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4-Uttar Parv

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7-Other Vrat-2

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7-Other Vrat-2
9-Bhavishya Puraan, 4-Uttar Parv-21-23, 25 p 399-402, 404-405

All these Vrat are to be done throughout the year - for 12 months.

Lalitaa Triteeyaa Vrat

(Chap 21) Yudhishthir said - "please tell me now the Vrat to be done in 12 Maas." Krishn said - "I tell you one story in this regard. Once Shiv was sitting on Kailaash Parvat surrounded by many Devtaa, Gandharv, Kinnar etc. Umaa said to him - "Tell me about that auspicious Triteeyaa Vrat which gives Saubhaagya, children, prosperity, long life and good health to a woman." Shiv laughed and said - "What do you need for this kind of Vrat? You have everything." Umaa said - "Bhagavan, You have said right, I don't need anything, but there are many women who come to me who need such kind of Vrat. I am asking for them."

Shiv Jee said - "In Maagh Maas, on the 3rd day of Shukla Paksh, a woman should do her daily chores. Take bath, put on clean clothes, and worship you with devotion. Then meditating you with the name of Eeshaanee name, donate a copper pitcher with water, rice and gold inside it, to a Braahman. Braahman should do Abhishek with that pitcher. Then she should do Aachman with Kush water and sleep on Kush bed. Next day after taking bath, feed Braahman according to her capacity and take food herself also quietly. Thus she should do it for 12 months with these names - Eeshaanee, Paarvatee, Shankarpriyaa, Bhavaanee, Skandmaataa, Dakshduhita, Minaakshee, Kaatyaayanee, Himaadrijaa, Saubhaagyadaayinee, Umaa and in the last month with the name of Gauree. In these 12 months she should eat in this order - Kush water, milk, Ghee, cow's urine, Gomaya, fruits, lemon leaf, Kantakaaree, Goshringodak, yogurt, Panchgavya, and vegetables. In each month give Daan to Braahman. At the end of the Vrat invite a Braahman couple, imagine Shiv and Paarvatee in them, worship them, feed them and give Dakshinaa of money, clothes, jewelry etc. Give two white clothes to Braahman and two red clothes to Braahman woman. Who does this Vrat with devotion she gets everything.

A-Viyog Triteeyaa Vrat
(Chap 22) Yudhishthir asked - Tell me about that Vrat by doing which a woman does not get separated from her husband, nor she becomes widow." Krishn said - "Paarvatee asked Shiv Jee and Arundhatee asked Vashishth Jee the same question. Whatever they said I tell you that.

In Maargsheersh Maas, on the 2nd day of Shukla Paksh, in the night, the woman should eat Kheer and worship Shiv and Paarvatee. Next day, on the 3rd day, make an idol of Shiv and Paarvatee out of Shaali rice. Establish them in a pot and worship them. In the night, she should do Keertan and sleep on the flour. On the fourth day she should give those idols to Braahman with Dakshinaa and feed Braahman and one Braahman couple. 

She should do this Vrat every month with the names of Shiv Paarvatee in Maargsheersh, Gireesh Paarvatee in Paush, Bhav Bhavaanee in Maagh, Mahaadev Umaa in Phaalgun, Shankar Lalitaa in Chaitra, Sthaanu Lolnetraa in Vaishaakh, Veereshwar Ekveeraa in Jyeshth, Trilochan Pashupati Shakti in Aashaadh, Shreekanth Sutaa in Saavan, Bheem Kaalraatri in Bhaadrapad, Shiv Durgaa in Aashwin, Eeshaan Shivaa in Kaartik. She should worship them with blue lotus, Kaner, Bilva leaf (Bel Patra - leaf of Bel fruit), Palaash, Kubj, Mallikaa, Paadhar, white lotus, Kadamb, Tagar, Drone and Maalatee, in this order for 12 months. Its Udyaapan should be done in Kaartik. In it gold, lotus, two clothes, flag, lamp and various sweets should be offered to Shiv. One should worship 12 Braahman couples, make a gold idol of Shiv Paarvatee, keep them in a copper pot, keep 64 pearls, 64 corals, and 64 Pukharaaj along with the idols, cover the pot with a cloth and give it to Aachaarya. Forty-eight water-filled pitchers, umbrella, shoe and gold should be given to Braahman. Grains should be donated on that day and nobody should be sent empty-handed. If somebody cannot do so much then one can do according to her capacity.

