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1. Naarad Jee Gave Shaap to Vishnu
2. Naarad Jee Looks for a Devotee of Naaraayan
3. Naarad is Affected by Krishn's Maayaa
4. Naarad Jee and Shani
5. Why Naarad Jee Wanders Around
6. Naarad Jee - Some Other Stories
7. Naarad Moh Stories

There are many stories about Naarad Jee, some of them are given here.

Naarad Jee, Garud and Sumukh Naag
Read this story here - MBH, Story of Maatali-1

Naarad Jee and Jaambvatee
Once Naarad Jee tricked Satyabhaamaa also. Read this story of "Tulaa Bhaaram" here under Satyabhaamaa.

Naarad Jee and Vaalmeeki Jee
It is only Naarad Jee who gave birth to this great saint, Brahmarshi and Aadi Kavi (first poet). Read this story here as how he gave birth to Vaalmeeki Jee.

Naarad Jee and Dhruv
It was Naarad Jee only who guided Dhruv to have Bhagavaan's Darshan. Read his story here.

Naarad Jee and Prahlaad
It was only Naarad Jee who saved Prahlaad and made him Prahlaad. Read "Prahlaad Jee Convinces Daitya Children".

Naarad Jee and Anasooyaa
Taken from  Dattaatreya

Once Naarad Jee took a small ball of iron - a pea size, to Saraswatee Jee and said to her - "O Sarasvati Devee, Please roast this iron ball. I will eat this iron-ball during my travel". Saraswatee laughed and said, "O Rishi Naarad, How can this iron ball be roasted? How can this be eaten?" Naarad Jee then went to Mahaa Lakshmee and Paarvatee Jee and requested them to roast the iron ball. They also laughed at Naarad Jee. Then Naarad Jee said, "O Devee, See, I will get it roasted by Anasooyaa, the wife of Atri Rishi. She is a great Pativrataa who lives in the earth-plane. She can do it."

So Naarad Jee came to Anasooyaa and requested her to roast that pea-size iron-ball. Anasooyaa put the iron ball in the frying pan, meditated on her husband and put a few drops of water which were used in washing the feet of her husband on the iron ball. The iron ball was at once roasted. Naarad took that roasted iron ball happily from Anasooyaa and went to Saraswatee, Lakshmee and Paarvatee Jee and ate it before them and gave a little of it to them also. He greatly praised the glory of Anasooyaa and her chastity. Then Naarad Jee resolved to fulfill the wish of Anasooyaa to beget Brahmaa, Vishnu and Shiv as her sons. Naarad Jee said to Saraswatee, Lakshmee and Paarvatee Jee - "You could also have fried the iron ball, if you all had done service to your husbands with faith, sincerity and devotion. Make a request to your husbands to test Anasooyaa’s Paativrat Dharm." Then Saraswatee, Lakshmee and Paarvatee requested their husbands to test the Paativrat Dharm of Anasooyaa, and ask her to give them Nirvaan Bhikshaa, that is, to give them alms in a naked condition.

Everybody knows the story after this. In spite of Tridev's warning to their consorts, their consorts did not obey them and compelled them to test her Paativrat Dharm. Read this story "Anasooyaa Changed the Three Devtaa into Infants"

Naarad Jee and Raavan-1
When Raavan was out on victory tour, and was going to Naag Lok after winning, Kuber, Raajaa Marut etc, he met Naarad Jee. Seeing his glory, Naarad Jee instigated him to go to Yam Raaj and win him. He told him that he was very happy to see him win Gandharv, Naag etc. He had already won Mrityu Lok, and there was no use to kill those innocent human beings, so he should go to Yam Raaj to win him.

Raavan got very happy to hear this, he said - "But now I am going to Rasaatal to win Naag. After that I will go to Yam Puree." Naarad Jee said - "Why don't you go to Rasaatal via Yam Puree?" So Raavan headed towards Yam Puree. Naarad Jee wondered as how can he win Yam Raaj who troubles everybody in the world, so he went there to see their fight. He arrived there earlier than Raavan and informed Yam Raaj that Raavan was coming to have a fight with him. Yam Raaj got ready to fight with Raavan, he had picked his Kaal Dand also to kill Raavan, but....?  Brahmaa Jee intervened and stopped Yam Raaj to kill Raavan, as he has already bestowed him the boon.

