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Dasharath, Raajaa-3

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Dasharath, Raajaa-3

1. Why Only Dasharath and Kaushalyaa Got Raam as Their Son?
2. How Dasharath Got His Sons?
3. Why Dasharath Had to Exile His Loving Son Raam?
4. Why Dasharath Had to Die After Raam Had Left for Van?

Why Dasharath had to Exile His Loving Son Raam
Dasharath's youngest queen Kaikeyee was very good in warfare. Once Dasharath went to fight with Asur from Devtaa's side. Kaikeyee also went along with him and was working as his Saarathee. In the battlefield, once Dasharath got severely wounded and then fainted. Kaikeyee took care of him as his Saarathee and brought him out of the battlefield for some time. After some time when he woke up and got some relief, she took him there again. Pleased with her services Dasharath asked her to ask for any two Var. At that time she couldn't think of any so she said - "I can't think of anything at present, I will ask them some other time."

My Note:
Besides, It is also said that when Dasharath married Kaikeyee, he promised her father that he would appoint her son as King. Raajaa remembered this but it seems that Kaikeyee forgot it, because neither Tulasee's Maanas nor Vaalmeeki's Raamaayan mentions this, otherwise Kaikeyee herself could have said this to Raajaa, but she never said this to him even during her whole conversation. But Raamaayan mentions that Dasharath did not inform Kaikeyee and Bharat and Raajaa Janak about Raam's coronation as Crown King (read V-Raamaayan 2/3) as if he was afraid of something unknown. In Maanas, 2/3, Dasharath accepts this to her that it was his mistake that he did not tell her about it before.

At a later time, Raajaa had four sons, they grew up, and got married. Now Dasharath thought to declare Raam as the Crown Prince. Perhaps Dasharath was aware of the possibility of arising this issue, that is why he didn't inform Kaikeyee's parents and Seetaa's parents about this affair. It reflects that Dasharath used to take all actions with the consultation of Kaikeyee, but he didn't even mention about this to Kaikeyee because of the possibility of some problem arising out of that.

Later Raajaa had four sons. When Raam was about 12 years of age, Vishwaamitra came to take Him to protect his Yagya from Raakshas. Raajaa loved Raam very much, besides He was very young, he didn't want to part with Him. But on Vashishth's advice he sent Raam and Lakshman with him. There He killed Taadakaa and Subaahu but left Maareech. From there only, Vishwaamitra Jee took them to Janak Puree to show them the Dhanush Yagya. On their way He uplifted Ahalyaa who was lying in a forest as a large stone. Then He broke the Dhanush at Dhanush Yagya. Raajaa Janak invited Dasharath to come to Janak Puree to attend the marriage of Raam and Seetaa. Dasharath Jee came and married his four sons to Raajaa Janak's two daughters, Seetaa and Urmilaa and his brother's two daughters, Maandavee and Shrutkeerti.

After some time he declared Raam as Crown Prince. When Kaikeyee heard about Raam'a coronation, she got very happy and she even gave a pearl necklace to Mantharaa (her loving maid-servant who came with her from her parents' house) to give her this news. But Mantharaa didn't like this news because she wanted Bharat to be the King.

My Note
Here, Raamaayan is silent as why Mantharaa wanted this, but Maanas is very clear on this issue. As Devtaa heard the news of Raam's coronation, they went to Brahmaa Jee and asked him to help them to send Raam to Van to do their job. Brahmaa Jee sent Saraswatee Jee to change the mind of Mantharaa which she promptly did and the whole thing went upside down. And this occurrence of changing minds through Saraswatee is not unusual for this Kathaa. Brahmaa Jee had already taken help of Saraswatee Jee  in changing the mind of Kumbhkarn at Devtaa's request at the time of when he was asked to ask Var from him after his Tapasyaa. He asked the Var of only long sleep. That was because Saraswatee changed his mind because he was eating too much food.

She said to Kaikeyee - "If Raam will be King then Kaushalyaa will be the King's mother, and Bharat will be like Raam's servant and you will be Kaushalyaa's maidservant. Nobody will respect you. That is why only Bharat should be the King, so that you can be the Raaj Maataa (Queen Mother)." In the beginning Kaikeyee didn't understand this but later she understood, but she didn't know as how to implement it. Mantharaa reminded her about her two Var and advised her in detail to ask for them now. And said - "Don't settle on any other Var than (1) throne to Bharat, and (2) exile to Raam for 14 years. If you will, you will repent for your whole life."

