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4-Uttar Parv

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5-Other Vrat-1

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5-Other Vrat-1
9-Bhavishya Puraan, 4-Uttar Parv-9-12, 14-19, p 387-388, 394-398

Ashok Vrat
(Chap 9) Krishn said - "One never gets any kind of sorrow by doing this Vrat. In Aashwin (Kwaar) Maas, on the 1st day of Shukla Paksh, one should worship Ashok tree with seven grains and other Poojaa materials. One should wrap the tree with a cloth and adorn it with flags. After this circle around the tree and give Dakshinaa to Braahman. By doing this one is never grieved. By doing it regularly a woman becomes very dear to her husband. Seetaa also did this Poojaa while going to forest.

Karaveer Vrat
(Chap 10) In Jyeshth Maas, on the 1st day of Shukla Paksh, worship Karaveer (Zahar Kaner) in the morning. Tie a red thread, offer incense, flower, Dhoop, lamp, sweets, seven grains, coconut, orange and other fruits, and worship with this Mantra (Mantra is on p 388 ) and after reading another Mantra, give Dakshinaa to Braahman. Circle the tree and go home. To please Soorya Dev, Arundhatee, Saavitree, Saraswatee, Gaayatree, Gangaa, Damayantee, Anasooyaa and Satyabhaamaa etc Pativrataa women did this Vrat

Kokilaa Vrat
(Chap 11) Yudhishthir asked - "Tell me about that Vrat by doing which women can always get their husband's love." Krishn said - "There is a Mathuraa city on the banks of Yamunaa River. Raam coronated His brother Bharat there. His wife's name was Keertimaalaa. One day she asked her Kul Guru Vashishth Jee about any Vrat which could give her her husband's long life. Vashishth Jee said - "In Aashaadh Maas, on Poornimaa (full Moon) evening, do this Sankalp that "I will be kind to everybody, I will sleep on ground, I will take bath daily, I will follow Brahmcharya, and I will eat only once in night the whole Shraavan Maas." Next day start doing this Vrat. After taking bath meditate on Soorya Bhagavaan. Then grind Til (sesame seeds) and make a statue of Kokilaa (cuckoo) bird. Worship it and say prayer by this Mantra ( Mantra is given on p 389). Then come to house and have food. Thus keep fast for one month and in the end again make the statue of Kokilaa of Til powder, keep it in a copper pot and give it to father-in-law or a Braahman along with clothes and grains. This Vrat gives Saubhaagya (good fortune) to women.

Brihattapo Vrat
(Chap 12) This Vrat destroy all sins. In Aashwin (Kwaar) Maas, on Poornimaa day, keep fast for the whole day and have Kheer (rice and milk pudding) with Ghee. Next day morning pray Mahaadev with this Mantra ( Mantra is given on p 390). One should do this Vrat for 16 years regularly. Then in Maargsheersh (Agahan) Maas, on Pratipadaa, keep fast and worship Mahaadev and offer lamp to him in the evening. Feed 16 Braahman along with their wives or eight couples or at least one couple giving them clothes and jewelry. Keeping fast sleep on the floor.

Next morning bathe Shiv with Panchgavya or Til mixed water then apply sandalwood paste on his body, offer flowers, clothes, Dhoop, lamp etc. Do Havan methodically. Then take food with family members and friends quietly. Give Dakshinaa to Braahman. If somebody does it every month from Kaarttik Pratipadaa. Later in 16th year, one should do its Paaraayan (ending) by feeding and offering them clothes etc according to one's capacity to 16 Braahman. This is good for all the four Varn. If a married woman does it, she never separates from her husband; and if a widow does it she does not become widow in future lives. All man and women can do this Vrat.

Yam Dwiteeyaa
(Chap 14) Krishn Jee said - "In Kaartik Maas, on the 2nd day of Shukla Paksh, Yamunaa invited her brother to take food. This was greatly celebrated in Yam Lok, that is why this Tithi (day) is called Yam Dwiteeyaa. This day brothers should eat food in their sister's house and give her some clothes, or jewelry, or money etc. If somebody doesn't have his real sister then one should go his any cousin sister.

A-Shoonya Shayan Vrat
(Chap 15) Yudhishthir said - "Bhagavan, You told us that all kinds of Dharm are done in Grihasth Aashram and Grihasth Aashram is complete only when both husband and wife are there. A widow or widower is not able to fulfill Dharm duties, tell us some Vrat so that husband and wife are not separated."