Naarad Jee and Raavan-2
The Lankaa King Raavan also wanted to attain immortality by obtaining the Aatm Ling. Since the Aatm Ling belonged to Shiv, Raavan worshipped Shiv with devotion. Pleased by his prayers, Shiv appeared before him and asked him what he wanted. By this time Naarad had known Raavan's intentions and fearing for the world asked Vishnu to change Raavan's mind at the time of asking boon from Shiv. As a result of this plot, when Shiv appeared before Raavan to grant him a boon, Raavan asked Shiv for Goddess Paarvatee as his boon, and Shiv offered him Paarvatee according to his promise. Now Raavan set off to Lankaa with Paaarvatee. On his way back to Lankaa, Naarad Jee told him that Shiv had not given real Paarvatee to him and that the real Paarvatee was in Paataal Lok.

So Raavan let off Paarvatee then and there given by Shiv and went to Paataal Lok and married a king's daughter thinking that she was Paarvatee. When he came back to Lankaa and told his mother that he had brought Paarvatee, his mother asked him for the Aatm-Ling. Raavan then came to know that Vishnu had done all these tricks. Raavan immediately went back and meditated a lot again to please Shiv. Shiv appeared again and asked him to ask for a boon. Raavan asked first for his forgiveness and then this time, he requested his Aatm Ling as his boon. Shiv agreed to give him the boon with a condition that it should never be placed on the ground. If the Aatm Ling was ever placed on the ground at all, it will stick to that place only and all its powers would return to Shiv again. Having obtained his boon, Raavan started back on his journey to Lankaa.

Naarad, who came to know of this incident, realized that with the Aatm Ling, Raavan would obtain immortality and create havoc on Earth, so this time he approached Ganesh Jee and requested him to prevent the Aatm Ling from reaching Lankaa. Ganesh Jee knew that Raavan was a very devoted person who used to perform prayer ritual in the evening every day without fail. He decided to make use of this fact and came up with a plan to confiscate the Aatm Ling from Raavan.

As Raavan was nearing Gokarn, Vishnu blotted the Sun to make it look like evening had appeared. Raavan now had to perform his evening rituals but was worried because with the Aatm Ling in his hands, he would not be able to do his rituals. At this time, Ganesh appeared there in the disguise of a Braahman boy near him. Seeing him around, Raavan requested him to hold the Aatm Ling until he performed his evening Sandhyaa, and asked him not to place it on the ground in any case. Ganesh struck a deal with him saying that he would call Raavan thrice, and if Raavan did not return within that time, he would place the Aatm Ling on the ground.

As predicted, Ganesh had already placed the Aatm Ling on the ground before Raavan could return after completing his rituals. Vishnu then removed his illusion and it was daylight again. Raavan, realizing that he had been tricked again, got really angry and tried to uproot and destroy the Aatm Ling but could not. Then he decided to destroy the covering of the Aatm Ling, and threw the case covering it to a place called Shejjeshwar, 23 miles away. Then he threw the lid of the case to a place called Guneshwar (now Gunavanteshwar) and Dhaareshwar, 10-12 miles away. Finally, he threw the cloth covering the Aatm Ling to a place called Mrideshwar in Kanduk-Giri (Kanduk Hill). Mrideshwar since then has been renamed to Murudeshwar.

Naarad Jee and a Hunter
[I read this story on Internet]

There was a hunter in Prayaag - Allaahaabaad. He was hunting in the forest indiscriminately. Once Naarad Muni was passing through that jungle and he was very compassionate to see the animals being half-dead and half-killed by the hunter. Naarad Muni, being a Vaishnav, was very kind to all living entities, so he went to the hunter whose name was Mrigaree. Mrigaree thought that “This saintly person is coming to me for some deerskin,” so he said - "Sir, Don’t disturb in my business. If you want deerskin I shall give it you. Please get out of my activities for the present." Naarad Muni said - “I have not come here to ask for deerskin, but I simply ask you that if you want to kill the animals, you should kill them total. Why you are killing them half?” The hunter asked - “What is the difference between killing whole and killing half?”

