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14-Bharat's Coming to Ayodhyaa

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14-Bharat's Coming to Ayodhyaa

All are going back to Ayodhyaa from Chitrakoot, all are sad, all are talking about Raam's love. On first day, they crossed Yamunaa Jee, and didn't eat anything in the grief of Raam's separation. On second day they stayed in Shringverpur after crossing Gangaa Jee. Nishaad made all arrangements for them there. Then they crossed Saee River and took bath in Gomatee river, and the fourth day they arrived in Ayodhyaa.

Janak Jee stayed for four days in Ayodhyaa to make necessary arrangements about the kingdom, then headed towards to his own place Tirahut (Janak Puree). All people in Ayodhyaa live with strict discipline in the hope to see Raam again. They have sacrificed all pleasures and are wishing the exile time to end soon.

Bharat Jee instructed his ministers and trusted servants to perform their duties. He handed over mothers to Shatrughn. Then he consoled the public. He went to Guru's house with Shatrughn and asked - "If you permit me then I may live with discipline and control." Muni said - "Bharat, Whatever you will say or do, the same will be regarded as Dharm for the world."

Bharat Jee called astrologers to tell him an auspicious day to establish for Raam's Paadukaa on the throne. and on that auspicious day Raam's Paadukaa were established on the throne. Then he himself went to live in a hut in Nandi Graam (village) instead of living in the palace. He made Jataa on his head, put on Muni type saffron robe, dug some drench and sat there on Kush Aasan. Leaving behind all the pleasures of life he adopted a very simple life with strict discipline.

He got weaker and weaker everyday. Hope was like the Polar star in the sky and living for 14 years was like 14 days from Amaavasyaa (the day Raam's exile period began) to Poornimaa (the day Raam's exile period will finish). Even Ganesh Jee, Shesh Jee or Saraswatee Jee cannot describe Bharat's living style, mind, Bhakti, and detachment. Shree Raam, Lakshman and Seetaa Jee are living in forest in exile, but Bharat Jee was following all that kind of life by himself.

Iti Shree Raam Charit Maanas
Dwiteeya Sopaan Ayodhyaa Kaand



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