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3-Two Boons to Kaikeyee

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3-Two Boons to Kaikeyee

So hearing that Kaikeyee was in her Kop Bhavan, the King went to Kaikeyee's Kop Bhavan. There he saw her lying on the floor in very ordinary clothes and without jewelry. Her hair was loose and she had no sign of happiness. King asked her the reason for this - "Dear, Why have you made your look like this? Tell me the reason of your anger at me. Has somebody insulted you? Should I appoint somebody as a king or exile a king? Tell me what do you want? Whatever you want, I will do the same, I take the vow of Raam. But now you get ready and leave this look. You should try to understand the good occasion or bad times."

Hearing this Kaikeyee smiled cunningly. Dasharath said further - "See, tomorrow we are arranging Raam's Crown Prince ceremony. Everybody is very happy and all are getting ready for the celebration. You also get ready." Kaikeyee said - "Hey Priya, You always say "ask for it" "ask for it" but you don't give it. You asked me to ask for two boons but you have not given me them yet." Raajaa said - "What? For such a small matter you are lying here in this condition? Oh, Maybe I have forgotten, but whatever you want to ask for, ask for it. You can ask for four boons, not only two. This is Raghu Kul tradition that one can leave his life but not the words. There is no sin like telling lies."

Kaikeyee said - "So give me two boons today, one boon of Bharat's coronation as Crown Prince and in second boon I ask for Raam's exile for 14 years in Saadhu attire."  Hearing this the King got shocked. He couldn't think what to say. He just sat silently and closed his eyes. He couldn't think as he should reply her, or he should refuse her, or he should obey her, he got confused. Shibi and Dadheechi also gave their lives for their vows. He gathered himself and said - "Hey Priya, You should have thought first before saying what you have just said. Raam and Bharat are my two eyes. I will call Bharat just now and will coronate him as a Crown prince on an auspicious day. Raam is not greedy of kingdom. I did all this without asking you that is why I have to face this moment. So be happy, Bharat will be the Crown Prince in a few days time.

But your second boon is not good. You have not asked it considering it well. Did you ask that Var truly or you are joking? What is Raam's fault? All say that Raam is a saint. You also love Him very much, but today I am in doubt that you love Him. I don't understand this, that who favors even His enemy, how He can be unfavorable to His mother. So now you don't joke me and ask for something else with logic, so that I can see Bharat's coronation happily. Raam is my life."

Kaikeyee said - "Now do you give me those boons or not? Either you give me them or you will be defamed. I do not like all these good words. If by tomorrow morning Raam will not go to forest in Saadhu attire, then I will die and you will be defamed." Holding her feet Raajaa requested her to sit and said - "If you ask for my life I can give it to you just now, but don't kill me in the separation of Raam." But Kaikeyee wouldn't listen to him. She said again - "If you didn't want to fulfill your promise then why were you asking me to ask for boons? Either you leave your vow or keep patience. Body, woman, son, house, wealth and Prithvi (kingdom) mean nothing to followers of the truth." Raajaa thought that all this was the result of his own Paap, it was not the fault of Kaikeyee. Raajaa passed the whole night chanting "Raam" "Raam".

Exile to Raam

When, in the morning the King didn't come out of his palace, people whispered "Raajaa always wakes up early in the morning, what has happened today that the Sun has come up, but he has not come out of the palace. It seems that something is wrong." Sumantra, his chief minister went to the palace of Kaikeyee. He saw Raajaa lying on the floor, so he could not ask anything. Kaikeyee said - "The whole night Raajaa couldn't sleep, called only Raam, Raam. He doesn't say anything." Raajaa said - "Call Raam". Sumantra understood that Kaikeyee must have played some mischief. He quietly came out of the palace and went to call Raam.

Raam came immediately and asked mother - "Hey Maa, Tell me the reason of his grief. I will do the same to make his happy." Kaikeyee said - "The reason is this that Raajaa loves you most. He promised for two boons to me, that I could have asked whatever I liked. So I asked them now, but hearing them Raajaa got very much worried. On one side is his love of son, and on the other side is his vow." Then she told Raam everything.

Raam smiled and said - "Hey Maa, Only that son is fortunate who obeys his parents. To go forest is very favorable for me as I will see many Muni, and I will obey my father, and my mother too. Dear Bharat will get kingdom. It seems that Bhagavaan is favorable to me. If I don't go to forest now, then knowledgeable people will call me fool. But Hey Maa, I have one worry about the grief of my father. Is he so much sad only because of me? I doubt it. It seems that I have done a great crime. Tell me that what it is."

Kaikeyee said - "I take vow on you and Bharat that I do not know any other reason of this. You cannot commit any crime. You can only obey your parents. Just tell him that in this last phase of life he should not get defamed." Seeing Dasharath in senses, Sumantra informed him of Raam's coming there. Raam said - "Hey Pitaa Jee, I tell you something, if you forgive me. This is a good opportunity to obey my parents. I have got all the Punya of all my lives. I go to my mother to take her permission, and then I will go to forest after touching your feet." King didn't reply anything. He just kept quiet. Braahman's wives and other elder women tried to pacify Kaikeyee but Kaikeyee didn't like their advice. She just didn't speak anything.



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