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12-Dialog Between Queens

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12-Dialog Between Queens

After knowing Seetaa's mothers-in-law's convenience from their maidservants, Seetaa's mother Sunayanaa came to see them. Kaushalyaa respected them all and offered them Aasan to sit. All are sad, quiet, in tears. Sunayanaa spoke - "We cannot know Vidhaataa's (Creator of the universe) wish. He is giving so many sorrows to these people who are tender like foam of milk." Sumitraa said - "Vidhaataa's mind is very crook. First He creates the universe, then destroys it. His mind is childish (illogical)." Kaushalyaa said - "It is nobody's fault. Sorrows and Joy, loss and gains all depend on Karm and Karm's results are unknown. That is known only to Vidhaataa who is the in charge of all good and bad results. We remember Raajaa only because of our own interests."

Sunayanaa said - "You are right. You are the wife of Dasharath Jee, so all this whatever you say, is right for you to say." Kaushalyaa said - "I know that if Raam, Lakshman and Seetaa go to forest, then its result should be good, but I am worried about Bharat. My all four sons and daughters-in-law are holy like Gangaa'a water. I have never vowed on Raam, but today I take vow on Raam that even Saraswatee Jee hesitates to describe Bharat's qualities. Ocean cannot be  emptied using a shell. I consider Bharat as the lamp of my family. Man is tested only by his character and nature, but today it is wrong to say, because logic is lost in such sorrowful and affectionate condition."

Kaushalyaa again said - "Hey Mithileshwaree, Who can advise you? You are the queen of Raajaa Janak Jee, but tell Raajaa that if Lakshman returns to Ayodhyaa, and Bharat goes to forest, that will be better. I am very much worried about Bharat." Hearing this Devtaa showered flowers and Siddh, Yogee, Muni all became very sympathetic. Then Kaushalyaa said - "Now you may go to your camp, it is already very late in the night."

Sunayanaa held Kaushalyaa's feet and said - "Only you can say this. Prabhu respects His lower people too. Fire keeps smoke, and mountain keeps straws on their head. Raajaa Janak is your servant wholly, but help comes only through Mahaadev and Paarvatee. Nobody else is able to help you. Lamp cannot give light to Sun. After finishing Devtaa's work, Shree Raam will rule in Ayodhyaa Puree. Yaagyavalkya Muni has already predicted this. Muni's words cannot go wrong."

Then bowing her head in their feet, and asking their permission to take Seetaa Jee along to her camp, Sunayanaa went to her camp along with Seetaa Jee. Jaanakee Jee met everybody there accordingly. Janak Jee hugged her with great love. Janak's heart is like ocean, Seetaa's love is like immortal banyan tree, and Shree Raam is like baby Bhagavaan on that tree. Janak's Gyaan is like Maarkandeya Muni who was restless in that ocean but is saved seeing Bhagavaan on the banyan tree. This is the glory of Shree Raam and Seetaa's love.

Raajaa Janak was very contented seeing Seetaa Jee in Tapaswinee (wife of a Saadhu) guise. He said - "Dear daughter, You have made both families glorious. The river of your glory is now flowing in millions of universes. Gangaa has only three Teerth (Haridwaar, Prayaagraaj, and Gangaa Saagar) but your glory river has many Teerth (saints groups)." Seetaa Jee felt  embarrassed hearing Her own praise. Seetaa Jee doesn't say anything but She is hesitant to stay in that camp overnight leaving Her mothers-in-law alone. So Sunayanaa Jee sent Her back to Her in-law's camp.

Intelligent queen Sunayanaa described Bharat's state of mind to Janak Jee. Janak Jee also admired Bharat's actions and said - "Life story of Bharat Jee frees from all bondages of life. I know something about "Dharm, politics and Brahm", but still I can't describe the gory of Bharat Jee. He is unique. Only Raam knows his glory, but He also cannot describe it fully. If Lakshman Jee returns to Ayodhyaa and Bharat Jee goes to exile, that will be good for everybody, but this is out of control of Raam and Bharat's minds. Bharat Jee cannot disobey Shree Raam even in dreams, that is why we should not worry about it."



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