Kaikeyee Asks For Her Two Var
Kaikeyee did so. She took off her silken fine clothes and jewelry, put on torn dirty clothes and lay down on bare floor in her Kop Bhavan. When Raajaa came from his court, as usual, he came to Kaikeyee's palace. He didn't see her there so he asked about her. One of her maidservants told him that she saw her in her Kop Bhavan. Raajaa got worried hearing this. He went to her Kop Bhavan, and there he found her lying down on the floor without jewelry and in dirty torn clothes.

He caressed her and asked her the reason of this, but she wouldn't speak. He asked her why she was playing with his emotions? He was ready to do anything she wanted. At this she asked "promise" and Raajaa said "this is the tradition of Raghu Kul that one can lose his life but not his words, so promise, now you tell me." Kaikeyee again said to be sure - "Take vow on Raam." Dasharath said - "It seems you have lost trust in me that is why you are asking me to take vow on Raam. But if you say so, I take vow on Raam."

Now she was ready to ask what she wanted. She said - "Do you remember that you asked me to ask for two Var in the battlefield, and I said "I will ask them some other time?" Dasharath got suspicious hearing this, but had to say "Yes, I remember". Kaikeyee said - "Now I want to ask for those two Var." Raajaa said, "Sure, speak up." Kaikeye said - "The first Var I ask is Raaj Tilak of Bharat." Raajaa said - "Oh, only this much. There is no difficulty in this one. Only today I ask ministers to call Bharat and to fix another auspicious Muhoort for his coronation. Tell me the other olne." Kaikeyee said - "The second Var I ask is exile to Raam in Dandak Van for 14 years." Raajaa didn't feel much about her first Var, but he couldn't digest her second Var.

He got unconscious as soon he heard this and fell down on the floor. Raajaa tried his best that Kaikeyee should change her second Var but she was adamant on her statement. She said - "You were boasting yourself that you would keep your words, whether you lose your life, now where is your vow? Remember that you have taken vow on Raam."

Raajaa said - "You know very well, that I love Raam most, still you are asking me such Var? I will die, Kaikeyee, without Him. What bad He has done to you? Why do you want to send Him to forest? You have also always loved Him more than Bharat, what has happened to you today? Please pity on me, don't send Raam to forest. I will appoint Bharat as Crown King but please don't send Raam to forest." But by reminding him continuously about his vow and Dharm etc she stuck to her Var.

The whole night passed in such conversation. Raajaa had already called kings from neighboring states for this occasion and they had already given their consent to appoint Raam as Crown Prince. Raajaa had already instructed Guru Vashishth to collect all materials and Raam and Seetaa to complete formalities for this occasion. Kaushalyaa was already praying for the welfare of her son. But what is going to happen now?...

The News Spreads
It was morning. Everybody was getting ready for this occasion, including Raam and Seetaa. All kings and Muni Vashishth Jee were  waiting for Raajaa Dasharath to come to the court and to complete the ceremonies. When they did not appear in the royal court for some time, kings talked about it. Then Sumantra said, "I go and see what is the matter." He went to Raajaa's palace, but he didn't find him there, then he went to Kaikeyee's palace. He found Raajaa lying on the ground in a very bad shape.

He asked Kaikeyee as what was the matter with Raajaa. Kaikeyee said, "Go and call Raam." Sumantra said, "I want to hear these words from Raajaa." Raajaa also had to say then, "Call Raam". Sumantra went quickly and called Raam to Kaikeyee's palace. Raam immediately came, He asked His father as why was he lying like this. Raajaa couldn't speak at all. He just lay there quietly. Then Kaikeyee said - "I tell you what is the matter. At one time Raajaa promised me to give me two Var. When I ask them today, he is hesitant to give them. I asked "Bharat's Raaj Tilak and exile to you for 14 years" but he is not giving me these Var."

Raam said to Dasharath - "Hey Father, You should keep your words to Maa. Bharat will rule here and I will go to Van. This is not such a big thing that you are getting so upset and so much worried about it. You use this material for Bharat's Raaj Tilak and I go to forest." And He went away to give this news to His mother and get ready for Van.



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