Krishn said - "In Shraavan Maas, on the 2nd day of Krishn Paksh, one should observe A-Shoonya Shayan named Vrat. By doing this a man doesn't become widower and a woman does not become widow. On this one should do Poojaa of Vishnu Bhagavaan lying on His bed along with Lakshmee. One should keep fast on this day. In the night he should offer Arghya to Chandramaa with yogurt, rice, roots, fruits, flowers, water etc with this Mantra. ( Mantra is given on p 394) Who does this Vrat with this method for four months. and whoever woman does this Vrat with devotion, she doesn't become widow for three lives.

Madhook Triteeyaa Vrat
(Chap 16) Krishn Jee said - "Madhook (Mahuaa tree) tree appeared from Saagar Manthan. It was the giver of unbroken Suhaag and good fortune so people of Bhoo Lok planted it on Prithvi. Lakshmee, Saraswatee, Saavitree, Gangaa, Rohinee, Rambhaa, Arundhatee etc also worshipped that tree, and Gauree (Paarvatee - Shiv's wife) gave them their desired Var [of Suhaag]. Because this worship was done on the 3rd day of Phaalgun Shukla, that is why one should keep fast on this day, then worship Madhook tree imagining Paarvatee's image sitting in meditating form with this Mantra. (Mantra given on p 395) Circumambulate the tree and give Dakshinaa to Braahman. Whoever maiden does this Vrat she gets a husband like Vishnu. First time Kashyap Jee told about this Vrat to Rukminee."

Meghpaalee Triteeyaa Vrat
(Chap 17) Krishn Jee said - "In Aashwin Maas, on the 3rd day of Krishn Paksh, people should worship Meghpaalee creeper. Meghpaalee is a creeper with red leaves like betel leaf creeper. It grows in gardens, on roads and on mountains. Vaishya worship it with grains, oil, jaggery, shoes etc. Its worship destroys all kinds sins committed knowingly or unknowingly.

Rambhaa (Gauree) Vrat
(Chap 18) Yudhishthir asked - "Which Vrat is good to maintain a good household?" Krishn said - "Once Shiv and Paavatee were sitting surrounded by Muni and Devtaa on Kailaash parvat, that Shiv Jee asked Paarvatee Jee - "Which Vrat did you do so you got a husband like me?" Paarvatee Je said - "I did Rambhaa Vrat that is why I could get you as my husband." Shankar Jee asked - "Tell me dear, How it is done?"

Paarvatee Jee said - "Once my father and mother told me to do Rambhaa Vrat to bring me good fortune and Saubhaagya. In Jyeshth Maas, on the 3rd day of Shukla Paksh, take this Vrat after taking bath. Light Panchaagni and sit in the middle of them facing east. Meditate on Satee wearing deer skin, matted locks, four armed, sitting on Lotus flower. So I did. Build a Mandap (canopy) and establish Satee's idol in it. Worship it with many things and sit before it till Sunset. Then pronounce this Mantra (see Mantra on p 397), and give Daan to a Braahman couple. Distribute Prasaad to noble women. Next day feed Braahman couples and give Dakshinaa. to them.

Goshpad Triteeyaa Vrat
(Chap 19) Krishn Jee said - "In Bhaadrapad Maas, on the 3rd and 4th days of Shukla Paksh, do Goshpad named Vrat. Worship cow on this day and feed her to her satisfaction. Offer Arghya with this Mantra. ( see p 397-398 ) On the 5th day he should eat rice, fruits, vegetables, cow's milk and yogurt, and rest in the night with discipline. Donate a cow's foot made of gold or whatever, worship Govardhan Parvat made of jaggery and give it to Braahman saying "Govindah Preeyataam". Worship Bhagavaan.

Harakaalee Vrat
(Chap 20) Krishn said - "Daksh's one daughter was Kaalee. She was dark complexioned. She was married to Shiv Jee. Once Shiv was sitting with Vishnu, that he called Kaalee, "Priye, Gauree, Come hear." Hearing this Kaalee got angry and started weeping saying "that because of my dark complexion Shiv has made a mockery of me by calling Gauree, therefore I will immolate myself." Shiv Jee tried his best to stop her doing this but she immolated herself. Later she was born as Gauree in Himaalaya's house and married Shiv Jee. From that day she was known as Harakaalee.

In Bhaadrapad Maas, on the 3rd day of Shukla Paksh, gather all kinds of new grains and establish an idol Harakaalee made of green grass. Worship it, wake in the night to sing and dance and greet Harakaalee with this Mantra. (see the Mantra on p 398) In the morning that idol should be Visarjit in a water body with this Mantra. (see the Mantra on p 399) Who does this Vrat every year he remains healthy, prosperous, children, long life etc.



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