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4-Exile to Raam

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Prem Mudit Man Se Kaho Raam, Raam, Raam, Shree Raam, Raam, Raam


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4-Exile to Raam

In a few moments everybody knew that the King has exiled Raam. People talked differently at different places. Some said - "King has not done this good." Some said - "It was good that Raam would have been our King, but Brahmaa has spoiled everything." Some said - "What is that which fire cannot burn, what is that which sea cannot absorb, what is that a woman cannot do, and what is that to whom Kaal cannot affect. What we wanted to hear and what Brahmaa has made us heard." Some said - "Don't blame the King. He is like Shibi and Dadheechi." Some said - "It seems that this is Bharat's game." Others said - "No, No, Bharat loves Raam very much, he himself wanted Raam to be the king, and Raam is also not power hungry. There is something else behind it." Thus many people talked in many ways.

Raam went to His mother Kaushalyaa. He joined His hands to greet her and bowed His head on her feet. Kaushalyaa blessed Him and asked - "Tell me, when is the Lagna (auspicious moments) of your coronation? By that time you take bath, and have some breakfast and then go to your father." Raam said - "Hey Maa, Father has given me the kingdom of forest where I will be benefited in all ways. Therefore you also permit me happily to go there. I will stay there for 14 years, obeying father's words I will see you again."

Although Raam said all this very politely but they proved very harsh words to Kaushalyaa's heart. She could not speak anything, her eyes filled with tears. She gathered herself with great difficulty and said to Raam - "You are very dear to your father. He himself fixed this auspicious day to hand over this kingdom to you, then why did he ask you to go to forest? Tell me the reason." Son of the minister, who was with Raam, told the reason to Kaushalyaa. Hearing that Kaushalyaa got just silent.

Considering her Dharm (duty), and Raam and Bharat alike as her sons, she said - "Obeying father's orders is the highest Dharm, Raam. He wanted to give you the kingdom but gave forest, I am not sad on this issue, but without you he and Bharat will be very sad. If this is the order of only your father, then you don't go to forest considering your mother higher than him, and if both your mother and father have ordered this to you, then the forest is like hundred Avadh Puree for you. There Van Devtaa will be your father and Van Devee will be your mother and birds and animals will be your dear servants. All kings go to forest in their last phase of life but I worry about your age. Fortunate are forests where you are going and unfortunate is Avadh which you are leaving behind. If I tell you that I also wish to go with you, then you may doubt me that mother wants to stop me by saying this. You are the life of whole Avadh, and you are asking me to go to forest? I just repent for my actions (Karm). Well, you don't worry there about anything, Devtaa and Pitar will protect you. Today the results of our all good Karm are finished and Kaal has become unfavorable to us."

As Seetaa heard this news, she also got worried. She came to her mother-in-law and sat nearby after touching her feet. She is waiting for orders for herself as Raam wants to go to forest then what she should do? Kaushalyaa looked at her and said to Raam - "Seetaa is of very tender age and is very dear to our family. She has father like Janak, father-in-law like Dasharath and husband like Raam. I will protect her as eyelid protects retina. Who has never kept her feet on floor, who gets scared even at a sight of a picture of monkey, who I have never asked to turn even the wick of lamp, the same Seetaa wants to go to forest with you. What do you say about her? This Seetaa is not for forest. As you will tell me I will also advice her accordingly."

Raam tried to explain Seetaa about good and bad things about forest and said - "Hey Seetaa, If you obey me then stay back at home. In this way you will obey my order, serve your mother-in-law and everybody's good is in this way. Whenever mother remembers me then you are there to console her. After obeying my father's order, I will come back soon. There are many wild animals, Raakshas in forest. You will not be able to tolerate all this."

Seetaa's eyes filled with tears, She said - "All of you told me what is right for me, but without you even Indra Puree is like a hell for me. Wherever you will live, I will also live with you. I agree that there are many difficulties in forest but they are nothing in comparison to living here without you. I am tender and you go to forest? I enjoy the pleasures of palace and you go to forest? This is not justice with me." And Seetaa sat there lowering Her head and got very sad.

Seeing her condition, Raam knew that if He left Seetaa in Ayodhyaa, then She will not live long, so He permitted Her to come with Him. Both Raam and Seetaa touched mother's feet and Seetaa said to her mother-in-law - "I am very unfortunate that when time came to serve you then Vidhaataa (Bhagavaan) gave us forest." Kaushalyaa blessed both of them.

When Lakshman heard this news, he held Raam's feet. Raam tried to explain to Lakshman also that he should stay home and serve parents as there was nobody at home to take care of them, but he said - "I am your servant. I know nobody else except you." Hearing this Raam permitted him too to come with Him and asked him to take permission from his mother. Lakshman went to his mother, Sumitraa, to take permission. She said - "Your place is there only where Raam and Seetaa are there, if they are going to forest then you have no purpose to live here. Go and serve them well. They are like your parents. I am a fortunate mother whose son loves Raghupati's feet."

Now all the three went to Dasharath to bid him farewell. Dasharath Jee said - "Learned people say that all get results of their Karm. But sometimes somebody else does the crime and somebody else gets the punishment for that, this is also Bhagavaan's Gati (policies) which nobody can know. Seetaa, you are not exiled, you should do whatever your parents-in-law say." Seetaa couldn't reply. Kaikeyee kept Muni's clothes before Raam and said - "Raajaa loves you very much. He will not let you go to forest. So considering his Par-Lok whatever you want to do, do it." Dasharath again got unconscious.

Raam immediately changed His clothes to Muni's clothes and started for forest. As they came out of the gate, they found Vashishth Jee with many other people standing outside. Raam consoled everybody, then He told Guru Jee - "Everybody is sad because of my going, so please take care of them and the kingdom." and walked on.



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