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1. Naarad Jee Gave Shaap to Vishnu
2. Naarad Jee Looks for a Devotee of Naaraayan
3. Naarad is Affected by Maayaa
4. Naarad Jee and Shani
5. Why Naarad Jee Wanders Around
6. Naarad Jee - Some Other Stories
7. Naarad Moh Stories

Naarad Cursed to Vishnu
See about his Other Shaap under "Naarad Jee-some other stories"
[This incident is a part of Tulasee's Raam Charit Maanas as one of the reasons of Raam Avataar (incarnation). It is given in Shiv Puraan also]

Once Naarad while roaming around, found a beautiful cave. He liked it so much that he sat there to do Tap. His Tap continued for considerable period, so Indra got worried lest he might take his position, so he sent Kaam Dev to disturb his Tap. Kaam Dev went there and tried to disturb his Tap but could not do anything. When Naarad Jee came to know about this, he became very happy as well as proud too.

So first he went to Indra's court and boasted that he had won Kaam Dev. All Devtaa admired him for his this act. Naarad Jee got very happy that even Devtaa admired him. So he went to Kailaash Parvat too to Shiv Jee and told the incident. Shiv Jee smiled and said - "You said this to me, that is all right but do not tell this to anybody else, especially to Vishnu." Naarad Jee moved from there and came to Brahmaa's court and said the same incident there also. Brahmaa Jee also advised him the same what Shiv Jee advised him to do. Naarad Jee was still not satisfied, he wanted to tell this to Vishnu also. So in spite of Shiv and Brahmaa's warning, he told that incident to Him also. Vishnu admired him, but thought in His mind that His great devotee has become the victim of pride. He must be set all right otherwise he will lose his devotion.

When Naarad was returning from Vaikunth, Vishnu created a very beautiful and rich city in his way with the help of His Maayaa. Naarad saw that city and thought, "Which is this city? I have never seen this city here before. Let me see it." So he entered the city and found that its King was organizing his daughter's Swayamvar. Many people were going here and there all around the city.

He went to its King. Its King's name was Sheelnidhi. The King saw Naarad Jee coming so he welcomed him heartily. After formal welcome, he called his daughter and asked Naarad Jee to tell him about her fate. Naarad Jee himself got attracted to her and wished he could marry her. When he saw her hand, he got worried because the lines of her hand were depicting something else. She was supposed to get Hari as her husband. So he told something to her father and came from there thinking that how could he get her. He thought that, at this crucial time, only Hari, his best friend, could help him, so he went to Him, told his story and asked for His incomparable beauty to marry that girl. Hari said - "I will do the same which is in your favor." Naarad Jee could not understand the deep meaning of this, he came back from there and went directly to the Princess' Swayamvar. He sat there among other candidates who came there with the desire to marry the Princess. Many Devtaa also came there. He saw Hari also coming there. But in his pride he was sure that since Hari had given him incomparable beauty, the Princess will surely put the Varmaalaa in his neck only.

But Hari gave him the face of a monkey. Others could not know this except the Princess and the two Shiv Gan who were also present there. So the Princess came with her Varmaalaa but skipped Naarad Jee as she got frightened to see him. She went there where Hari was sitting and put her Varmaalaa in His neck. Hari took her as His wife and left the place with her.

Naarad Jee got very sad seeing this. At this Shiv Gan smiled at him and said - "Go and see your face, how beautiful you look." and ran away from there from the fear of Shaap of Naarad Jee. Naarad Jee went to a pond and saw his face in water. He saw the face of a monkey. He became very angry seeing his face and first gave Shaap to those Shiv Gan - "You have made a mockery of my face, go and take birth on Prithvi as Raakshas for three lives. And since you have made a mockery of my monkey face, monkeys will attack you with their nails, stones, trees etc weapons." Hearing this Shiv Gan fell on his feet and asked for his forgiveness, then pitying on them, he said - "You will be killed by Vishnu Himself."

Then he went to Hari. As he was going to see Him, he saw Hari going to Vaikunth along with Lakshmee Jee and that Princess. Hari halted him and asked - "Hey Muni, Where are you going in such anger?" Naarad Jee said - "I was coming to you. It is good that you met me on the way. I asked you to give me the beauty and you gave this monkey's face? Because you yourself wanted to marry this Princess? You cannot tolerate anybody else's happiness. At the time of Saagar Manthan, you took Lakshmee Jee, you took Kaustubh Mani and gave Halaahal Vish (poison) to Shiv Jee. But this time you cannot escape. I give you Shaap that you take birth on Prithvi and cry in the separation of your wife as I am crying."

After giving this Shaap, Naarad Jee softly said - "Since you have given me the face of monkey, only monkeys will help you find your wife there and get Her back." Vishnu smiled and said - "So be it. But Hey Naarad, You had become very proud, and I cannot tolerate that any of my Bhakt should suffer from pride, that is why I gave you this face so that your pride is gone. But I accept your Shaap happily."

After He had said this, He removed His Maayaa. Both Lakshmee Jee and the Princess, disappeared from there. Even that city was not there. Seeing this Naarad Jee understood that it was all Hari's Maayaa. He fell down on Hari's feet and asked for His forgiveness for his Shaap. But Hari said - "I inspired you to say all this to me. Don't you worry at all. Go and do Jaap of Shiv's hundred names. Everything will be all right. You will be at peace."

Naarad Jee went away from there repenting for his anger. Because of this Shaap Hari incarnated as Raam in Ayodhyaa, lost His wife to Raavan, and got the help of Sugreev, Hanumaan etc monkeys to bring back His wife from Raavan. Those Shiv Gan took birth as Hiranyaaksh and Hiranyakashyap in their first life, Raavan and Kumbhkarn in their second life and Shishupaal and Dantavakra in their third life. To kill Hiaranyaaksh and Hiranyakashyap Hari had to incarnate as Varaah and Narasinh respectively; then Raam to kill Raavan and Kumbhkarn; and then Krishn Avataar to kill Shishupaal and Dantavakra on Prithvi.



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