plays the game only with the desire of winning is not a man of very good motive, in the same way to play the game only to defeat other is also not good. The stronger approaches the weak is a usual practice in every contest. The motive is victory. So if you think that my motives are dishonest, and you are in fear, do not play." Yudhishthir replied - "When I am invited, I do not withdraw, this is my vow. Who is there who can stake equally with me? Let the game begin."

Duryodhan said - I put all my gems and wealth on stake, and Shakuni will play from my side." Yudhishthir said - "Playing in proxy is against the rule, you also know this, but if you have decided this then let the game begin."

[2-59] Vaishampaayan Jee said - "When the game began, all the kings sat there, while Bheeshm, Drone, Kripaa and Vidur sat behind with sad hearts. All the kings were well conversant with Ved and were brave. The assembly hall was looking like Heaven. And the game began. Yudhishthir put his pearls decked with gold on stake and asked Duryodhan, "what is that you put on stake?" Duryodhan said - "I have much wealth and many gems, win it." Vaishampaayan Jee said - "Shakuni threw the dice and said to Yudhishthir, "Lo I have won."

[2-60] Yudhishthir said - "You have won this by cheating, but do not be proud, let us play thousands upon thousands. This time I put on stake my many jars filled with 1,000 Nishk each, inexhaustible gold, silver and other minerals." Vaishampaayan Jee said - "Shakuni again threw his dice and said to Yudhishthir - "Lo, I have won again." Yudhishthir then put on stake his royal chariot in which he came to Hastinaapur. Shakuni again threw the dice with unfair mean and said - "Lo, I have won." Yudhishthir, this time, put his 100,000 maids, all with adorned with gold bracelets, other ornaments, costly necklaces, many jewels and well-skilled 64 Kalaa (64 arts) on stake. Shakuni won hose maids also. After them Yudhishthir put thousands of servants, always wearing silken clothes and golden earrings, on stake. Shakuni won them also.

Then Yudhishthir put his 1,000 elephants, with golden girdles, other ornaments, mark of the lotus on their temples, fine long thick tusks, each possessing 8 she-elephants, on stake. Shakuni won this also. Then Yudhishthir put on stake his 1,000 chariots, all with golden poles, well-trained horses, warriors each receiving 1,000 coins monthly pay. Shakuni laughingly said - "Lo, I have won them too." Yudhishthir said - "Now I put on stake my Tittiree, Kalmaash, and Gandharv breed horses decorated with gold ornaments and which were given to Arjun by defeated Chitrarath." Shakuni won them also. Yudhhishthir then put on stake his 10,000 chariots yoked with good breed animals, and 60,000 warriors who drank milk and ate good rice. Shakuni won them also by throwing dice unfairly.

Then Yudhishthir put on stake his 400 Nidhi (valuable gem) encased in sheets of copper and iron - each one of them equal to five Draunik of costliest and purest leaf gold of the Jaatroop kind. And Shakuni won them also.


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