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13-Raam's Paadukaa to Bharat

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13-Raam's Paadukaa to Bharat

Next day after taking bath, Raghunaath Jee went to Guru Vashishth Jee and said - "All people are sad so do whatever is good for all." Vashishth Jee said - "Hey Raam, All happiness or sorrow is dependent on you. You know everything very well. You go to your Aashram."  Then Guru Jee told this to Raajaa Janak Jee and said - "Mahaaraaj, Do whatever is good for everybody within the limits of Dharm."

Janak Jee thought that it was not good for us to come here. Dasharath Jee sent Raam to exile and proved his love towards Raam by dying in His separation and we will return without Him in the praise of our logic (that we came back without Him and didn't die in His separation). He said to Bharat - "Shree Raam is very religious and truthful, that is why He is tolerating all kinds of troubles in modesty. Now whatever you say we will say the same to Him." Bharat Jee left everything on him. Then all came to Raam.

Devtaa saw first Vashishth Jee who was full of affection towards Raam, then then saw Janak Jee who was also full of affection towards Raam and then saw Bharat Jee who was also full of Raam's Bhakti; but all looked selfish to them. They got very disappointed. They again remembered Saraswatee Jee and preyed her. She said - "You fools, Can't you see the Bhaki of Bharat? Brahmaa, Vishnu and Mahesh's Maayaa is very strong still she cannot look at him, and you are telling me to change his mind?" and she went to Brahm Lok. Then Devtaa did something themselves. They thought that now everything is in Bharat's control so they spread their Maayaa of fear, confusion and indifference.

Raajaa Janak went to Shree Raam with Guru Jee. Vashishth Jee said to Raam - "Hey Raam, Everybody has something good and something bad. Tell us whatever is good for people, mothers and Bharat. Our wisdom seeks only your advice." Raam said - "If I say anything at all in the presence of you and Raajaa Janak Jee it will be unjust, but I vow that whatever you will say everybody will obey it." All hesitated hearing Shree Raam's vow and started looking at Bharat Jee.

Bharat Jee joined his hands and said - "I came here disobeying father's words. Nobody has been heard to disobey Shree Raam's orders, but I disobeyed, but Prabhu regarded it as my service to Him. I can say it with firm belief that there is no other master like you. And to ask for something from such a master is a crime. Now I tell you my internal wish that servant's duty is to serve his master without wishing for anything worldly. There is no other service to the master except to obey Him. So today I ask for the same." Hearing this, Raam made him sit near Himself.

Everybody just looked at Shree Raam silently. Then Shree Raam spoke - "You are the axle of Dharm, Bharat, you know everybody's duties. I cannot describe your all qualities still I say something according to the situation. In the absence of our father only Guru Jee is taking care of us. Guru Jee and Mithileshwar have saved us in the times of the loss of untimely death of our father. Guru Jee's orders are valuable for us, so do the same and allow me also to do the same whatever he says. Thinking thus comfort the public and the family. I know that all have participated in my troubles but you are in the most difficult time of fourteen years. You are very sensitive still I am telling you this because only good brothers help in bad times. Servant should be like hands, feet and eyes and Swaamee should be like mouth."

All were under the spell of Raam's affection. Saraswatee Jee was silent. Bharat Jee was very much satisfied seeing Raam favorable to him. He got happy, bowed to Shree Raam and said - "I have got full pleasure and joy of going with you to forest from here only, and I have earned all Punya also of this life. Naath, Now whatever you say, I will obey the same, but give me something which can help me to pass this time period. With Guru's permission, I have brought all things of your coronation along with holy water of all Teerth (holy places). So what is the order for them? Besides I have a great wish, but I am unable to say it because of fear and hesitation."

Raam said - "Say it, Bharat. Don't hesitate at all." Then Bharat Jee spoke - "If you permit me, then I wish to visit the holy places of Chitrakoot, forests, animals and birds, ponds and rivers, waterfalls and Parvat, and land marked with your footprints." Raam said - "Sure, Take Atri Rishi's permission and you may go around. Wherever Atri Jee permits, you should establish that holy water of Teerth."

