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2-Darshan to Sharbhang Muni

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Prem Mudit Man Se Kaho Raam Raam Raam , Shree Raam Raam Raam


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2-Darshan to Sharabhang Muni

Shree Raam is in front, Lakshman is behind Him, and Seetaa Jee is in the middle of them. She is looking like Maayaa in between Brahm and Jeev. Wherever Raghunaath Jee walks, clouds put shade on them.

On the way they met Viraadh Raakshas. As Raam killed him he got his Divine form. Seeing him grieved, Raam sent him to His Lok.

Then they came to Muni Sharabhang Muni's Aashram. Sharabhang Jee felt himself blessed to receive Shree Raam in his Aashram. Muni welcomed them and said - "I was going to Brahm Lok that I heard that Shree Raam would come in this forest, since then I have been waiting for you. Now I have got relief. I have nothing to offer you, still you have been so kind to me that you cam to see me. In fact, this is not an obligation on me, you have only kept your promise by doing this. Now you stay here until I see you in your Dhaam (dwelling place) after leaving my body."

Muni took the Vardaan of Raam's Bhakti in exchange of whatever Yog, Tap, Jap, Vrat Muni did in his life. Then Muni made a pyre and sat on it. He burned himself with Yog fire and went to Vaikunth. He did not get absorbed in Bhagavaan because he had already asked the Vardaan of His Bhakti.

After Sharabhang Muni had left, Raam headed forward. Many Muni also accompanied Him. After a while He saw heaps of bones on the way. He asked Muni living around there about those heaps. Muni said - "Naath, You are Omnipresent and you are asking us? Many Raakshas come here and they have eaten Muni. These are the bones of those Muni." Hearing this Raghuveer's eyes filled with tears. He vowed raising His hand that He would empty this Prithvi from Raakshas. He visited all Muni's Aashram there and consoled them.

Meeting Suteekshn Muni
There was a disciple of Muni Agastya Jee, whose name was  Suteekshn. As he heard about Prabhu's coming, he rushed to see Him. Then he thought, "whether Raam will meet me like His younger brother? I don't have anything like Bhakti, detachment, Gyaan, Yog, Jap, Yagya. Will He be kind to me?" He sometimes walks forward, sometimes backward, sometimes dances.

Prabhu is watching him from behind a tree. Suteekshn Jee doesn't pay any attention to Raam. So He appeared in his heart. As Muni saw Him in his heart, he sat down in the way meditating Raam. Then Shree Raam came in front of him, but Muni still did not get up. He tried to wake him up but Muni did not wake up too. Then Shree Raam hid His human form and appeared in his heart in four-armed form. Then Muni woke up and got very happy to see his Isht Dev. He just fell onto Raam's feet.

Raam lifted him up and hugged him dearly. Muni is looking at Him without blinking his eyes. When he gathered himself, he took them to his Aashram and worshipped Him in several ways. He said - "How do I pray you? I have very little knowledge and your glory is immense." Shree Raam hugged him again and said - "Muni, I am very pleased with you, ask for any Var." Muni said - "I don't know what I should ask for. I have never asked for any Var. I don't know what is right and what is wrong. Therefore whatever you like, give it to me."

Raam said - "Have my limitless Bhakti, detachment, and elemental knowledge." Muni said - "Whatever Vardaan you gave to me, I got it. Now you give me that what I desire. You always live in my heart with Lakshman and Seetaa Jee carrying your arrow and bow." "So be it"

Darshan to Agastya Muni
After blessing Suteekshn Jee, Shree Raam went to Agastya Muni's Aashram. Suteekshn Jee also accompanied him. As they arrived in Agastya Muni's Aashram, Suteekshn Jee went to Muni Agastya and said - "See, whom you worship so much, He himself has come with Lakshman and Seetaa Jee to see you." Agastya Jee rushed immediately. Tears of love flowed from his eyes. Both brothers fell on Muni's feet. Rishi lifted them and embraced them dearly. He asked their welfare and offered them the Aasan.

Muni worshipped them in various ways and said - "Nobody is as fortunate today as I am." Many other Muni also came to see them. They just sat there and looked at their faces as Chakor bird (see Three Things Related to Moon) looks at the Moon. Raam Jee said - "You already know the reason of my coming, that is why I did not tell you in detail. Now you advise me on how to kill Raakshas."

Agastya Muni smiled at Raam and said - "What did you think while questioning like this? I know something only because of your Bhakti. Your Maayaa is like a great Goolar tree (this tree is very large, shady and bears very large red fruits) in which Universes are like its fruits. All creatures live in those fruits like its worms and they do not know any other world except their own. Kaal is the eater of those fruits and even that Kaal is your servant. The same Swaamee is asking me like a human being? 

I ask you this Var that you live in my heart with Lakshman Jee and Seetaa Jee. I should get your Bhakti, detachment, Satsang, and love of your feet. You are one Brahm who can be known by experience only. Although I know your this form (means Nir-Gun form), I describe it also, but still I am always attracted to your Sa-Gun form. You always regard your servants, that is why you have asked me. You may go to Panchvatee in Dandak Van and live there."

Raam proceeded towards Panchvatee. On the way He met Jataayu and extended His friendship with him. Jataayu was Dasharath's friend.



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