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Dasharath, Raajaa-2

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Dasharath, Raajaa-2

1. Why Only Dasharath and Kaushalyaa Got Raam as Their Son?
2. How Dasharath Got His Sons?
3. Why Dasharath Had to Exile His Loving Son Raam?
4. Why Dasharath had to Die After Raam Had Left for Van?

How Dasharath Got His Sons?
Raajaa Dasharath had three chief queens and 350 other queens [V-Raamaayan, 2/15/34], but he had no son. He was getting old and he saw nobody as his heir. So once he consulted his ministers. He had 8 Ministers and  9 Rishi to assist him (see V-Raamaayan, 1/2/7 for their names). It was decided that he should do Ashwamedh Yagya. He expressed his desire to Guru Vashishth also. He also supported the idea. The preparation began. In the meantime Sumantra said to Raajaa - "I have heard from Puraan that your sons will come through a Rishi only, because Sanat Kumaar told this story.

Story of Rishyashring
"Mahrshi Kashyap's Maanas Putra (brain child) is Maharshi Vibhaandak; and his son is Rishyashring. He will be brought up in the forest only so he will not be able to see anybody else for a long time. He will be a complete Brahmchaaree. He will worship only his father and Agni and he will not marry.

At that time Rompaad will be the Raajaa of Ang Desh. He will be very mighty, but because of his own faults he will have a terrible storm in his kingdom. Both the Raajaa and the public will be scared of that and Raajaa will ask the astrologers about his Karm. At this Braahman will advise him to invite Rishyashring Jee to his kingdom with respect and marry his daughter Shaantaa (see Rompaad) to him.

Raajaa will think over as how to bring him down, and will send his ministers and Purohit to bring him in his kingdom, but they will refuse to go there themseves, but then they will suggest him another way and that way will be through courtesans. Rishi Rishyashring will come to his kingdom, he will bring rains to King's kingdom and the Raaja will marry his daughter Shaantaa to him."

Dasharath got very happy to hear this story and he asked the way to invite him. Sumantra said - "I tell you the way Rompaad invited him to his country. His ministers advised him that Muni had not seen worldly pleasures since his birth, so we will arrange those worldly pleasures for him.  He will see them there, they will attract him and will bring him here.

The same method was implemented. They sent some very beautiful courtesans. They stayed nearby his Aashram. There was a pond where Muni used to come often. Once he saw those girls near that pond and out of curiosity as who were they, he went to them, because he had never seen girls before. He took them to his Aashram and offered fruits and flowers. Another day they took him to their camp saying that "We can also entertain you", and offered him sweets (Laddoo). When he was comfortable with them they brought him to Ang Desh. As he stepped inside the border of Ang Desh, rain started. Raajaa understood that Muni had entered his kingdom. Everybody got very happy. He welcomed him and married his daughter Shaantaa to him."

After telling this story, Sumantra said to Dasharath - "Now I tell you that story which is most useful to you and was told by Sanat Kumaar to me. "There will be a king Raajaa Dasharath in Ikshwaaku Vansh. He will have the friendship with Rajaa Rompaad; and when he will do Ashwamedh Yagya, he will request Raajaa Rompaad to send Rishyashring Rishi to his country to do that Yagya. That Rishi will do the Yagya and his wish will be fulfilled - he will have four sons who will continue the King's lineage.

Dasharath Invites Rishyashring to Ayodhyaa
Hearing this Raajaa got very happy, and he went to Ang Desh to see Raajaa Rompaad. He stayed there for 18 days and requested Rompaad to send his daughter and Muni to Ayodhyaa to perform a Yagya which will bring him sons. Rompaad readily agreed and sent them to Ayodhyaa along with Raajaa Dasharath. Rishi assured Dasharath that he would surely have four sons, but he had to make sure that the Yagya was completed without any hurdle.

Rishi started Yagya. All formalities were completed. Raajaa donated lots of wealth. All beggars were satisfied. All people arrived there were fed 24 hours to their satisfaction. All stayed there with full comfort. This continued for one year. After the Ashwamedh Yagya, Putreshti Yagya was done. All Devtaa, Gandharv came in person to take their share. After they took their share, they went to Brahmaa Jee and requested him that now was the time for Vishnu to take Avataar. Brahmaa Jee went to Vishnu and prayed Him. Vishnu said - "I will take Avataar in four forms from my different parts."

So at the completion of the Yagya, a strange man appeared in black and red clothes, carrying a gold pot with divine sweets. He gave that pot to Raajaa and explained everything as how to distribute that sweets to his four queens and disappeared. Raajaa obeyed him and distributed the divine sweets to his queens as per his instructions. He gave half of it to Kaushalyaa, half of the remaining (1/4th) to Sumitraa, then half of the remaining (1/8th) to Kaikeyee, then remaining (1/8th) to Sumitraa again.

The three queens became pregnant and at appropriate time they delivered four sons. After one year of the Yagya, on Krishn Navamee in Chaitra Maas Raam was born to Kaushalyaa. Kaikeyee gave birth to Bharat who was like Raam. Sumitraa gave birth to Lakshman and Shatrughn. Raajaa was so happy to hear this that he donated many things. When they grew, Raam was always busy in serving father, and Lakshman was busy in serving Raam. As Raam loved Lakshman, Bharat loved Shatrughn.



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