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7-Back in Ayodhyaa

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7-Back in Ayodhyaa

When Nishaad came back after leaving Prabhu at Muni Bharadwaaj's Aashram, he found Sumantra still around. Nishaad consoled him in various ways and made him sit on Rath. But the horses did not want to move from that place, they don't eat grass, they don't drink water, look towards south repeatedly. Seeing this Nishaad sent some of his men with Sumantra. With great difficulty Sumantra was able to drive them towards Ayodhyaa. When he arrived in Ayodhyaa, he stayed outside the city because he could not dare to enter the city in daytime. He was all the time thinking that if people will ask him about Raam and Seetaa what will he reply.

He entered the city after the darkness fell. Hiding from people he entered the palace. All queens asked him about Raam, Lakshman and Seetaa but he had no answer for them. He met Raajaa also, he also asked about them. Raajaa was very sad, he said - "Sumantra,  You take me there where Raam is living." Sumantra said - "Mahaaraaj,  You are very knowledgeable. Birth and death, happiness and grief, loss and profit, meeting and separation, all are under the control of Kaal like day and night.

First we stopped at Tamasaa River, our second stop was at Gangaa River. Kevat (Guh Nishaad) served us very well. Next day morning Raam and Lakshman made their Jataa with the milk of banyan tree and crossed Gangaa Jee with Seetaa. He said to me, "You greet my father for me, and tell him that I will come back after I have completed my exile period. Because of your blessings my stay in forest will be peaceful. You do whatever makes him comfortable." And then He went away."

Dasharath got very very sad hearing this. Kaushalyaa tried to console him but he had lost all controls on himself. He remembered the Shaap of that blind Tapaswee (Saadhu). He told the whole story to Kaushalyaa. He couldn't live any more, soon he left his body saying "Raam, Raam".

People kept his body immersed in oil till Bharat and Shatrughn came back from their uncle's' house. Somebody was sent to them to bring them back to Ayodhyaa, but not to give the news of Raajaa's death. They came hurriedly and found the city very quiet, lonely and sad. They tried to ask something from several people on the way but nobody replied anything. As they arrived at the gate of the palace, Kaikeyee came to welcome them, asked them about the welfare of her parents and brothers and brought them to her palace. Bharat told her everything about her parents' house, then asked about his own mothers and father.

Kaikeyee said - "Dear son, I have made up the wrong things right. Mantharaa helped me a lot in this regard. But Brahmaa did something wrong during this whole process that Raajaa has expired." Hearing this Bharat got sad and fell on the floor saying "Hey Pitaa, I am very unfortunate that I could not see you while you were going, and you could not hand over me to Raam Bhaiyaa." When he could gather himself a little bit, he got up and asked the reason of Raajaa's death. Kaikeyee described everything from the beginning to the end.

As he heard about Raam's exile he forgot his father's death and thought that only she is the root of all this misfortune. He said - "Your heart was not broken doing all this? You didn't feel any pain asking these Var from father?" At the same time Mantharaa also came there, Shatrughan hit her on her Koobad (hunchback). She fell down on the floor and said - "What bad I did  to you? I did only good to you and you are doing this to me in exchange of that?"

Then both brothers went to Kaushalyaa. They asked Kaushalyaa to show them their father, Raam, Lakshman and Seetaa. Bharat said - "Maa, It would have been better if Kaikeyee would have not given birth to us. Father is dead, Raam went to forest. I am the only root cause of all this." Kaushalyaa tried to console them saying that it was not their fault. All this was under the control of Kaal, so they should try to tolerate it. Bharat again said -"I should suffer in all kinds of hells if at all I have my consent in this conspiracy." Kaushalyaa said - "Do not say like this. You love Raam most and Raam loves you most. Many opposite events occur but, I know, you cannot be a part of this. The time is bad, so keep patience."

After meeting his mothers, Bharat performed the last rites of Dasharath. And after that Vashishth Jee asked him to be the King of Ayodhyaa as Dasharath also wanted the same, because now he was the only person to take charge of the kingdom. But Bharat did not agree for this as he considered only Raam to be the King of Ayodhyaa. Instead of being King of Ayodhyaa himself, he suggested that they should go to forest to pursue Raam to come back to Ayodhyaa and take charge of the kingdom.

After a brief discussion everybody got agreed for this proposal and all got prepared to go to Raam and have his Darshan and possibly bring Him back. All the material was collected for Shree Raam's coronation and all queens, Muni Vashishth, Bharat and Shatrughn, and some public started toward the forest.



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