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7-In Search of Seetaa

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Prem Mudit Man Se Kaho Raam Raam Raam , Shree Raam Raam Raam


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7-In Search of Seetaa

After killing Maareech, Shree Raam returned to His hut quickly. He found Lakshman coming towards him on His way to His hut. Shree Raam showed worry about Seetaa and said to him - "You disobeyed me, Lakshman, and you came here. Raakshas wander in the forest in groups. I have a hunch that Seetaa is not in the hut."

Lakshman Jee fell on Raam's feet and said - "Brother, I am not at fault in this matter." Raam went on the bank of Godaavaree where their Aashram was. They didn't find Seetaa there as they guessed. Raam got worried about Her like human beings. He wept - "Hey Seetaa, where are you, where have you gone?"

Lakshman Jee tried to console Him. Then they started searching for Her asking creepers, trees, animals, birds, Bhramar (bumble bee), parrots, pigeons, deer, Koel (cuckoo), lotus flower, Moon, banana tree, elephants, lions etc etc in the forest. "Have you seen my Seetaa? Hey Seetey, All of these look so happy without you as if they were ashamed in comparison to your beauty, and now when you are not here, they have got their beauty again."

Thus Raam is wandering in the forest weeping like a lusty man. He is behaving like humans. On their way they met Geedh Raaj (king of vultures) Jataayu. He was lying on the ground and remembering Raam's feet. Raam touched his head with His hand. Seeing Raam and getting His touch his all pain was gone. Then he patiently told Him that Raavan had taken Jaanakee and he had put me in this condition. He has taken Her to south. She was crying a lot. I have held myself to have your Darshan, now permit me to go."

Raam said - "Please, wait for a moment." Jataayu said - "A dying man gets Mukti by taking whose name, the same is standing before me, so what for I should wait?" Raam said - "You have got the best Gati through your best Karm. Who always thinks about others good, nothing is difficult for him. What can I give to you? You have already got everything. I have a request to you that when you go to Swarg, kindly don't tell anything about the abduction of Seetaa to my father. If I am Raam then Raavan himself, along with his family, will tell him about it."

Jataayu left his Geedh (vulture) body and came into Hari form and prayed Raam. After getting the Var of unbroken Bhakti, he went to Hari's Param Dhaam. Shree Raam performed his last rites with His own hands. Vulture is one of the lowest species but kind Raam gave him His own Lok, Shiv Jee says - "Hey Paarvatee Jee, Those people are very low minded who love pleasures instead of Bhagavaan's feet."

Now the forest was becoming denser and denser. On the way Raam killed Kabandh Raakshas. While dying he told his story of Shaap of Durvaasaa Muni. Shree Ram said - "Hey Gandharv, I do not like enemies of Braahman families. Who serve Braahman with Man, Vachan and Karm, all Devtaa including myself are under his control. Even that Braahman is also respectable who gives Shaap, or beats, or speaks harsh words, while a qualitative and knowledgeable Shoodra is not respectable." Then Shree Raam explained him Bhaagvat Dharm and he went to sky to his Lok."



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