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First Dice Game-2

Vidur Tries to Stop the Dice Game, But...

[2-61] Vaishampaayan Jee said- "While all this was going on, Vidur said to Dhritraashtra - "Listen O King, what I have to say to you, although they are not agreeable to you. When Duryodhan was born and he cried like a jackal, it was all clear that he would bring destruction to the Bharat race. He will bring the death to you all. Duryodhan is in your house in the form of jackal. You are not seeing it in your foolishness. The great poet Shukra has said - "Who collect honey in mountains, after collecting it, forget that they can fall. Climbing on dangerous heights and lost in finding what they seek often meet their destruction." Duryodhan is also doing the same, he is making these mighty people his enemies and is forgetting his own destruction. You must have remembered that Bhoj people sacrificed their one son for the good of their citizens. The Andhak, Yaadav and Bhoj abandoned Kans. And the same people got very happy for a hundred years after Krishn slain him. So let Arjun slay Duryodhan this time and let Kaurav live in peace. Buy these peacocks in exchange of this crow, and buy these tigers in exchange of this jackal.

For the sake of a family a member may be sacrificed; for the sake of a village a family may be sacrificed, for the sake of a province a village may be sacrificed and for the sake of one's own soul the whole earth may be sacrificed. Shukra also told the same thing to Asur to abandon Jambhaasur when he was born. Once a king brought some birds who vomited gold in his house and killed them for their gold and thus destroyed his present and future,  but later he had to repent for his foolish action. That i why do not prosecute Paandav from desire of profit, lest you have to repent for your action. Do not go o Yam Lok with your sons and troops, because who is there who can fight with Paandav - not even Indra."

[2-62] Vidur said - "Gambling is the root of fall, it brings disunion, thus Duryodhan is creating enmity with Paandav. All the descendants of Prateep and Shaantanu will face destruction and you are happy with Duryodhan's winning. If Ajaatshatru (Yudhishthir) will be angry and his other brothers will be angry, you don't know what they will do. You are happy that your son is winning, and it is this winning that will give birth to war and thus to destruction. Do not enter into this fire which will burn everybody. You yourself are very rich, you cannot earn that much wealth by gambling as much as Yudhishthir has. What will you gain by winning wealth from Paandav? You should try to win Paandav themselves, they will be a better asset than their wealth. We all know how much skilful Shakuni is in playing, let him go back to his kingdom. Do not fight with Paandav."

[2-63] Duryodhan said - "O Kshattaa, You always praise Paandav. The wise have said that there is no greater sin than to injure one's master. You always want to make peace with our foes and for the same reason you always hate us. Why do you not fear of this sin? We know what is in your mind. Go and learn something sitting at the feet of old people. We don't need your advice. There is only one Controller, no other one and that One takes care even of the child in the womb. I am also controlled by Him. A the water naturally flows towards the downside, I am also acting in the same way as He is directing me. As everybody acts according to his own intellect, I am also acting according to my own intelligence. One should never give shelter to a friend of a foe, therefore O Vidur, go wherever you wish to go. An unchaste wife, however well-treated, always abandons her husband."

Vidur said to Dhritraashtra - "Tell us impartially what do you think about those who abandon their servants like this who advice them? Kings' minds are very weak, first they give shelter then they beat him. O Duryodhan, You think yourself very intelligent and me a child but a child is he who first acepts one as a friend and then finds faults in him. This advice is not agreeable to the King as a 60-year old man is not agreeable to a 16-year girl. You want to hear only those words which you like, but the King is he who hears both types of words as necessary. I always wish good for Dhritraashtra and his sons. Now whatever is to happen, let it happen, I bow to you and take the leave. I have come to the conclusion that the wise should never be angry with those snakes who have venom in their first glances."

The Dice Game Continues...

[2-64] Shakuni said - O Yudhishthir, You have lost lots of wealth to us, but if you think that you still have something with you, let us know." Yudhishthir said - "I know that I have lots of wealth, but why do you remind me for that? Let tens of thousands, and millions and millions, and tens of millions, and hundreds of millions, and tens of billions, and hundreds of billions and trillions, and tens of trillions and hundreds of trillions, and tens of quadrillions and hundreds of quadrillions, and even more wealth be staked by thee. I have as much. I will play with you with that wealth, O King." Vaishampaayan Jee said - "Hearing this Shakuni once more threw his dice and shouted - "Lo,  have won that too." Yudhishthir said - "I have innumerable cows, horses, goats and sheep, I will play with this wealth." Shakuni said - "I have won." Yudhishthir then put on stake his city, country, land, wealth of the citizens (except Braahman); Shakuni won that also. Yudhishthir then put on stake the princes and lost them to Shakuni.

Then he put on stake his brother Nakul.  Shakuni said - "Nakul is very dear to you, you have lost him to us, now what?" and he cast the dice and won him. Yudhishthir then put Sahadev on stake, then Arjun, and then Bheem and thus lost all his brothers. Shakuni said -"You have lost much wealth - horses, cows, goats, sheep, even your brothers, now what do you to put on stake?" Yudhishthir said - "I, the eldest brother, still un-won, put myself on stake, then I will do whatever a lost person has to do." And Shakuni won that stake also. Shakuni said - "You have lost yourself to us, this is sinful."

Vaishampaayan Jee said - "Skilled in dice game, Shakuni addressed everybody in the assembly hall - "O King, You still have one thing, dear to you, yet un-won. Put Krishnaa on stake and by her win yourself back." Yudhishthir said - "With Draupadee on stake I play with you."

Vaishampaayan Jee said - "As Yudhishthir spoke these words, all old people uttered, "Fie, Fie." and all kings became sad. Bheeshm, Drone and Kripaa got perspired, and Vidur sat facing downward, holding his head in his hands as if he has lost all his reasoning. But Dhritraashtra happy at heart, asked repeatedly - "Has the stake been won?" and could not conceal his emotions. Karn and Dushaasan laughed loudly., while others started weeping. Shakuni again threw the dice, won the stake, said "I have won" and took up the dice.


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