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Tripur Sundaree

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Tripur Sundaree
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Anyone fortunate to receive the Mantra of Shree Vidyaa? - some say her Shodashee, or 16-year old.

Tripur Sundaree, as she is the Divine Mother as Kaam Kalaa, the first impulse (Spand) of the Absolute (the vibration) to manifest, as Kaam or urge, within time (Kalaa or digit). It’s the desire of the finite to become infinite that moves us to Moksh, is within us.

Tri-Pur Sundaree:
Tri means three. The three fold division we see throughout the Creation; The highest is Sat-Chit-Aanand , as Truth (pure) Consciousness and Bliss. Taittireeya Upanishad is all of the food is made of this triad – Taijas (Fire), Aap or Jal (Water or fluid) and Prithvi (or Earth) – She is found in all three. She is found in the triad of the famous Vyaahrti of Bhoo, Buvah Swah, the second of Janah, Tapah and Satyam, and the connection between the two or Mahaa from Rishi Mahaachamasya. We see this tri-fold in waking (Jaagrit), dream (Swapn) and deep sleep (Sushupti) states. Yet we see Tripur Suundaree transcend all (Tureeyam) so she can encompass or be the root of all.

Pur or Puree for City:
Call our body the city of the divine that has 9 gates , some say 10 and even 11 gates. The nine is 3 squared (again the Tri-vrat Kaaran) – or 9 entry points to the body. Yet Pur is a field of action (like our bodies) and the triads mentioned above are the fields of wake, dream, sleep, etc. Yet the 3 fields are also that of our will (Ichchhaa), knowledge (Gyaan) and Kriyaa or action. The divine will within us, that moves us to Moksh is Agni.

Sundaree Means Beautiful Woman
A beautiful woman. Now, the Mantra which is guarded, is of great interest, as it too is a triad of 3 (3X3) phonemes or 9 syllables / sounds that is used in a 15 phoneme Mantra. The last syllable makes it Shodashee, or 16 divisions.

Each line of this 3 part ( 3 again) Mantra has a corresponding aspect of the Divine Mother. Each line is considered a Koot or peak... one for her face, one for her below the neck, then the last below her hips. From these 3 parts, you have the source of Sound, the first vibration (Spand), the second is the first desire (to manifest all this) or Kaam-raaj, and the 3rd is Shakti that force or Divine Praan (the Kundalinee within). These 3 key Beej Mantra are amplified within the Shree Vidyaa Mantra. So, like most Mantra there are variations from different traditions... as so with Shree Vidyaa. The Vidyaa of Manmath and Agastya are most widely known.



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