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8-Bharat Goes to Raam

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Prem Mudit Man Se Kaho Raam, Raam, Raam, Shree Raam, Raam, Raam


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8-Bharat Goes to Raam

Everybody is very happy with the idea that he or she will see Raam again. For the sake of Raam people had left the use of jewelry and things of enjoyment and were living with strict discipline. Bharat, Shatrughn, Vashishth Jee, Arundhatee (Vashishth's wife), all mothers and other members were ready to go. Bharat wanted to walk but Kaushalyaa requested him to sit in Rath (chariot), because if he would walk then all will have to walk; and all are unable to walk because of the grief. Both brothers obeyed their mother and climbed on Rath.

First they stopped at Tamasaa River, then at Gomatee River. Some drink only milk, some eat only fruits, and some eat only once a day. Thus all follow some kind of restrictions for Shree Raam. After staying at Saee river, they came to Shringverpur. When Nishaad heard the news of coming of Bharat, he thought, "why Bharat should go to forest? Certainly he has some evil thoughts that is why he has taken so many people with him." And he ordered his people to get ready for fighting. He thought, "Bharat is the brother of the King and I am a low level person. Nobody can be such fortunate as me who gets the opportunity to die for his Swaamee. This is a very good opportunity for me." So many people came out with their weapons to fight.

Then an old man said - "Wait, it seems that there will be no fight in meeting Bharat with Shree Raam. Bharat is going to bring Raam back to Ayodhyaa. Omen says like this." Nishaad got ashamed of his evil thoughts and asked everybody to put his weapons aside and welcome Bharat very well. When Bharat came, Nishaad greeted him with his name. Muni Vashishth Jee blessed him and Bharat embraced him. They asked each others welfare. Seeing Bharat's love towards Raam Nishaad repented for his evil thoughts.

Everybody took bath in Gangaa River and stayed there for night. Bharat asked Nishaad about the places where Raam stayed, slept, sat etc and touched the dust of those places with his forehead. Bharat said - "I am the only root cause of all this." Nishaad tried to console him saying that "You love Raam and Raam loves you, it was only Kaal's effect that Kaikeyee was out of her mind. You should not blame yourself."

Next day they headed towards Chitrakoot. Bharat Jee again started walking. Seeing Bharat walking Kaushalyaa again asked him to sit in Rath but this time Bharat doesn't sit in Rath (chariot). He says - "Raam went on foot then how can I ride on Rath? Servant's Dharm is the most difficult Dharm, Maa. Today I beg you for this leaving my own Dharm (Kshatriya's Dharm, as begging is not Kshatriya Dharm)."

Then they arrived in Prayaag (Allaahaabaad, Sangam). "Bharat has come on foot" hearing this all Muni got sad. But seeing him they are happy too. Bharat came in Bharadwaaj Muni's Aashram and met Bharadwaaj Muni. Muni said - "Don't be so sad, Bharat. There is no fault of Kaikeyee. It is all only according to Bhagavaan's will and wish."

Bharat says - "Neither I am ashamed of my mother, nor I care about the world as what it will talk about me. I am worried only about Shree Raam that He wanders around in the attire of a Saadhu without anything in His feet. He eats only fruits and sleeps on floor." Muni consoled him in different ways and invited Riddhi and Siddhi to take care of them. They came and took care of those people. When Bharat saw Muni's Yog power, he found all Lok's pleasures less than that.

Next day they took bath in Sangam and headed towards Chitrakoot. Bharat has no shoes in his feet and no shade over his head. He goes to meet Raam in this way keeping his Dharm and discipline sincerely. Seeing Bharat in this condition Devtaa showered flowers and Prithvi became softer for them.

But at the same time Devtaa got worried. There is nobody like Bharat who loves Raam so much, so Indra got worried that his plans were about to get disturbed by Bharat's going to Raam. This meeting must be stopped [otherwise Raam could go back], so he went to their Guru Brihaspati Jee to request to stop this meeting. Guru Jee smiled hearing Indra and knew everything, then said - "You want to play Maayaa with the servant of the Master of Maayaa? You will have to suffer for that if you did so. Raam loves His servants most. He considers His happiness in serving His servants. I am sure that Raam will not follow the path of Paap. He has made this Universe as Action-main (Karm Pradhaan), so whosoever will do whatever, he will get the results of his own actions. Raam is under the control of His Bhakt, so keep patience, don't play any trick and keep your love in Bharat's feet." Hearing this Indra went back to his Lok.

Bharat stayed at one place where he took bath in Yamunaa Jee. On Nishaad's order many boats came there and next day they all crossed Yamunaa Jee together in one turn only. Bharat Jee again headed towards Chitrakoot along with his brother and Nishaad. Muni Vashishth Jee is in front, behind him is the people of Ayodhyaa and behind them are both brothers walking. Their attire is very plain and they are continuously remembering Raghunaath's name. When people hear about them, they come to see them. "Are they Raam and Lakshman? No, no, they can't be Raam and Lakshman, because they don't have the beautiful woman with them."

Bharat Jee is going on foot to bring back Raam, eating only fruits. He has left the kingdom also which his father gave to him. Everybody is admiring Bharat's fate, because there is nobody like Bharat today. That day they took rest at one place and headed again next day.

Then Nishaad showed him the Kaamadgiri Parvat, where Payaswinee River flows, and where both brothers were living with Jaanakee Jee. All did Saashtaang Pranaam (prostrate) to that place and started walking again. But they could not go much farther and stayed at a place nearby water. Next day again they started.



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