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1-Jayant and Anasooyaa

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Prem Mudit Man Se Kaho Raam Raam Raam , Shree Raam Raam Raam


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1-Jayant and Anasooyaa

Shiv Jee said - "Hey Paarvatee, Now you listen to about Raam's life in the forest. Once Raam made some jewelry from flowers for Seetaa Jee and put them on Her. Now Indra's son Jayant wants to test Raam's power in disguise of a crow. That fool hit Seetaa Jee's foot with his beak and flew away. When it bled, Raghunaath saw it and shot an arrow of a thin stick (Sarkandaa) at crow. With the power of Mantra that arrow ran after the crow. The crow also flew away. The crow, Jayant, came to his father Indra in his real form to get some help, but He did not help him as he was the enemy of Shree Raam.

Now he got afraid, as Durvaasaa Rishi got afraid of the Chakra, and went to Brahm Lok, Shiv Lok etc Lok, but nobody asked him even to sit, let alone to protect him. Kaagbhushundi Jee says - "Hey Garud Jee, Who is the enemy of Raam, mother becomes like death, father becomes like Yam Raaj and Amrit becomes like poison for him. He was roaming around like this, that he met Naarad Jee. 

When  Naarad Jee saw him like this, He pitied him and advised him to go back to Shree Raam saying that only He can save him from this trouble. He went back to Raam and holding His feet said - "Hey Prabhu, Please protect me, I am in your shelter. I didn't know your power. I have got the result of my Karm. Now please protect me."

Although it was justified to kill him but kind Raam freed him only after pricking his one eye. Who else can be so kind as Raghuveer?

While living in Chitrakoot Raam did many things which are very sweet to listen. Then He felt that He was being known there, so there would be a lot of crowd there. Therefore they left that place and arrived at Atri Muni's Aashram. Atri Muni got very happy. He came rushing to welcome them, Raam bent for Saashtaang Pranaam, but Muni hugged Him dearly before doing that. Then he prayed Him.

Seetaa Jee touched the feet of Atri Muni's wife Satee Anasooyaa Jee (see under number Five  Five Satee). She gave Her some divine clothes and jewelry which remained ever cleaned and new. Then she said to Her - "Hey Princess, All, mother, father, brother etc are well wishers, but they can give you happiness only up to a limit, while husband is the only person who can give you uninterrupted and everlasting happiness. That woman is sordid who doesn't serve her husband.

Patience, Dharm, friend and wife, these four, can only be tested in difficult times. The woman who insults even that husband who is old, ill, fool, poor, blind, deaf, and angry, she gets sorrows and pains in Yam Puree. A woman has only one Dharm, one Vrat, and one discipline; that is to love husband's feet with Man, Vachan and Karm.

Ved, Puraan and saints say thus, that there are four types of Pativrataa (faithful to husband) women: (1) the highest Pativrataa doesn't even dream about any other man as her husband other than her husband. (2) The middle type of Pativrataa sees others men of her age as her real brother, older men as her father and younger men as her sons. (3) The lower type of Pativrataa kills her desires because of her family's reputation and society. (4) And the lowest type of woman is Pativrataa only because of not getting opportunity or fear. 

The woman who deceives her husband and loves other man, she stays in Raurav Narak for hundred Kalp. No woman can be more wicked, who bags sorrows for numerous lives for a moment's pleasure. And the woman who accepts her husband without any cheating she gets auspicious life later on. Who does not behave according to wish of her husband, wherever she is born, she becomes widow in young age.

A woman is unholy since birth, but by serving her husband she gets an auspicious life. It is only Paativrat Dharm which has made Tulasee (see also the story of Jalandhar) loving to Bhagavaan and all four Ved praise her glory. Hey Seetaa, Women will follow Paativrat Dharm by pronouncing your name only. You love Shree Raam like your life.  I have told this Paativrat Dharm only for public." Seetaa Jee got very pleased to hear all this and bowed to her feet. 

Then Raam asked Muni his permission to go to another forest. At this Muni Atri spoke - "Brahmaa, Shiv and Sanakaadi always wish for whose favor, Hey Raam, you are the same Bhagavaan who is saying like this. Now I have known the intelligence of Lakshmee Jee as why did She choose only you as Her husband leaving all other Devtaa alone. How can I say you to go? You are Omnipresent, you know it better."

Muni is very happy. His eyes are full of tears of love. He is thinking himself "What Punya I have done in the past because of which I got Prabhu's Darshan today." Then Shree Raam bowed His head in Muni's feet and headed forward.

On His way Raam killed Viraadh Raakshas.



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