Actually he had no idea about Paap and Punya. Actually, those who are animal-hunter, they cannot understand what is spiritual life, what is God, what is sinful life, what is pious life. There is a verse in the Bhaagvat quoted by Pareekshit,

nivritt-tarsair upagiyamanad bhavausadhac chrotra-mano-’bhiramat ka uttam shlok gunanu vadaat puman virajyeta veenaa pasughnat
[SB 10.1.4]

Unless one is animal hunter, he cannot be away from chanting this Hare Krishn Mantra. So Naarad Muni said - "If you kill the animal totally, it is less sinful than you kill them half. When you kill the animal half, it is more sinful than you kill them whole." The hunter said that - "From my childhood I have been taught like this by my father. I do not know which is sinful, which is pious." Naarad Muni advised him - "You should stop this hunting business and I will give you your livelihood." Hunter seeing a Vaishnav, was little convinced about the spiritual life, so he said - "Sir, if you give me my livelihood, then I can give up my this business." At this Naarad Muni suggested - “You and your wife may come with me. I shall arrange for your livelihood and you give up this business.”

So they followed the instruction of Naarad Jee, came with him and sat down in a place on the bank of the Gangaa at Prayaag. Naarad Jee gave them one Tulasee plant, and asked them to sit near it, so they did. Then he advised them - "Go on chanting Hare Krishn Mantra."

In the meantime, it was announced in the village that "The hunter has become a Vaishnav and is chanting Hare Krishn Mantra." People started coming to see them. They were bringing some or the other thing for the hunter. It is the custom in India, that when one goes to see some Deity or a Vaishnav, Saadhu, he takes something for him. The hunter thought that Naarad Muni was sending the Aataa (flour), rice, Daal (beans and pulses), and everything. Seeing all this he became confident that he would not die because he is chanting Hare Krishn Mantra.

In this way he gradually became a perfect Vaishnav because he was chanting under the instruction of the spiritual master and committing no sinful activities. [Bhaagavat, 6.1.9]

Naarad Jee Curses to Kuber's Two Sons
[From  Bhaagvat Puraan, 10/p4]

Nalkoobar and Manigreev were the sons of Swaamee of wealth Kuber Jee. They were the servants of Rudra too. So they became very proud. One day they were sitting on the bank of Mandaakinee River and drinking Vaarunee wine. They had lost their senses. There were many women also. They entered the river with women and started playing with them. By chance Naarad Jee came there. Seeing Naarad Jee coming Apsaraa got embarrassed and being scared of his Shaap they started putting on their clothes quickly but these Yaksh did not wear their clothes, so Naarad Jee gave them Shaap - "You have lost your senses in spite of being the sons of Kuber and did not think that you are naked in front of a Rishi, that is why now you go and become trees. You will still remember Bhagavaan. After passing 100 divine years, you will see Krishn, then you will get Mukti from that Yoni and will go to your Lok." After saying this Devarshi Naarad went to the Aashram of Nar-Naaraayan. These two men then appeared as trees and together they were known as Yamalaarjun. Later Krishn got them freed from Naarad's Shaap

Why Naarad Jee is a Chronic Bachelor?
Everybody knows that Naarad Jee is a bachelor, but why? only a few people know about it. Once he wanted to marry, but Vishnu did not allow him to marry (read Naarad Jee Gave Shaap to Vishnu).

Naarad Jee and the Champak Tree
[Taken from " Introduction" of Shiv Puraan]

Nor must a Champak flower be used to offer to Shiv. In the land of Gokarn there was a temple dedicated to Shiv. Once Naarad Jee decided to go and visit the temple. On the way, he saw a flowering Champak tree. He stopped there to admire it. A Braahman came there to pluck flowers from the tree. But seeing that Naarad was there, the Braahman refrained himself from plucking any flowers. Naarad Jee asked him - "Where are you going?" The Braahman lied and replied - "To beg some alms." Naarad Jee went to the temple. Meanwhile, the Braahman plucked the flowers from the Champak tree and placed them in a basket and covered it up well. Naarad Jee met the Braahman again on his way back from the temple.

He asked the Braahman - "Where are you going now?" The Braahman lied again, "Home. I could not get any alms." Naarad's suspicions were aroused. He went to the Champak tree and asked, "Has that Braahman plucked any flowers here?" The tree asked - "What Braahman? I don't know of any Braahman. No one has plucked any flowers here." Naarad Jee went back to the temple and discovered fresh Champak flowers lying there on top of the Shiv Ling. There was another devotee praying there. Naarad Jee asked him, "Do you know who came to worship with these Champak flowers?" "Yes, I do. It is an evil Braahman. He worships Shiv every day with these Champak flowers. Thanks to Shiv's blessings. He has completely brainwashed the King and has secretly been stealing the King's wealth. He also oppresses other Braahman." Naarad Jee asked Shiv, "Why do you encourage such evil?" "I am helpless," replied Shiv, "I cannot resist it if someone worships me with Champak flowers."

