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9-Arriving at Pampaapur

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Prem Mudit Man Se Kaho Raam Raam Raam , Shree Raam Raam Raam


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9-Arriving at Pampaapur

Shree Raam again proceeded. He speaks many things like a separated person from his wife - "Hey Lakshman, Just look at the beauty of the forest. Who will not be sad looking at this? All birds and animals are with their spouses. It seems that they are abusing me. When deer run away seeing me, then she-deer say to them that you need not to be scared of Him as you are an ordinary deer, He has come only after the golden deer.

Elephants keep their she-elephants with them as if they are teaching me that one should keep his wife with him. But one should keep Shaastra also in mind. They say that in spite of keeping woman in the heart, woman, Shaastra and king are not in control of anyone.

Seeing me separated (from my wife), sad, weak, and alone, Kaam Dev has also attacked me with his army of Bhramar (bumble bees), birds and flowers; but when his messengers found me with my younger brother then Kaam Dev only camped in the forest. Various trees are blossoming as if they have worn clothes of different colors. Koel (cuckoo) are cooing. It is difficult to describe Kaam Dev's army. Kaam Dev has the power of a woman so whosoever can save from him, only he is the true warrior.

Kaam (lust), anger and greed, these three are very powerful enemies. They can move the hearts of even great Yogee and Muni. Greed has the support of desire and pride, Kaam has the power of woman, and anger has the power of harsh words."

Shiv Jee says - "Hey Paarvatee, Shree Raam is beyond Gun (Sat, Raj, and Tam), Swaamee of all and knows everybody's mind. He has shown only helplessness of lusty people. Anger, Kaam, greed, pride and Maayaa - all go away by the kindness of Shree Raam. When Bhagavaan is pleased with somebody, he doesn't get affected with His Maayaa. Hey Umaa, I can tell you this from my experience that Hari's Bhajan is the only truth and this whole world is a dream."

Then Prabhu arrived at Pampaapur Sarovar (pond). Its water is very clean and clear. There are four Ghaat (places for taking bath) on it. Various types of animals are drinking water there. Water is not seen behind the lotus leaves as Brahm is not seen because of the cover of Maayaa over Him. Many kinds of lotus flowers are blooming in that Sarovar. Many Bhramar (bumble bees) are singing on them. Swans, cranes etc birds are beautifying it. Muni are also living there nearby. Trees are bent down laden with fruits as the good people bow even after getting lots of wealth.

Shree Raam took bath in that Sarovar and sat under the shade of a tree with Lakshman. Then there came all Devtaa and Muni to pray Him and went away. Shree Raam is telling beautiful stories to Lakshman. Naarad Jee got very sad seeing Shree Raam without His wife. He thought, "it is only because of my Shaap that Shree Raam is tolerating all kinds of sorrows. I should go and see this kind of Prabhu. I will not get opportunity like this again."

So Naarad Jee came there with His Veenaa (an Indian musical string instrument) and did Saashtaang Pranaam (prostrated) to him. Raghunaath Jee lifted him and hugged him for some time. Then He asked his welfare and had him seated near Him. Lakshman Jee washed his feet. Naarad Jee spoke - "Swaamee, give me one Var, although you know everything." Raam said - "Hey Muni, You know my nature. Do I hide anything from my Bhakt? Which thing is so much dear to me which you cannot ask for? There is nothing which I cannot give to my Bhakt so ask for anything you wish for. Trust me."

Naarad Jee said - "Although Prabhu has many names, and according to Ved all are better than one other, still your Raam name should be the highest among all the names, and it should be the destroyer of all Paap (sins)." Raam said - "Be it so" Naarad Jee spoke again - "When you affected me with your Maayaa, at the time I wanted to marry, why didn't you allow me to marry?" 

Prabhu said - "I will surely tell you this happily. Who worship only me leaving everything else, I take care of them as mother takes care of her child. When a little child runs to catch a snake, she saves him holding him back. When he is grown then also his mother loves him but not like before. Because he does not depend on mother like before, he can protect himself.

Gyaanee are like my mature sons and the son like you is like my little child. My servant has only my power while Gyaanee has his own power. But Kaam and anger etc enemies are for both alike. I have the responsibility to fight with my Bhakt's enemies, because he is dependent on me, but Gyaanee has to use his own power to fight with them that is why I don't have the responsibility to fight with his enemies. Thinking thus knowledgeable people worship only me. They don't leave my Bhakti even after being Gyaanee.

Kaam, anger, greed and pride is the powerful army of Moh (ignorance, love); and a woman, who is the shadow of Maayaa itself, is the most troublesome among all. She is the root cause of all pains, sorrows, and faults; that is why Hey Muni, I stopped you to marry."

Hearing this Naarad Jee got very pleased. Then he asked the characteristics of saints. Shree Raam said - "Hey Muni, Saints have won these six enemies - Kaam, anger, greed, ignorance, pride, and jealousy. They are sinless, without desires, stable minded, they have left everything, are clean from inside and outside, knowledgeable, eat less food, speak truth, poet, learned, Yogee, careful, respectful, not proud of themselves, patient, knowledgeable in Dharm, qualitative and love only my feet. Neither they love their own son nor their house. 

They feel embarrassed while hearing their own praise, while get happy to hear others praise. They do justice, are plain hearted and love all. They are always busy in Jap, Tap, Vrat (vows), control and discipline and serve Guru, Govind and Braahman They always hear and sing my Leelaa (actions) and are busy to do others good without any reason. Whatever qualities saints have, even Saraswatee and Ved cannot describe them all." Naarad Jee held Prabhu's feet and went to his Lok.

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