Hearing all this, selfish Devtaa showered flowers of Kalp Vriksh (tree). Janak Jee and Vashishth Jee are admiring both Raam and Bharat's nature, their discipline and love which can make holier to holy. Somebody is praising Raam's greatness, and somebody is praising the goodness of Bharat. Kaushalyaa consoled the other queens taking into consideration sorrow and joy alike.

Atri Muni asked Bharat to establish the holy water in a nearby well. Bharat Jee went to that well to establish that holy water along with Shatrughn and other saints. Atri Muni said - "This is very holy place from the beginning of the universe, but with time it had disappeared, so nobody knows about it." Bharat Jee saw that place and dug a well there for holy water. Since then its name has been Bharat Koop (well). Atri Jee told stories of the importance of that place to all of them. Thus that night also passed.

Next day, after taking bath, Bharat Jee started his journey on foot. He is roaming on foot without shoes. Seeing this Prithvi is feeling shy, it has become the softest for him. It has hidden all bad things up on it - Kush (a type of hard grass), stones, hardness etc. Devtaa by showering flowers, clouds by giving shade, straws by being soft, trees by blossoming and having fruits on them, deer by appearing, and birds by singing, all are serving Bharat Jee considering him dear to Shree Raam.

Thus Bharat Jee is wandering in the forest, seeing holy water places, land places, birds, animals, Parvat etc. Bharat asks questions about them and Atri Jee replies to all of them affectionately. Bharat Jee somewhere takes bath, somewhere greets saints, and somewhere meditates upon Raam Lakshman along with Seetaa. He comes back in the evening. Thus he visited all places of interest in five days. The fifth day also passed telling and hearing Vishnu and Mahaadev's glory.

Next day, knowingly fully well that "today is a good day to bid farewell to all" Raam is hesitating to say it. He looked at all and then looked at Prithvi. All are admiring Raam for His shy and hesitant nature. Noticing Raam's inclination Bharat Jee spoke - "You regarded my all desires, all people took so much trouble for me, now please permit me to pass this time period of fourteen years and guide me so that I can see you after this time."

Shree Raam said - "Guru Jee and Janak Jee are taking care of yours, mine, family, house and forest, so we don't have to worry about anything. It is good for us only to obey father's orders. By obeying Guru's, father's and Swaamee's orders nobody falls down. Thinking thus, go to Avadh and pass the time. All responsibilities are on Guru Jee, you just obey Guru Jee, mothers and ministers. The head [of the family or clan or village] should be like mouth, which eats only from one way but takes care of all parts of body. 

Shree Raam tried to console Bharat in several ways but he did not get satisfied without taking any thing from Him in return. Raghunaath was hesitating seeing Bharat's love, especially in the presence of Guru Jee, ministers and people. At last Bharat's love won and Shree Raam gave His Paadukaa (shoes) to him. These Paadukaa are like two gatekeepers to protect Ayodhyaa people, or a chest to keep Bharat's love like gem, or two letters to meditate on, or two hands for good actions. Bharat Jee was very pleased to receive them. He asked farewell from Shree Raam, and Shree Raam hugged him affectionately. Indra also got the opportunity to change people's mind so now they wanted to go home.

Shree Raam wept at the time of farewell. Vashishth and Janak like people also drowned in Raghunaath's love. All got busy to pack off from there. All met each other and Raam admired Janak Jee. Janak Jee greeted Vishwaamitra, Vaamdev, Jaabaali and family members too. He bade farewell affectionately to Bharat's mother Kaikeyee. Seetaa Jee also met Her mother and mothers-in-law. After bidding farewell to Guru and his wife Arundhatee Jee Raam came back to His Aashram to bid farewell to Nishaad.



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