Just then, a Braahman woman came running with her tale of woe. Her husband was crippled. But they had managed to get some money from the King so that their daughter could be married. They had also received a cow from the king. But the evil Braahman was claiming that half of whatever wealth they had received was his. It was due to his good offices that the King had been so generous, he was saying. The evil Braahman had already appropriated half of the money. But how on Earth was a cow to be divided?

Naarad Jee then decided that something needed to be done about the Champak tree and the evil Braahman. Apart from everything else, the Champak tree was a liar. Naarad cursed the Champak tree that its flowers would never be accepted by Shiv as an offering. He cursed even the evil Braahman that he would be born as a Raakshas (demon) named Viraadh. But the Braahman had been a devotee of Shiv. So the curse was qualified by the stipulation that Viraadh would be killed by Raam and would then again become a Braahman.

Naarad Jee and a King Sanjaya
Story of Swarnashtheevee who excreted all gold. Taken from Bhavishya Puraan, 4/6.

Krishn said - "In earlier times there lived a King named Sanjaya in Kushaavatee city. One day Naarad Jee and Parvat Muni came to him. Both were the friends of the King. Raajaa welcomed them and made them sit comfortably. At the same time King's daughter came there. Parvat Muni got attracted to her so he asked the King - "Raajan, Who is this girl?" King said - "Muni, She is my daughter." Naarad Jee said - "Raajan, you give me your daughter to me and whatever rare Var you wish to ask, you may ask." Raajaa got very happy to hear this so he said - "Give me such a son whose excreta and spit should become gold." Naarad Jee said - "So be it."

King married his daughter to Naarad Jee. Seeing this Leelaa of Naarad Jee, Parvat Muni got very angry. He said to Naarad Jee - "Now you have married this girl so you cannot to Swarg with me. And whatever boon of the son you have given to this King, his son will also be killed by thieves." Naarad Jee said - "Parvat, You are giving me Shaap without knowing Dharm. She is a maiden, nobody has any right on her. To whoever her parents give her, he is her Lord. You have given me Shaap foolishly so you will also not be able to return to Swarg. And I will bring Sanjaya's son back even from Yam Lok if he is killed by thieves."

Thus after Shaap to each other both Muni went to their respective Aashram. Later in seventh month the King had a son. He was as handsome as Kaam Dev and knew about his previous life. According to Naarad's Var his excreta and spit became gold so the king named him Swarnashtheevee. The King did several Yagya and built temples, ponds and wells for the safety of his son. He appointed a large army also for his safety. After some time hearing about King's son, that his excreta and spit became gold, some thieves stole his son in greed, but when they didn't find any gold in his body, they killed him and threw his body in the forest.

The King wept bitterly at the killing of his son. Naarad Jee came there and tried to console him by telling many old stories and brought his son back from Yam Lok. King got very happy to see his son alive, he asked Naarad Jee - "Mahaaraaj, By which Karm my son became Swarnashtheevee and remembers his previous life?" Naarad Jee said - "Raajan, He has done Bhadra named Vrat four times, that is why he is like that." And he went away to his Aashram.

Naarad Jee and Rishi Durvaasaa
Once Naarad Jee was sitting in Shiv's court on the Kailaash Parvat. Many other illustrious sages were also present there. Just then Sage Durvaasaa entered the assembly carrying a huge bundle of books. Durvaasaa was a great sage, but he was quick-tempered. Ignoring the august assembly, he went towards Shiv and sat by his side. Shiv smilingly asked him, "Sir, how are your studies progressing?" The sage, proudly replied displaying his bundle of books - "I have thoroughly studied all these volumes and know them by heart!"

Now Naarad Jee, who was observing all these events, stood up and boldly called Durvaasaa a donkey as he was carrying a burden of books on his back. Hearing Naarad's comment, Durvaasaa thundered in wrath. At this, Naarad retorted - "There you are! You have not been able even to conquer your anger in spite of your scholarship. Ignoring this august assembly, you went ahead and sat next to Shiv. What good is that scholarship which is without patience and forgiveness? In your case, these books are nothing but the burden of a donkey." Thus chastised, Durvaasaa realized his folly. He bowed in front of Naarad Jee and asked for forgiveness. He then threw his books into the sea and went into penance.

This story shows that one makes progress in spirituality only when he puts into practice whatever theoretical knowledge he has learnt. Mere book learning only serves as a burden as it increases one's ego and pride, two of the biggest obstacles for spiritual progress.



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