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Shravan Kumaar

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Shravan Kumaar

Raajaa Dasharath was very mighty and brave Raajaa. He could shoot even Shabd-Vedhee (aiming an arrow only at hearing some sound) arrow. Once he went for hunting in a forest. He could not get any animal for a long time. Evening fell. Raajaa got very disappointed, the then he heard a sound of drinking water at the nearby river bank. He got very happy to hear that sound. He thought that it was the sound of an animal who came to drink water at the river; so he shot an arrow in the direction of that sound.

After shooting it, Raajaa came to catch his animal, but the what did he see there? that his arrow had hit a young boy instead of an animal. He did not even dream it. He became very sorry. When he came close to the boy, he asked for his forgiveness, and asked who was he and what was he doing there? The boy said - "Hey Raajan, My name is Shravan Kumaar. I was filling water to take to my thirsty blind parents. They are waiting for me under the shade of a tree. I was taking them for Teerth Yaatraa (pilgrimage). I am sure I will not live long." Raajaa asked him as how could he help him at that moment. He said - " I will be obliged if you take this water to my parents so that they can drink water. They must have been waiting for me." and he died.

Raajaa couldn't talk more to him. He picked up the pitcher, filled it with water, and took it to the boy's parents. There he handed over the pitcher to them but didn't speak a word. They asked why did he take so much time to bring water? but Raajaa wouldn't speak anything. The boy's parents asked several times, but Raajaa didn't answer them. This created a doubt in their mind. Then they asked - "Who are you, you don't seem to be our son?"

On asking several times Raajaa sadly said, "Yes, you are right, I am not your son, I am Raajaa Dasharath." They immediately asked - "Then where is our son." Raajaa Dasharath told the whole incident. Shravan's father said - "Our son was very sincere, faithful and obedient to us. He was taking us to Teerth Yaatraa (pilgrimage) on this Kaanvar (it is like a large scale whose stick is kept on the shoulder to carry some loads) as we are blind and old (cannot walk for long). Now you have killed our son who will take care of us? Now we will not be able to live without our son. We give you Shaap that as we are dying in the grief of our son, you will also not be able to live in the separation of your son." They were very sad, they died soon.

Raajaa Dasharath came back with that Shaap. The same thing happened as they said. Raam had to go forest and he could not live more than a few days in his separation.

Even today a son devoted and obedient to his parents is given a simile of Shravan Kumaar.



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