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11-Coming of Janak Jee

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11-Coming of Janak Jee

Vashishth Jee called the messengers of Raajaa Janak and asked his welfare. Messengers said - "Your asking about him has already become the cause of his welfare, otherwise where is the welfare after the death of Koshal Raaj? People of Janakpur got very sad after learning about Dasharath's death. Hearing the queen's mischief, Janak Jee could not speak anything. Later he came to know about Bharat's coronation and Raam's exile. This news shattered him completely.

When Raajaa Janak gathered himself, he asked his ministers and learned people as what to do in this situation. Nobody could suggest anything. Then Janak Jee sent his four messengers to Ayodhyaa to find out about Bharat's mind secretly. They went to Ayodhyaa and found out everything and came to Janakpur as Bharat left Ayodhyaa for Chitrakoot. Raajaa Janak ordered to prepare many horses, elephants, chariots etc and started his journey to this place. He didn't take rest on his way. He came to Prayaag, took bath, and when he was crossing Yamuna, he sent us to find out about you."

Vashishth Jee sent them back with 6-7 Bheel (India's tribe). All got very happy to hear this news, but Indra got more worried. Kaikeyee feel very embarrassed. People feel happy that because of Janak Jee they will live there for a few days more. Thus that day also passed.

Next day all took bath, worshipped Ganesh Jee, Mahaadev Jee, and Soorya Bhagavaan. Then they prayed Vishnu for Raam's coronation, Jaanakee Jee being queen and Bharat Jee being Crown prince. They should live in Ayodhyaa, and we should die in Ayodhyaa, that is what all Ayodhyaa people pray for daily. Hearing their prayer even Gyaanee Muni do not like their Yog and Vairaagya.

In the meantime Janak Jee came, so everybody got up to welcome him. Raghunaath walked forward to welcome him. As Janak Jee saw Kaamadgiri Parvat, he got down from his chariot, greeted it and started walking. Nobody feels tired in the desire of seeing Raam. All met affectionately with each other and came to Aashram. People of both sides got very sad remembering Dasharath Jee. Nobody has patience, or Gyaan or shame. Everybody is weeping remembering Dasharath Jee. [Here Tulasee Daas Jee says] that at that very moment even Devtaa and Muni are not able to console Janak Jee who is called Videh (who doesn't care for his body).

Muni and Vashishth Jee consoled them in various ways. Janak's Gyaan Soorya removes the darkness of ignorance, how he can be under the spell of Moh (love) and attachment. This is only because of the effect of Raam's Divine love and glory, otherwise he has already crossed the limits of earthly bondages. There are three types of people - totally attached to world, followers of Ved etc and Gyaanee Siddh people. But whosoever is attached to Raam, only he is respected in saints' society. Everybody was very sad, so that day also passed without taking even water.

Next day all people from both sides (Ayodhyaa and Janak Puree) took bath and sat under the shade of a banyan tree. Many Muni consoled them through their discourses. Then Raam said to Vishwaamitra Jee - "Yesterday nobody took anything so some food should be arranged." Janak Jee said - "It is not alright to take grains here." Then they ate fruits, flowers, leaves and roots. Thus four days passed. All men and women are contented to see Shree Raam and both side people wish that going back without Shree Raam is not good. Or all of them should live with them only. They won't feel anything living in forest with them even for 14 years."



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