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Rishyashring Muni is a Maanas (here he is only just mentioned) and V-Raamaayan, 1/3 (while here his whole story is described) character; but his story is described in MBH, G-4-Van/19 also. He was the son of Muni Vibhaandak - a Maanas Putra (brain child) of Maharshi Kashyap and a she-deer. It is said that when Rishyashring was born he had a small horn on the crown of his head that is why he was named as Rishyashring. Rishya means Rishi and Shring means horn, so Rishyashring means a sage with a horn, or in another meaning Shring means high, so because he was high among Rishi, he was named as Rishyashring.

The story of his birth is given in Teerth Yaatraa Section of MBH. Lomash Muni tells this story when he comes to console Arjun's four brothers after he had left for Swarg to bring Divine weapons. He tells - "Once Vibhaandak Muni arrived at a great beautiful lake and started his penance. he did it for a long period of time. Once he was washing his face in the lake water, that he saw Urvashee and his semen fell in to the water, and by chance, O King, a she-deer drank that water and got pregnant. That she-deer was the daughter of a Devtaa. Long before she was cursed to be a she-deer and Brahmaa Jee told her that when she would give birth to a saint, she would be free from that curse. As the Destiny goes on and as the words of Creator cannot go wrong, she gave birth to a great saint - Rishyashring."

According to other sources he was the son of Menakaa Apsaraa as she was sent by Indra to disturb the Tap of Vibhaandak Muni. She succeeded and had a son from him. After the birth of the son she left for Swarg. It is said that the child was born with a slight protrusion on his forehead (that is what people called it a horn), and that is why he was called Rishyashring. After the birth of Rishyashring, Vibhaandak Muni developed so much hatred towards women that he kept his son far from the world.

Yet according to another source, Vibhaandak was a Maanas Putra of Kashyap Jee

His father Vibhaandak Muni kept him separate from the world so he did not know anybody else other than his father. We meet him in Baal Kaand when Dasharath wants to have a son and wants to do the Ashwamedh Yagya to get him. His minister Sumantra advises him to invite Rishyashring Muni for it. Legends say that he was endowed with Yaugik and magical powers.

Rishyashring and Raajaa Rompaad
Once king Rompaad of Ang Desh didn't have rains for a long time. Then he asked Braahman about his Karm. They suggested that "if Rishyashring Muni comes in your kingdom then the rain will fall. He has attained so much power through Tap that even his entering the country will bring rains."

I read this story on the Internet, I don't know how far it is true, but it is presented here. "Rompaad was the king of Ang Desh and was a good friend of Raajaa Dasharath. Rompaad did not have any child so Dasharath promised him to give his first child to him. Raajaa Dasharath had a daughter so according to his promise to Rompaad, he he gave that daughter to Raajaa Rompaad and named her Shaantaa. Thus Shaantaa became the adopted daughter of Raajaa Rompaad After Shaantaa came to Ang Desh, there was famine in Ang Desh. Even in rainy season, there was no rain. Because of no rain, there was lack of food. People started blaming Shaantaa for this famine. They said that Shaantaa had brought bad luck. But Rompaad's family astrologer said that the famine was not because of Shaantaa but was because of the anger of a Braahman whom Rompaad had cheated in the past.

It so happened in the past that Rompaad conducted a sacrifice after which he gave donations. To one Braahman he promised a bag containing diamonds. Later on he saw that one diamond was very precious. Rompaad did not want to give such a precious diamond to anybody. He replaced that diamond with another less valuable diamond and gave that bag to the Braahman. From his spiritual power, the Braahman knew everything. He became very angry and left the place. It was because of his anger that there was no rain in Rompaad's kingdom. It was just a coincidence that Shaantaa came to Ang before the famine.

Romapad asked his family astrologer what to do. The astrologer said, "Let sage Rishyashring come to his kingdom. When he comes here, then there will be rain. Also marry your daughter Shaantaa to Rishyashring and ask Rishyashring to stay here for some time. When he stays here, then because of his spiritual power, there will be good rain in your kingdom."

Now how to get him. It was big task. Since he didn't know anybody else than his father it was difficult to get him there. His courtiers decided that since he has not seen anybody else than his father, some courtesans should be sent to him and they would bring him here. Although the courtesans were scared of Muni's Shaap but still they went there for the good of their country.

So the King sent some courtesans there. They stayed nearby Muni's Aashram. Once Muni Rishyashring was passing by that side, he saw some beautiful girls. He had never seen girls before so he went there and talked to them. He thought they were also some kind of Brahmchaaree so he brought them to his Aashram and offered them fruits etc. After promising him to meet him again the girls went away. When Vibhaandak Muni returned to his Aashram he was so surprised to see his Aashram. It was not cleaned and was not made tidy. His son's face was lusterless. Even daily duties of Aashram were not completed.

He asked his son - "What has happened here? You don't look in yourself. Did somebody come here? Have you milked the cow? Why do you appear so confused?" The simple Rishyashring replied - "Some young Brahmchaaree came here in a wonderful dress with a very sweet voice, but they were not like me. My inner being was filled with joy looking at their eyes." And then he described their form and dress etc. He further said - "My body seems to desire for their company. I want to see them more." His father said - "Son, They were not Brahmchaaree. They were Raakshas who came here to disturb our Tapasyaa. Do not let them come here." After that Vibhaandak Muni wandered here and there for three days but he couldn't find anybody around.

After some time when the courtesans found nobody in the Aashram they again sneaked in the Aashram. Rishyashring ran towards them and asked them as where were they? He said again - "Let us go to your Aashram before my father comes in here." So they took him to their boat which looked like an Aashram. As he boarded on the boat, the boatmen loosened the boat and it floated slowly towards Ang Desh. Then they came to Ang Desh.

As he stepped within Ang Desh borders, rain started falling. Rompaad understood that Rishi has come. He welcomed him and brought him home and married his daughter Shaantaa to him. Raajaa was scared that Vibhaandak Muni would come here searching his son and he might give Shaap to him. So to pacify him he sent many cow herds and herdsmen and kinds to welcome him and instructed them to say that they were Rishyashring's people standing there to welcome him.

Vibhaandak Muni didn't find his son in the Aashram, so he guessed that this might be the work of Ang Desh King. So he started towards Ang Desh in a fury. But on all the ways he was welcomed with honor by his son's servants, so by the time he arrived in Ang Desh capital he was totally pacified and looked happy. Vibhaandak blessed the King and said to his son - "Do all that that will please the King. When you have had a son, come to me in my Aashram." Later Rishyashring did a Yagya for Indra Devtaa then only Rompaad could have a son.

Rishyashring and Raajaa Dasharath
When Raajaa Dasharath desired for a son, and he consulted his ministers and Rishi, they suggested him to perform Ashwamedh Yagya. Then Sumantra told him this story which Sankaadi Muni told him before. He further told that Dasharath would get four sons but he would have to invite Rishyashring Muni from Raajaa Rompaad's place. He would perform this Yagya and then he would have four sons.

Rompaad was Dasharath's friend. So Dasharath went to Raajaa Rompaad's place, stayed there for 18 days and requested him to send Muni Rishyashring and Shaantaa to Ayodhyaa to perform his Ashwamedh Yagya. Rompaad was very happy to do the same, so he sent them along with Raajaa Dasharath. Muni performed this Yagya and fortunately Raajaa Dasharath had four sons: Raam, Lakshman, Bharat and Shatrughn.



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