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His story comes in several Puraan. From Devee Bhaagvat; Shiv Puraan
Brahm Vaivart Puraan, Prakriti Khand, 18/1-7
See also   Jalandhar;     Tulasee;   Vrindaa;

This legend seems to be similar to the story of Jalandhar and his wife Vrindaa and is associated with origin of conch shell of Vishnu, Tulasee and Shaalgraam.

There are two Shankhchood. One was Daitya and was killed by Shiv and the other one was Kuber's Yaksh who was killed by Krishn.

(1) Shankhchood - Husband of Tulasee
The conch shell is supposed to have appeared on Earth from the bones of a demon called Shankhchood. Once owing to a curse from Raadhaa Jee (in Gau Llok), the chief of Krishn’s attendants (Paarshad) whose name was Sudaamaa, had to be born on the earth among mortals. He took the form of a mighty monster, who was lustrous and pompous. He, however, performed austerities in the Badaree Van on the Himaalayan ranges, and obtained the boon of an invincible Armor (Kavach) from Brahmaa. The armor would without fail protect his life, until the armor itself was damaged, and the armor would be damaged only when the chastity of his spouse was violated. It was then that Devtaa requested Vishnu to kill Shankhchood somehow, and save the worlds from his torments.

Vishnu presented a mighty spear (Shool) to Lord Shiv, to fight with the demon, and sent him to provoke the demon for an encounter. As Shiv was fighting with Shankhchood, Vishnu took the form of Shankhchood and went to Tulasee (Shankhchood's wife), inviting her for amorous play. Tulasee not realizing that it was not really her husband, yielded to him. Her chastity was thus lost, and as her chastity was lost, her husband's armor got weak. Immediately Shiv was able to break the armor of Shankhchood into pieces, and kill him.

Now Tulasee, when she discovered the fraud played on her, became grief-stricken, inconsolable, and cursed Vishnu to become a stone for his hard-heartedness (Paashaano bhava, yatah paashaan-hradayo hyasi). Soon she realized that it was Vishnu, her own Lord, and she fell at His feet, imploring him to forgive her. Vishnu, asked her to leave her body and allow her spirit to ascend to Gau Lok where she would become one with Lakshmee. Her body here would be transformed into a holy stream in the Himaalayan ranges and will be called as Gandakee River, and Vishnu would dwell in her bosom as Shaalgraam stones; her tresses of hair would become the sacred plant called Tulasee. The bones of her husband, Shankhchood, would become the holy conch shell of different types which would be employed in the worship of Vishnu, on the Earth.

The prohibition against the use of conch-shell in the worship of Shiv is clear by the fight of Shankhchood and Shiv, but the conch-shell is sacred for all other gods. It especially signifies the presence of Lakshmee, the goddess of wealth and prosperity.

(2) Shankhchood - the Yaksh
There was a servant of Kuber whose name was Shankhhood. Because he had a jewel on his forehead in the form of a Shankh (conch shell), that is why he was known as Shankhchood. Once he abducted all the Gopee. When Krishn and Balaraam came to know about it, they followed him. Krishn freed Gopee from him, entrusted their safety to Balaraam and killed the Yaksh. He killed him, took out the Shankh from his forehead and gave it to Balaraam who blew it.



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