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1. Naarad Jee Gave Shaap to Vishnu
2. Naarad Jee Looks for a Devotee of Naaraayan
3. Naarad is Affected by Krishn's Maayaa
4. Naarad Jee and Shani
5. Why Naarad Jee Wanders Around
6. Naarad Jee - Some Other Stories
7. Naarad Moh Stories

Naarad Jee is very proud of himself as a devotee of Naaraayan. The following stories show that how Shree Hari shattered his pride.

Naarad Jee Looks for a Devotee of Naaraayan (1)
Once, Lord Naaraayan wanted Naarad Jee to search for His true devotee, one who spends his time in a sacred way. Naarad Jee asked the Lord for the qualifications of a true devotee. The Lord said, "A true devotee is the one whose heart is pure. Whoever chants the Divine Name with a pure heart. He may involve himself in worldly activities, but he should not be attached to them. His mind should be constantly focused on God. He is a fool who does not think of God."

Naarad Jee said, "Swaamee, I chant your name wholeheartedly at all times and under all circumstances. There is not a single moment when I don't remember You. Can there be any greater devotee than me?" Naarad became egoistic with the feeling that he was the greatest devotee.

Lord Naaraayan replied, "Naarad, There are many devotees like you. You can find them in every house and in every place. But this is not true devotion. Just as the food partaken gets digested in the stomach and its essence is supplied to all limbs of the body, likewise, when you fill your heart with the divine Name, its effect should spread to your eyes, ears, tongue, hands, feet, etc. When the sacred effect of the divine Name spreads to your eyes, you will develop sacred vision. Likewise, you will utter sacred words and hear sacred things. Your hands will undertake sacred deeds and your feet will take you to sacred places. Thus, a true devotee will sanctify each of his limbs with sacred activity."

So Lord Naaraayan wanted him to search for such a devotee. Naarad Jee went round the world, but his ego prevented him from accepting anybody as a devotee greater than himself. As he was returning, he found a tribesman in a forest. He was sitting under a tree, chanting the Divine Name. He was carrying a big sword in his hand. Naarad Jee out of curiosity asked him, "May I know who you are?" He replied, "Sir, I am a hunter and an ardent devotee of the Lord."

Naarad asked, "If you are an ardent devotee, then why should you carry a sword in your hand? Whom are you going to kill?" The hunter replied, "Sir, I want to kill four people." "Which ones?" Naarad Jee was struck with astonishment. He calmly said - "The first of them is Draupadee."

Naarad Jee was startled to hear this name, he said - "Don't you know that Draupadee was constantly chanting the Name of Lord Krishn? Pleased with her devotion and surrender, Krishn came to her rescue and protected her honor when the Kaurav tried to disrobe her in the royal court. Why do you want to kill such a great devotee?"

The hunter said, "No doubt, Sir, that she was a great devotee, but she called out to Krishn while He was having His food. Immediately, my Lord had to leave His food and rush to her rescue. Since she was responsible for my Lord not having food on that day, I want to kill her."

"Now who is the second person whom you intend to kill.", queried Naarad Jee.
The hunter said - "My Lord could not have proper food and rest because of Prahlaad also. He chanted His Name continuously and time and again sought His help. When he was being trampled by elephants, he prayed to the Lord for succor. In order to protect him, the Lord had to take upon himself the pain of being trampled by elephants. Since he was the cause for my Lord's suffering, I want to kill him." This time he did not give any chance to Naarad to question him, he continued - "And the third person is Meeraa. She was all the time chanting the Name of Giridhaaree. As a result, all the blows that were inflicted on her by her mother-in-law had to be borne by my Lord Himself. So, she should also be killed."

Now Naarad Jee could not keep quiet, he asked, "Then who is the fourth one?"
"The fourth one is a person called Naarad, who carries a Tambooraa and always keeps chanting the Name of Naaraayan. His is only a Swaarthee Bhakti (devotion intended for selfish gains) and not Paraarth Prem Bhakti (devotion-filled, with pure love for God). So, he also should be killed."

Now Naarad was very afraid hearing his own name in the list of his killings and did not want to prolong the conversation. He realized that it was his ego that was responsible for this predicament. He immediately went to Lord Naaraayan and gave a detailed account of his encounter with the hunter, and said, "Swaamee, According to him, even those who chant your Name continuously are wicked."

Lord Naaraayan said, "Naarad, You are mistaken. This incident only reflects the intense love the hunter has for Me. He is a true devotee, who considers God's happiness as his own. He always aspires to give happiness to the Lord and does not want to cause any inconvenience to Him, either physically or mentally. Only the one who gives happiness to the Lord is a true devotee."

