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Viraat is the character of Mahaabhaarat. Raajaa Viraat was the Raajaa of Matsya Desh and Viraat Nagar was his capital. His wife's name was Sudeshnaa. She was the Princess of Kekaya Desh. He had five children - four sons and a daughter. His elder sons' names were Veershankh and Shwet and the youngest son's name was Bhoominjaya. His youngest son was better known as Uttar Kumaar. He had one son more, named as Vabhru and his daughter's name was Uttaraa. Uttaraa was married to Abhimanyu - Arjun and Subhadraa's son.

He had two brothers - Shataaneek, younger to Viraat and Madiraaksh ( MBH, G-4-Van/62), younger to Shataaneek

There was Sudeshnaa's brother named Keechak who was very mighty. He had full control on Matsya Desh. Raajaa Viraat could not do anything against Keechak's will. Paandav spent their one year period of A-Gyaatvaas (incognito) in Viraat Nagar only. When Keechak misbehaved with Draupadee, and she complained about it, Raajaa Viraat didn't speak anything. Then only Bheem killed him.

Duryodhan's Plan
After Keechak was killed, Duryodhan, who was always looking for Paandav so that their A-Gyaatvaas could be broken and they could go to 13 years of exile again, got the news of Keechak's killing through his spies, he immediately hatched a plan to catch them. He asked his friends Trigart and Susharmaa to seize Viraat's cows and when he would come to release them, he himself would attack Viraat Nagar nest day. Since Viraat will be busy wu=ith Susharmaa, Paandav would come to face Kaurav army and at that he would break there A-Gyaatvaas period and they would have to go to exile again for 13 years. The plan was good.

So Duryodhan sent Trigart and Susharmaa to seize Viraat's cows in hundreds and thousands. They did that. Viraat immediately went to free his cows. Yudhishthor, Bheem, Nakul and Sahadev accompanied him as his well wishers. Because of Yudhishthir's intelligence he won both Trigart and Susharmaa and succeeded in getting his cows back. He was very impressed with Yudhishthir.

Arjun Faces Kaurav Army
According to his plan, next day Duryodhan attacked Viraat Nagar with his army (Bheeshm, Dushaasan, Drone, Kripaa, Karn etc). There was nobody who could face the Kaurav army except Uttar - Viraat's youngest son, in Viraat Nagar. So he got ready to go to face the Kaurav army. But he found that he did not have a good charioteer. Since Arjun was working there as an eunuch, he could not do anything, but he did not want to lose this chance. So he asked Draupadee to suggest his name to work as Uttar's charioteer, so that Arjun could go and face the Kaurav army. After a lots of arguments Uttar got ready to take him with him.

As the chariot arrived in the battlefield, Uttar seeing the massive Kaurav army ran away leaving the chariot. Somehow Arjun managed to bring him back saying that if did not want to fight with them, he would fight on behalf of him and he should drive his chariot. Uttar got ready. Arjun went to the Shamee tree to get his chariot and weapons to fight with the army. Uttar doubted his identity and he disclosed it that he was Arjun. Uttar felt privileged by being his charioteer. So Arjun defeated Kaurav army and came back. He had warned Uttar that he would not disclose his identity to his father. They themselves will disclose it when the opportunity arrives.

Viraat and Uttar
When they came back to Viraat Nagar, Viraat had already come back. Hearing the news of coming of his son, he got very happy and started praising his son. Yudhishthir started praising Arjun, that if Arjun was with him, there was no need to worry about anything. When this went on for a few times, Viraat got angry at the praise of Arjun and he threw dice at Yudhishthir. Unfortunately it hit Yudhishthir's face and bled. Uttar had come first. When he saw this and came to know that his father had hit Yudhishthir he got angry at him - "What have you done to our guest?" Viraat opposed - :He is not our guest, he is our servant and he was continuously praising that eunuch, while you have won this battle." Uttar had to admit that he did not win that battle. An angel came and fought with them and helped him to chase them away.

Viraat Meets Paandav
Paandav's incognito period was over, so next day all Paandav wore their royal dresses and came in the court early. When Viraat came in the court, he found Yudhishthir sitting on ythe throne in royal clothes. First he got angry as how his servant could sit on his throne, but later Paandav introduced themselves to him and he felt very sorry, but Yudhishthir consoled with his kind and polite words, that - "You have given us shelter when we needed it most and we have spent our most difficult time so comfortably in your kingdom. You are very respectable for us., so don't worry."

Viraat and his all sons fought in MBH war from Paandav's side and all were killed in it.



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