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Baali and Sugreev were the two sons of Riksh Raaj. Baali was elder and Sugreev was younger. Both loved each other very much. Baali was Indra's son and Sugreev was Soorya's son. Baali was very mighty. His wife's name was Taaraa and he had a son named Angad.

Baali was very mighty. Once he put Raavan in his armpit for days together.

Once Maya Daanav's son, brother of Manadodaree, Maayaavee, came to fight with him. Baali defeated him and came back home, but Maayaavee came back again, so he thought "let me finish him once for all". He again defeated him, and when Maayaavee ran from the field, he followed him in pursuit to kill him. Sugreev also followed him for his moral boosting.

Maayaavee took Baali very far and then entered a cave. Baali said to Sugreev - "Look, This time I am going to kill him. I am going after him, I will come back soon but if I do not come back in 15 days, you consider me dead and go back to the city." Sugreev heard this with fear and waited outside the cave's mouth. Baali entered the cave after Maayaavee and closed its mouth with a huge stone after him.

Now Sugreev waited there for one month. When Baali didn't come back even after one month and he was about to come back to his kingdom, he saw blood flowing out of the cave. He thought Baali had been killed by Maayaavee and that was his blood. He got frightened and came back to city. Since there was no king now so Baali's ministers appointed Sugreev as king in the absence of Baali.

But it was the other way. Baali had killed Maayaavee and it was Maayaavee's blood which flowed from the cave's mouth. Baali came back. and seeing Sugreev as king, he got very angry. He beat Sugreev like an enemy and took his everything including his wife. Sugreev went to Rishyamook Parvat to live there because Baali could not come there because of a Rishi's Shaap to him.

When Sugreev met Shree Raam, he told Him his story. Shree Raam asked Sugreev to challenge Baali and promised him to kill him while fighting. Sugreev did so.

Baali's wife Taaraa was an intelligent woman. She requested her husband not to accept that challenge saying - "Priya, They are not two ordinary brothers. They are Koshal's princes Raam and Lakshman. Even Kaal cannot win them." Baali said - "Hey Priye, For Raghunaath everybody is same. If I kill Sugreev, I am the King, and if Raam kills me then also I am fortunate."

During the fight Shree Raam killed him from behind a tree. Baali felt himself very fortunate. He prayed Shree Raam and said - "You have come here to maintain Dharm, and you have killed me like a hunter. I became your enemy and Sugreev became your friend. What was my fault?" Shree Raam said - "Who takes other's wife, there is no sin in killing him. You are very proud of your might. You wanted to kill him who is in my shelter? Now you tell me if you want to live for ever."

Baali said - "Muni make lots of efforts to have your Darshan, but cannot see you even in meditation. Today you are standing in front of me, I don't need anything else. Grant me one Var that in whichever Yoni I take birth I only sing your praise. Please accept my son Angad in your service." And he left his body.



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