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See also    "Naarad Jee and the Champak Tree" in  Naarad-6

Viraadh is a Raamayan character. Raam meets Viraadh Raakshas in V-Raamaayan, 3/1/2, after leaving Atri Muni's Aashram.

Who Was Viraadh?
In fact he was Tumburu Gandharv who was born as Raakshas because of the curse of Kuber. He got attracted to Rambhaa Apsaraa and did not perform his duty properly, so Kuber cursed him to be born as a Raakshas on Earth. Kuber further told him that he would get his original form when he would be killed by Raam.

So as he saw Raam, Lakshman and Seetaa coming, he took Seetaa away from Raam and Lakshman. Later they introduced each other. Viraadh said - "I am the son of Jab Raakshas and Shathadaa is my mother and I am known as Viraadh. I have pleased Brahmaa Jee and have got a Var that I should not be killed by any weapon, and no weapon can cut any part of my body, nor it can pierce my body. That is why leave this woman here and go away from here soon, then I will not kill any of you."

Hearing this Raam shot seven arrows at him. As the arrows touched his body, he put Seetaa away and ran to kill Raam and Lakshman. He lifted them both and took them in a deeper forest. Then Raam and Lakshman broke his both the arms and buried him in a pit as he could not be killed by any weapon, and it was good for Viradh if Raam buried him, so Raam buried him in a pit. He got his Gandharv body back and went to his Lok.

But  Shiv Puraan, Introduction gives some other story about Viraadh being born as a Raakshas. It says that he was a devout Braahman and a worshipper of Shiv. Naarad Jee cursed him to be born as a Raakshas because he lied to him.



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