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5-Meeting with Nishaad

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5-Meeting with Nishaad

When Dasharath came in senses, he said to Sumantra - "You also go with Raam. All are of very tender age, so ask them to sit in Rath (chariot) and bring them back after spending a few days in forest. And if both brothers do not come back then at least bring back Seetaa, because there are many difficulties in forest. She can stay wherever She likes, here in Ayodhyaa or in Her parents house in Janak Puree. Otherwise my death is certain." And he became unconscious again.

Sumantra prepared Rath immediately and went outside where Raam was still standing. He told everything to Raam and asked them to ride on the Rath. Seeing Raam, Lakshman and Seetaa going from Ayodhyaa, all people got very sad and they followed them with the intention that they would also live wherever Raam would live. Raam consoled them all in many different ways but they were not ready to go back. They still followed them. When Raam stopped to spend the night at the bank of Tamasaa River, some of them slept because of tiredness and some of them slept because of Dev Maayaa. So after some time had passed, Raam woke up Sumantra and asked him to take them further at the same time, so that the people could not follow them.

In the morning, when people got up, they did  not se Raam amongst them and when they didn't see Raam, Lakshman and Seetaa, they became very sad and after searching them in vain for some time came back home crying. They started living with great discipline in the hope of seeing Raam again.

Now both brothers along with Sumantra and Seetaa Jee arrived in Shringverpur. There they did Darshan of Devsari (Gangaa Jee) and greeted her by joining hands. They took bath in it. When Guh Nishaad heard about  their coming, he called his relations and friends and came to see them, presented them many kinds of fruits and roots to eat, and requested them to come to his place. Raam embraced him dearly, asked for his welfare and said - "We have come here in this form to live in forest for 14 years with the permission of our father that is why we cannot go inside the village."

Then he showed them a good shady tree to stay. There he made their beds and offered fruits and roots to eat. Raam and Seetaa slept after taking the food, then Lakshman and Guh talked for some time. Seeing this condition of the Prince of Ayodhyaa and the Princess of Janak Puree, Guh became very sad. Then Lakshman expressed some thoughts on Gyaan, Vairaagya and Bhakti.

"Nobody gives anybody any pleasure or grief to anybody, all enjoy the fruits of their own Karm only. This world is like a dream and as one gets rich or poor in dream but on waking up he is the same as he was before, in the same way whatever happens in this world is like a dream, so one should not worry about it. Consider a person in waking condition when he leaves everything of this world and devotes his all powers to Raam. Whatever you see here, father, brother, wife, family, house etc all is Maayaa and A-Gyaan (ignorance). In reality nothing exists." Thus whole night passed saying and hearing about Raam.

In the morning, Raam got ready to go again. He prepared his hair as Jataa with the help of banyan tree milk. Seeing Him in the form of a Saadhu (yellow attire and Jataa on the head etc) Sumantra got very sad and said to Raam - "King has said to me that I should bring you back to Ayodhyaa after a couple of days showing around the forest." Raam said - "Hey Sumantra, I am obeying my father's words and behaving according to my Dharm. If I leave that, I will be defamed in Tri-Lok. I cannot bear this Paap. You hold father's feet on my behalf and say that as the 14 years will complete, I will come back for his Darshan." Sumantra advised the same to Seetaa also (going back to Ayodhyaa) but Seetaa also didn't agree to return to Ayodhyaa. Hearing this Sumantra went back to Ayodhyaa.



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