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2-Sugreev's Story and Baali's Vadh


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2-Sugreev's Story and Baali's Vadh

Raam asked Sugreev  - "Hey Mitra (friend),  Now you tell me about yourself. Why do you live in this forest? Tell me everything." Sugreev said - "Hey Naath, We are two brothers - Baali and myself. We loved each other very much. There was the son of Maya Daanav, Maayaavee. He came to our city and attacked us in the middle of the night. Baali was very mighty so he beat him and he ran away.

As he ran away Baali followed him and I followed Baali. Maayaavee entered a cave. So Baali said to me "Wait for me outside this cave for one fortnight. And if I do not come in 15 days time then you consider me as dead." I stayed there for one month, then I saw blood stream flowing out of the cave. So I thought that Maayaavee has killed Baali and now he would be coming to kill me also, so I closed the door of the cave by keeping a big rock and came back to my city. There ministers found the kingdom without the king so they coronated me as the king after Baali.

Now it so happened that Baali had killed him and the blood flowed from the cave was Maayaavee's not of Baali. Baali returned home. He found me the king of the kingdom so he got very angry. He fought with me like an enemy and took my everything including my wife. Because of his fear I wandered in the whole universe but I couldn't find a place where he couldn't come so I live here because he cannot come here because of the Shaap. Still I live in fear here."

Hearing the story of Sugreev, Raam got very angry and said to him - "I will kill Baali with only one arrow. Even if he goes to Brahmaa or Rudra, he will not be able to save himself. Who do not share the sorrow of their friends, they are sinners. Who consider their own sorrows like a mountain and friends' sorrows like a dust particle those people are not worth of friendship. You do not worry about anything, I will help you in every way."  Sugreev said - "Hey Raghuveer,  Baali is very mighty." Raam Said - "Don't you worry about it." Then Sugreev showed Him the heap of Dudubhi's bones which He threw many Yojan far only with little effort. Seeing this Sugreev got very happy and he got assured that Raam could kill Baali. Raam suggested him to invite Baali for a dual fight and at that time He would kill Baali.

Shree Raam and Sugreev went to the place where Sugreev was supposed to fight with Baali. Sugreev invited Baali for the dual fight. As Baali heard the call, he was about to come outside, but his wife held his feet and tried to explain him - "Hey Naath, The two brothers, who are now Sugreev's friends, are very mighty. They are the princes of Koshal Desh's king. They cannot be won even by Kaal." Baali said - "Hear O Fearful, Raam considers everybody alike. And even if He killed me then also I will be blessed, so you don't worry about me." Thus he went outside and and started fighting with Sugreev. Within a moment Sugreev got weaker and ran away.

He said to Raam - "I told you, Baali is very mighty. He is not my brother but is my Kaal (Death)." Raam Jee said - "You both look alike, that is why I could not shoot Baali, in case you would have been hit." After Raam caressed Sugreev his all pains went away. Next day Raam asked Sugreev to wear a flower garland and then fight with Baali. Again Sugreev fought with Baali. Raam watched them fighting from a distance from behind a tree. At the appropriate time Raam aimed His arrow at Baali and Baali fell down. He tried to get up that he saw Raam. He recognized Him and felt blessed by His Darshan.

In his heart, he had Bhakti for Raam but he spoke hard words to Him - "Hey Raam, You have taken Avataar for maintaining Dharm, still you killed me like a hunter. How come that I became your foe and Sugreev became your favorite. What was my fault?" Raam said - "Younger brother's wife, sister and son's wife, they all are like daughters. Whosoever misbehaves with them, there is no sin in killing him. You have become very proud of your might. Your wife also tried to counsel you but you didn't listen to her."

Baali said - "My intelligence went waste in front of my Swaamee. I am the greatest sinner. Give me your Gati in my last moments." Raam caressed him and said - "If you want I can give you eternal life." Baali said - "All saints desire for several lives to see Raam but in the end they don't get Raam. With whose name's power Shankar Jee gives eternal Gati to all died in Kaashee (Banaaras), today I am able to see the same form here. Now you give me the Var (boon) whatever I ask for. In whichever Yoni I take birth, I should love your lotus feet and love your Bhakti (devotion). And this is my son Angad, please accept him as your servant." And Baali left his body.



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