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6-Meeting with Bharadwaaj Muni


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6-Meeting with Bharadwaaj Muni

After Sumantra had left, Raam asked Guh Nishaad to bring a boat to take them across Gangaa Jee, but he didn't bring it. He said - "I know your secret now, that the dust of your feet converts things into people, as you touched the stone and it converted into a woman. My boat is made of wood only, so it is not difficult for the dust of your feet to convert it into a woman, and this is the only means of my living. I can't afford it to lose. So if you want that I should take you across the river then kindly permit me to wash your feet. I will only wash your feet, I don't want any money in exchange of that."

Hearing this Raam smiled and said - "Hey Nishaad, You do the same by which you don't lose your boat." [Here Tulasee Daas Jee says] - "Whose name only can take one across the world ocean, who made the universe smaller than His two feet space, the same Bhagavaan Himself is requesting Nishaad to take them across the Gangaa River." Nishaad brought Gangaa water to wash their feet, washed their feet and asked them to climb the boat. He drank that water himself and gave some to his family too to drink. Then he took them across the river. 

Raam is hesitating that He has not given anything to Nishaad as a fee for the boat ride. Seetaa Jee understood the problem of Her husband so She took out Her ring and gave it to Raam. Raam gave it to Nishaad as the fee but Nishaad held His feet sadly and said - "Hey Swaamee,  What is in this world that I have not got today. I am the richest man of the world today. I won't take anything now, but when you will return from your exile, then whatever you will give to me, I will take it happily." Then Shree Raam blessed him with His Bhakti.

Raam took bath in Gangaa Jee and Seetaa Jee prayed Her, "Bless me Maa, so that I do your Darshan again with my husband and brother-in-law when I come back." Gangaa Jee blessed her that you will return safely from your exile. Nishaad requested Raam that he could go with them and help them on the way. Seeing his Bhakti Raam took him along.

Raam headed forward towards forest. That day they took rest under a tree. Next day they arrived at Teerth Raaj (Prayaag Jee, Trivenee or Sangam). There they took bath in Sangam and came to the Aashram of Bhardwaaj Muni. Bhardwaaj Muni welcome them with fruits and roots and asked the Var of His Bhakti. Many people came to see Raam there. They stayed there for the night. Next morning, Raam asked Muni - "Hey Muni, Tell us now, which way we should go from here?"

Muni smiled and said - "Wherever you go all paths are easy for you." Then he called some of his disciples and asked them to accompany Raam. Raam headed again with those disciples. Many people met on the way and were surprised to see their tender age and beauty They thought that who are those parents who have sent such tender beautiful people in the forest. Shree Raam met a Rishi too who greeted them with Saashtaang Pranaam (prostrate posture). Then they came to the bank of Yamunaa Jee and prayed her. They met many people on the way, all offered their help but Shree Raam refused their help politely.

Somebody brings some food, somebody offers water, somebody suggests to take rest for a while, some ask for their welfare, some bless them, some get satisfaction only in talking to them. Thus Raghunaath Jee goes amidst the forest along with Seetaa Jee and Lakshman giving comfort to peoples' eyes. Whosoever sees them, his path becomes easy in this world. Village women ask Seetaa Jee - "O beautiful, Who is He who is of Shyaam complexion?" Seetaa Jee says shyly - "He who is of fair complexion, is my brother-in-law and the other one is my husband." Thus all three are going amidst the forest. Seetaa Jee looks like Maayaa in between Brahm and Jeev (soul)

Knowing that Seetaa Jee was tired, Raam took some rest under a banyan tree, ate some fruits and roots and then headed forward again next morning. Thus walking they arrived at Vaalmeeki Aashram. Muni welcomed them, Raam greeted him and Muni blessed them. Raam told him everything how queen exiled Him, then asked the place where He should live to comfort Saadhu and Muni. Muni said - "You are asking me "where I should live?", tell me the place where you are not there, then I can tell you the place where you should live? And I should say, "You live in my heart."

Hearing this Raam smiled and Muni said - "Now you go and live on Chitrakoot Parvat. That Parvat is beautiful and it has a beautiful forest too. There flows Mandaakinee River, a tributary of Gangaa River, which destroys all Paap. There lives Atri Muni, make his life successful by giving him your Darshan.

Then Raam came to Chitrakoot Parvat and stayed there for some time. When Devtaa thought that Shree Raam would stay there for some time they brought Vishwakarmaa (Devtaa's architect) there who built two most beautiful huts for them. The huts were so beautiful that their beauty cannot be described. Then Devtaa, Naag, Kinnar etc came there to pray Him. As the people got the news of coming of Raghunaath there, many Muni started coming to see Him. Other people also came to see them and brought fruits and roots for them. All rivers admired Mandaakinee's good fate, and all other Parvat admire Chitrakoot's good fate.



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