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3-Gyaan to Lakshman

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Prem Mudit Man Se Kaho Raam Raam Raam , Shree Raam Raam Raam


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3-Gyaan to Lakshman

As per advice of Agastya Muni Jee, Shree Raam then proceeded towards Panchvatee. There He met Geedh Raaj Jataayu (king of vultures). Raam extended His friendship to him. 

Then He came to the bank of Godaavaree river and there they built a hut for themselves and stayed there. Since His coming all Muni living there felt comfort and happiness; forests, rivers, ponds were filled with clean water; and birds and animals started wandering freely and fearlessly.

Once Raam was sitting happily, that Lakshman Jee came and said - "Prabhu, Kindly tell me the way by which I should serve only you. Tell me something about Vairaagya (detachment), Gyaan (spiritual knowledge) and Maayaa (illusion) and Bhakti (devotion) too through which to get your kindness. Explain me the difference between Eeshwar and Jeev (soul), so that I am dedicated to you and be free from attachment, sorrow and confusions."

Shree Raam said - "I tell you all this in brief. Me and mine, thy and thine, all this is Maayaa which has controlled all the creatures. All pleasures of Indriyaan and up to wherever your mind goes, that is all Maayaa. Maayaa has two aspects - Vidyaa (Gyaan, or knowledge) and A-Vidyaa (ignorance). A-Vidyaa is foul, faulty and sorrowful. It causes Jeev to live in the world. Another is Vidyaa which creates the Universes and controls Gun. It is under the control of Prabhu and it itself cannot do anything since it has no powers of its own.

Gyaan (Vidyaa) doesn't have any fault like pride, and sees Brahm in everything. The same person should be known as Vairaagee (detached) who has left all Siddhi and the three Gun (Sat, Raj, Tam). Who doesn't know the Swaroop (form) of Maayaa, Eeshwar and self, he should be known as Jeev.  Whoever prescribes bondage or Moksh according to one's Karm, who is beyond all, and who uses Maayaa; know Him as Eeshwar.

When one follows Dharm, he achieves Vairaagya; when one practices Yog, he obtains Gyaan. Gyaan opens the door of Moksh. But I get pleased with Bhakti which comforts my Bhakt.

Bhakti (Shree Raam has told nine types of Bhakti to Shabaree, read also Navadhaa Bhakti) is independent. It doesn't need anything else like Gyaan, elemental knowledge etc, rather those things are dependent on Bhakti. Bhakti is the root of joy and one can get it only when saints are pleased. Now I tell you the ways for Bhakti. This is easy path by which people can get me easily. Firstly, one should be devotee of Braahman, and act according to Ved. This will result in Vairaagya and will develop love towards Bhaagvat Dharm. That will reinforce the nine types of Bhakti and he will love to hear my Kathaa.

Whoever is a Bhakt of saints, does Bhajan (sing religious songs, or meditation) regularly; knows me as his everything (mother, father, brother, friend etc); whose eyes are filled with tears of joy while hearing or telling my stories, I am always in his control."

Hearing this Bhakti Yog Lakshman Jee got very happy. A few days passed thus hearing and telling about Gyaan, Vairaagya, Gun, principles of life etc. 



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