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10-Bharat Talks to Raam


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10-Bharat Talks to Raam

Guru Vashishth Jee said - "Raam, whatever you said is right, but these people have been so happy to see you [so they would like to stay with you fo some time], so let them be here for a couple of days." Kole, Kiraat, Bheel etc (India's tribes) people fed them with many different kinds of food. People wanted to pay for their food but they don't accept it saying, "You are the people of high status, we have no opportunity to even see you? It is only because of Shree Raam that we have got this opportunity to serve you. We will feel obliged if you will accept our food."

There is no sorrow there; cool, slow and scented wind blows there always, and all trees and shrubs are laden with sweet fruits. Seetaa Jee serves all Her mothers-in-law in as many guises as Her mothers-in-law. Seeing Raam, Lakshman and Seetaa Jee's nature Kaikeyee now repents for her actions. But Bharat Jee neither sleeps in the night, nor is hungry in the day. He is very sad. Thus days are passing by quickly.

One day when all people sat down, Guru Vashishth Jee said - "Raam is Bhagavaan, so whatever He says should be accepted to all. We also should do whatever He wants." Bharat said - "There have been many great kings in Soorya Vansh. All take birth from their parents but Bhagavaan assigns the results of their good and bad Karm." Guru Vashishth Jee said - "I can suggest that Bharat and Shatrughn may go to forest and Raam, Lakshman and Seetaa should return home."

Bharat Jee was very happy to hear this. but for queens it was the same thing because their two sons will still be in forest. Bharat Jee said - "I can go to forest for ever, I don't see any more Punya than doing this. Please give me permission to go to forest." Seeing the intense love towards Raam, Guru Jee forgot himself. His wisdom proved weaker in front of Bharat's glory. He wants to cross that sea of Bharat's glory but doesn't find any boat to cross it.

Shree Raam said to Vashishth Jee - "Hey Naath, you have the solution. Just tell me what should I do?" Muni said - "Seeing Bharat's love if we do according to his wish then it will be favorable to all." Shree Raam said - "If what Bharat says, it will be good for us, today I will do the same."

Muni Vashishth said to Bharat - "Bharat, now tell us without hesitation what do you want?" Since now Bharat has got the responsibility for everything, he is now thinking what to say. Still he said - "Whatever I wanted to say, Guru Jee has already said it. I am the root cause of this whole episode."

Raam consoled him saying - "This whole universe is controlled by Eeshwar, so to blame your mother for anything is not good for you. The King kept his promise and left me and his body for it, that is why I am a little worried disobeying his words. But I am worried more about you too. Therefore tell me happily without any hesitation as what I should do."

Hearing this all people got very happy but Devtaa got a little worried that now all efforts may go in vain and Shree Raam may not do anything [for which he was sent to forest]. Raghupati is under the control of His Bhakt. Then they got more disappointed remembering Ambareesh and Durvaasaa incident and their own sad incident and prayed their Guru Brihaspati Jee that "Hey Guru, now we are in your shelter, so save us."  At this Brihaspati Jee said - "Stabilize your mind, and take Bharat as Raam's shadow. Just see the effect of Bharat Jee that Shree Raam is under his full control."

Bharat Jee got very satisfied hearing Raam's statement. His impatient mind got the patience and became peaceful. Bharat considered all this responsibility of himself and thought that if Raam breaks His own vow and keeps my own request, this is not good, so he said - "Now what can I say, Guru Jee is happy, and you are also favorable. Hearing this I have become very happy. My mother's ill-thoughts was my ill-fate and Kaal's Gati only. Now you do the same so that you don't think otherwise about me. I am your servant. Whosoever servant wishes for his own good instead of his master's, he is a sordid person. Therefore do whatever you consider good for all and nobody is sad. There is only one request that I have brought all the materials for your Abhishek. So if you consider it proper, then we can do your Abhishek here itself and then Shatrughn and I go to forest. Otherwise you return both brothers (Lakshman and Shatrughn) to Ayodhyaa and I go with you, or we three brothers go to forest and you return to Ayodhyaa with Seetaa Jee."

Raghunath Jee got silent in hesitation The then Raajaa Janak's messengers came there and informed them about the coming of Raajaa Janak. This news saved Raam from His odd situation.



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