This incident was an eye-opener for Naarad Jee. He said, "Swaamee, Now I realize that you enacted this play only to crush my ego."

Naaraayan Kills Naarad's Ego Again : Naarad Carries a Pot of Oil
Naarad Jee was very proud of his Bhakti towards Vishnu. Once again Vishnu thought to kill his ego. He started praising one man on the Earth that he was His great devotee. Naarad Jee went to see him but found that he does not take Naaraayan's name even once a day. He came back to Vishnu and said so. Vishnu said - "Naarad, How can he take my name, he is too busy in his household jobs." Naarad Jee said - "Still, Prabhu. He should take your name at least once a day to thank you." Vishnu said - "I understand your feelings, but he really doesn't have any time to think about me, but still he is my great devotee." Naarad was not convinced with this plea.

Naaraayan asked Naarad - "Naarad, You consider yourself my great devotee. Can you do one work for me?" "Anything, Prabhu, anything. Just tell me." Naaraayan said - "Take this pot of oil and go around the world and make sure that even a drop should not spill from this pot." Naarad was very happy to hear this that in his whole life at least once Naaraayan considered him worth of some work, so he agreed readily and went around the Earth holding that pot full of oil. He was so engrossed in not letting a drop of oil to fall down as directed by Vishnu that he could not recite His name even once during that period.

When he came back, he reported that he had successfully completed the round of the Earth and even one drop of oil was not spilled during his journey. Vishnu asked him - "But Naarad, How many times did you take my name during this time?" Naarad said - "Prabhu, Where was the time to take your name? My whole attention was to see that the even one drop of oil is not spilled as per your instructions."

Vishnu said - "That is what I said, when one is busy in his job, how can one take my name, but it does not mean that he is not my devotee." Naarad Jee understood and went away singing Naaraayan's name on his Veenaa.

Why Naarad's Image is Not in Vishnu Temples?
One day, Naarad asked Vishnu, with a bit of hesitation, "Why do you insist that the image of Garud be placed before you in your temples? Why not me? Am I not your greatest devotee?"

Before Vishnu could reply a crash was heard outside the main gate of Vaikunth. "What was that?" asked Vishnu. Naarad turned to look in the direction of the sound. Garud, Vishnuís hawk and vehicle, who usually investigated such events, was nowhere to be seen. "I have sent Garud on an errand. Can you find out what happened, Naarad?" asked Vishnu. Eager to please Vishnu, Naarad ran out to investigate. "A milkmaid tripped and fell." he said when he returned.

"What was her name?" asked Vishnu. Naarad ran out, spoke to the maid and returned with the answer. "Shaaradaa" he said. "Where was she going?" asked Vishnu. Naarad ran out once again, spoke to the maid and returned with the answer. "She was on her way to the market." "What caused her trip?" asked Vishnu.

"Why did you not ask this question the last time I went?" said Naarad irritably. He then ran out, spoke to the maid once again. "She was startled by a serpent that crossed her path," he said on his return. "Is the pot carrying broken?" asked Vishnu.

"I donít know," snapped Naarad. "Find out," said Vishnu. "Why?" asked Naarad. "Find out, Naarad. Maybe I would like to buy some milk." said Vishnu. With great reluctance, Naarad stepped out of Vaikunth and met the milkmaid. He returned looking rather pleased, "She broke one pot. But there is another one intact. And she is willing to sell the milk but at double price." "So how much should I pay her?" asked Vishnu. "Oh, I forgot to ask. I am so sorry." said Naarad running out once again. "Do not bother. Let me send someone else to find out." said Vishnu.

Just then, Garud Jee flew in. He had no idea of what had transpired between Vishnu and Naarad. Vishnu told Garud, "I heard a crashing sound outside the main gate. Can you find out what happened?" As Garud left, Vishnu winked at Naarad and whispered, "Let us see how he fares."

Garud Jee returned. "It is a milkmaid named Shaaradaa. She was on her way to the market. On the way, a snake crossed her path. Startled she fell back and broke one of the two pots of milk she was carrying. Now she wonders how she will make enough money to pay for the broken pot and the spilt milk. I suggested her that she could sell the milk to you. After all, you are married to Lakshmee, the goddess of wealth.Ē

"And the price of the milk?" asked Vishnu. Garud Jee replied, "Four copper coins. Actually one copper coin, but I think she hopes to make a handsome profit when dealing with God, so I promised her to buy it for four copper coins." Vishnu started to laugh. His eye caught Naaradís and Naarad understood at the same instant why Garudís statue and not his, is always placed before the image of Vishnu in Vishnu temples.

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