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9-Bharat Meets Raam

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9-Bharat Meets Raam

In the morning when Raam woke up, Seetaa told Him that she had a dream last night like this that Bharat had come there along with people of Ayodhyaa, and he had become very thin and weak because of separation of Raam. There were Her mothers-in-law also who were trying to take them back. Hearing Seetaa's dream, Raam's eyes filled with tears. He said - "This dream is not good, it seems that somebody is going to play trick on us." He performed His daily chores and sat looking at North.

After a while He saw dust, animals, birds coming towards His Aashram. The then Kiraat etc told the news of Bharat's coming. Hearing that Raam got very happy, but again He got worried thinking that why Bharat should come here. Then another person told Him that he is coming with his Chaturanginee army (four types of warriors: army on Rath, on horses, on elephants, and infantry). Shree Raam knew the nature of Bharat, that is why He was trying to get at the bottom of his behavior - how it could be.

Lakshman said - "You yourself are very good that is why you consider everybody else also very good. Who is not proud getting kingdom and so much wealth. So is Bharat. He has lost his Dharm path and now both brothers are coming here to attack on us. If he didn't have the evil thoughts then why should he come here with his army. It is not  Bharat's fault. Sahastrabaahu, Indra and Trishanku, who didn't get the pride of kingdom and did not suffer for that?" Then he got ready with his bow and arrows to face Bharat and his army. He said - "If Shankar also comes to his help today, then I will kill him also, I vow to Raam."

At this Aakaashvaanee (Divine voice) admired Lakshman's courage and strength and said - "Who knows about future except Bhagavaan, so do whatever is said good by everybody, lest you have to repent for it after doing it. Such man is not said a wise man." Hearing this Lakshman got ashamed of himself and he sat down. Raam said - "Although you are right that kingdom makes a person proud and he loses his thinking power, but Bharat is not like that. He cannot be proud even if he gets Shankar's, or Brahmaa's, or Vishnu's status. If Bharat had not been born then who would have supported Dharm."

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Bharat took bath in Mandaakinee River and with the permission of mothers, Guru and minister, he headed towards where Raam was there. He is very hesitant to see Raam remembering his mother's evil action. Kevat climbed up a tree to see Raam and saw Raam sitting under a tree with Lakshman and other saints. After walking a while Bharat also saw them. He fell on the ground saying, "Hey Naath, Hey Naath"

Lakshman recognized Bharat's words and said to Raam, "Bharat is greeting you." Raam got up immediately and hugged Bharat with great love. Both brothers' love cannot be described here. Even Brahmaa, Vishnu, Mahesh cannot know it then who else can describe it? Bharat met Lakshman and touched the feet of Seetaa Jee. Then he told that people from Ayodhyaa, mothers, Muni, servants etc have also come to see them.

Shree Raam handed over Seetaa to Shatrughn, and He Himself went to welcome Guru Jee. Then He and Lakshman met everybody in one moment because He knew that everybody was weak and tired. First Shree Raam met Kaikeyee and consoled her in many ways. Then He met other people. Shree Raam got very sad hearing the news of Father's death. He did some rites for His father. The third day, when all became clean (after mourning for Dasharath Jee for two days), Raam said to Guru Jee - "All people are very weak, and here nothing is there except fruits and roots. Please go back to the city now. You are here, father is in Swarg. Please do whatever you feel appropriate."



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