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8-In Shabaree's Aashram

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Prem Mudit Man Se Kaho Raam Raam Raam , Shree Raam Raam Raam


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8-In Shabaree's Aashram

Shree Raam proceeded and came to Shabaree's Aashram. Shabaree saw Him coming then she remembered Matang Muni's words. He had told her that Shree Raam would come to her hut. She fell on both brothers' feet. She washed their feet and offered beautiful Aasan to sit.

Then she brought very sweet fruits and roots. Shree Raam admired them repeatedly and ate them with great love. Then she stood with folded hands in front of Raam and said - "How do I pray you? I am of a very low caste and mind. Whosoever are the lowest, I am the lowest among them being a woman, and on top of that I have very low mind."

Shree Raam said - "O Woman, I regard only the relation of Bhakti. In spite of caste, family, Dharm, praise, wealth, might, qualities and cleverness, a human being looks ugly without Bhakti. I tell you now my Navadhaa Bhakti (nine types of Bhakti). Listen to it carefully.

First type of Bhakti is Satsang (company of good people). Second type of Bhakti is interest in hearing my Kathaa. Third one is serving Guru's feet without any pride. The fourth one is to sing my qualities without cheating. The fifth type of Bhakti is to do Jaap of my Mantra and have strong faith in me - this is famous in Ved. The sixth type of Bhakti is control on Indriyaan, good nature and character, Vairaagya from Karm and following saints' behavior. The seventh type of Bhakti is to see me in the whole world and regard saints more than me. The eighth type of Bhakti is to be contented whatever is available and not seeing others faults even in dream. And the ninth type of Bhakti is plainness and behaving well with everybody without cheating, having trust in me and feeling neither happiness nor sadness in any situation.

I like those people who have at least one type of Bhakti. You have all kinds of Bhakti, therefore what is difficult even for Yogee, you have got that Gati easily. The wonderful result of my Darshan is this that Jeev (soul) knows his real form. Now please tell me about Seetaa Jee if you know something about Her. Shabaree said - "Hey Raghunaath Jee, Now you go to Pampaapur Sarovar (pond), where you extend your friendship with Sugreev. Only he will tell you everything. In spite of knowing everything you ask me?" Then she told everything to Raam.

She looked at Raam's face, left her body with Yog and got absorbed in Hari. Tulasee Daas Jee says - "Various types of Karm, A-Dharm and sects are only sorrowful, so just have faith in Shree Raam's feet."



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