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1-Meeting with Sugreev

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Prem Mudit Man Se Kaho Raam Raam Raam, Shree Raam Raam Raam


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1-Meeting with Sugreev

As Raam and Lakshman went forward, they saw Rishyamook Parvat nearby. On that Parvat lived Sugreev with his ministers. He saw two people coming towards the Parvat, so he said to his minister Hanumaan - "I see two men coming towards us. They look very handsome and mighty. Go in the form of a traveler and try to find out who are they and what are they doing here. If Baali has sent them, then I will have to run away from here."

Hanumaan Jee went to check with them in the form of a Braahman and bowing to them asked - "Who are you who have Shyaam and fair complexion? You look like princes, your feet are very soft, then why do you wander around on this hard ground in this forest? Are you among three Devtaa, or you are Nar-Naaraayan?, or you are Vishnu who has taken Avataar on this Prithvi to kill demons?" At this Shree Raam spoke - "We are the sons of King Dasharath, the king of Koshal Desh. Our names are Raam and Lakshman. We had a beautiful woman with us, my wife Vaidehee. Demons have abducted Her in this forest. Hey Braahman, we are wandering in search of Her. Now you tell us about yourself."

Hanumaan Jee recognized his Bhagavaan, fell on His feet and prayed Him. Then he said - "It was justified for me to ask you about yourself but how come that you also asked me about me like a human being? Under the spell of your Maayaa I could not recognize you [but you could have recognized me]."Having said thus Hanumaan Jee fell on Shree Raam's feet and changed himself to his real form. Raam lifted him, embraced him and said - "Hanumaan, I love you more than Lakshman. I love my servants most." Hanumaan got very happy hearing this, he said - "Here lives Vaanar Raaj Sugreev on this Parvat. He is also your servant. So you extend your friendship with him. He will be helpful in searching Seetaa Jee by sending his Vaanar army in all directions."

Then he lifted them on his back and took them to Sugreev. When Sugreev saw Raam he felt very obliged. He bowed to both, Him and His younger brother. Then Hanumaan Jee told Sugreev everything about them so he became fearless. Hanumaan Jee lit the fire and helped them to establish friendship in the witness of fire. Raam and Lakshman did not hold anything back and told everything to Sugreev.

After this Sugreev said to Raam - "Once I was sitting here with my ministers that I saw a beautiful woman going through sky way. She was crying for help . She was calling "Raam, Raam". When She saw us, She dropped her cloth." And he showed that cloth to Raam. Raam immediately recognized it as Seetaa's cloth. Sugreev consoled Him that he would get Janak Kumaaree's whereabouts as soon as possible. He would help them in every way he could, so that they can get Raam's wife back."



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