Umaa Maheshwar Vrat
(Chap 23) Yudhishthir said - "Tell me that Vrat by doing which a woman has many sons and grandsons and she does not get separated from her husband." Krishn said - "Umaa Maheshwar Vrat is the greatest Vrat among all Vrat. Seetaa, Ahilyaa, Rohinee, Damayantee, Taaraa, Anasooyaa etc women did it. Paarvatee Jee propagated it for ill, poor, unfortunate women.

In Maargsheersh Maas, on the 3rd day of Shukla Paksh, the woman should take bath and meditating on Shiv Paarvatee should read this Mantra (see Mantra on p 401). Drink Panchgavya. Imagining Shiv in the right part of the idol, and Paarvatee in the left part of the idol she should worship the idol. Thus she should do it for 12 months and then do Udyaapan. Make a silver idol of Shiv and golden idol of Paarvate, make them sit on silver Vrishabh (bull) and adorn them with clothes and jewelry. Worship Shiv with white sandalwood paste, white flower and white cloth, and Paarvatee with red vermilion, red flower and red cloth. End this Vrat after feeding Braahman, give Dakshinaa to all reading this Mantra (see p 402), give many things to them. Such woman lives with Shankar for one Kalp and on earth also she gets everything.

Saubhaagya Shayan Vrat

Krishn said - "Now I tell you about the Saabhaagya Shayan Vrat which fulfills all wishes. When all Lok were burned in Pralaya, all people's good fortune got settled in Vishnu's heart. When new creation started, half of that good fortune was taken by Brahmaa Jee's son Daksh. This increased his beauty and power a lot. From the remaining half Saubhaagya were born the following eight things - Ikshu, Stavaraaj, Nishpaav (Sem), Raajidhaanya (Shaali or Agahanee rice), Goksheer (cow's milk) and its Vikaar, Kusumbh flower (Kesar) and salt. They are called Saubhaagyaashtak. By this Saubhaagya Daksh had a daughter named Satee. She was very beautiful that is why her name was Satee, and she was rosy in beauty that is why she was known as Lalitaa. She was married to Shiv Jee, by worshipping her one can get all kinds of pleasures, Moksh and Swarg."

Yudhishthir asked - "Tell me the method of worshipping her." Krishn said - "In Chaitra Maas, on the 3rd day of Shukla Paksh, she was married to Shankar Jee. On this day one should take bath with sesame seed mixed water. Bathe Shiv and Gauree idols with Panchgavya and sandalwood water and worship them with the following method. (see p 404) Later keep Saubhaagyaashtak before them and pray for their kindness. In that night, drink Goshringodak and sleep on the floor. Next day, the 4th day, worship a Braahman couple with clothes, flower garland and jewelry and give that Saubhaagyaashtak to them along with those idols saying "Lalitaa Preeyataam". Thus one should do this for one year on every 3rd day of Shukla Paksh.

One should drink or eat cow's horn water, Gomaya, Mandaar flower, Bilv leaf, yogurt, Kush water, milk, Ghee, cow's urine, butter, black sesame seed and Panchgavya - in this order. One should pronounce these 12 names at the time of donation - Lalitaa, Vijayaa, Bhadraa, Bhavaanee, Kumudaa, Shivaa, Vaasudevee, Gauree, Mangalaa, Kamalaa, Satee and Umaa. One should use the following flowers in those 12 months - Mallikaa, Ashok, lotus, Kadamb, Utpal, Maalatee, Kudoomal, Karaveer, Baan (kachanaar or Kaash), any bloomed flower, Kumkum, Sinduvaar.

In the last, make gold idols of Gauree, Shankar, cow, and bull and make them sit on a good bed, worship them and give them to a Braahman. Whoever does this Vrat - man, woman, maiden, gets his or her all wishes fulfilled. Kaam Dev, Chandramaa, Kuber and other Devtaa have done this Vrat.



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