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4-Uttar Parv

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6-Bhadra Vrat

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6-Bhadra Vrat
9-Bhavishya Puraan, 4-Uttar Parv-13, p 391-394

Bhadra Vrat
Yudhishthir asked - "Hey Bhagavan, It is very difficult to have the knowledge of one's previous life. Tell me how one can get the knowledge of his previous life. If there is any Vrat for it, then tell it to me." Krishn said - "Raajan, if somebody does Bhadra Vrat he can know about his previous life. It should be done in one year only in the months of Maargsheersh (Kwaar), Phaalgun, Jyeshth and Bhaadrapad, in this order. There is a story in this reference, listen to it -

Long ago, there lives a Vaishya named Shubhodaya near the banks of Yamunaa River. He used to do this Vrat. Later he died and was born as a son of Raajaa Sanjaya (this story comes in Mahaabhaarat, read the story of Raajaa Sanjaya here or Here). His name was Swarnashtheevee . He remembered his previous life. After some time some thieves killed him, but he got alive by the grace of Naarad Jee. He knew about his previous life only because of this Vrat."

Yudhishthir asked - "How did he get Swarnashtheevee name, why the thieves killed him, how did he got alive, tell me all this in detail." Krishn Jee said - "In early times a King named Sanjaya lived in Kushaavatee city. One day Naarad Jee and Parvat Muni came to him. Both were the friends of the king. Raajaa welcomed them and made them sit comfortably. At the same time King's daughter came there. Parvat Muni got attracted to her so he asked the king - "Raajan, Who is this girl?" The King said - "Hey Muni, She is my daughter." Naarad Jee said - "Raajan, you give me your daughter to me and whatever rare Var you wish to ask, you may ask." Raajaa got very happy to hear this so he said - "Give me such a son whose excreta and spit should become gold." Naarad Jee said - "So be it."

King married his daughter to Naarad Jee. Seeing this Leelaa of Naarad, Parvt Muni got very angry. He said to Naarad Jee - "Now you have married this girl so you cannot to Swarg with me. And whatever Var of the son you have given to this King, his son will also be killed by thieves." Naarad Jee said - "Parvat you are giving me Shaap without knowing Dharm. She is a maiden, nobody has any right on her. To whoever her parents give her, he is her Lord. You have given me Shaap foolishly so you will also not be able to return to Swarg. And I will bring Sanjaya's son back even from Yam Lok if he is killed by thieves."

Thus after Shaap to each other both Muni went to their respective Aashram. Later in 7th month the King had a son. He was as handsome as Kaam Dev and knew about his previous life. According to Naarad's Var his excreta and spit became gold so the king named him Swarnashtheevee. The king did several Yagya and built temples, ponds and wells for the safety of his son. He appointed a large army also for his safety. After some time hearing about king's son some thieves stole his son, but when they didn't find any gold in his body, they killed him and threw his body in the forest.

The king wept bitterly at the killing of his son. Naarad Jee came there and tried to console him by telling many old stories and brought his son back from Yam Lok. King got very happy to see his son alive, he asked Naarad Jee - "Mahaaraaj, By which Karm my son became Swarnashtheevee and remembers his previous life?" Naarad Jee said - "Raajan, He has done Bhadra named Vrat four times, that is why he is like that." And he went away to his Aashram.

Hey Raajan, Now I tell you the method of doing this Vrat. The four Bhadra are the four legs. First is in Maargsheersh (Agahan) month, second is in Phaalgun, third is in Jyeshth, and the fourth one is in Bhaadrapad month. Maargsheersh Shukla etc three months is Vishnupad named Bhadra which fulfills all Dharm. Phaalgun Shukla etc three months are the Tri-Pushkar named Bhadra and this fulfills Tap and giver of Lakshmee. Jyeshth Shukla etc three months are the Tri-Raam named Bhadra which gives Truth and glory. Bhaadrapad Shukla etc three months are the Tri-Rang named Bhadra which gives lots of knowledge. All women and men should do this Bhadra Vrat."

Yudhishthir asked - "Please tell me about these Bhadra in detail." Krishn Jee said - "I have not disclosed this top secret to anybody, I tell you today, listen to it.

The first four days of Maargsheersh Maas Shukla Paksh are considered very auspicious - 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th. Vratee should eat only once on the 1st day. On 2nd day, in the morning one should do his daily chores, in the afternoon (between 12 pm and 2 pm) he should take bath by rubbing soil in his body with Mantra. (see Mantra p 393 ) All four Varn can pronounce these Mantra, but Varnsankar are not eligible to pronounce them. A widow is also legible if she is of good conduct. A married woman should do this Vrat with the permission of her husband.

Then one should go in front of the water and read these Mantra ( see Mantra p 393 ) while rubbing Ubatan of black sesame seeds and white mustard etc in his body. Then take bath, put on clean clothes, do Sandhyaa and Tarpan and stay in the house without talking to anybody till Moon rises. Thus doing on four days he should do Poojaa of Bhagavaan with these four names - Krishn, Achyut, Anant and Hrisheekesh. On 1st day he should worship Bhagavaan's feet, on 2nd day he should worship navel, on 3rd day he should worship chest and on 4th day he should worship forehead with flower, Dhoop, lamp, sweets etc; and when Moon rises in the night then offer Arghya with the names of Shashi, Chandra, Shashaank, and Indu and with incense, camphor, yogurt, Doob grass, rice, flowers, fruits etc. Arghya should be increased as Moon increases in size each day. Arghya should be offered by this Mantra. (see Mantra for Arghya on p 393). After offering the Arghya the remaining Arghya should be given to Braahman.

After offering Arghya take food on lotus leaf sitting on the floor. After spreading leaf pray Earth by this Mantra. ( see p 393 for the Mantra) He should eat fried food and vegetables. Then clean his mouth and sleep on the floor. On the 2nd day he should eat without sour and salt, on the 3rd day he should eat Tinnee rice preparation, on the 4th day he should eat preparations made by cow's milk; and on the 5th day he should eat Khichadee with Ghee. In this Vrat Samaa rice, rice, cow's Ghee and wild fruits are considered auspicious. Next morning offer food to a Braahman with Dakshinaa then take food himself with his family and friends.

Who does this four Bhadra Vrat of three months each for the whole year, Chandra Dev is pleased with him. If any maiden does this Vrat, she gets an auspicious husband."



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