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6-Killing of Maareech

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Prem Mudit Man Se Kaho Raam Raam Raam , Shree Raam Raam Raam


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6-Killing of Maareech

When Raavan and Maareech arrived in the forest, about which Raavan mentioned to him, Maareech changed himself into a golden deer. This deer was very strange. Its golden body was studded with gems. He started grazing at a little distance from Raam's hut. As Seetaa Jee saw this deer, She said to Raam - "Hey Prabhu, This deer's skin is very beautiful. Kill it and bring its skin. I want its skin."

In spite of knowing why Maareech was showing up as deer, Raam got up happily to do Devtaa's job. He took His bow and arrow and told Lakshman that there were many Raakshas around wandering in the forest, so He should take care of Seetaa Jee with wisdom and logic according to his might and time.

Ved describe Him as "Neti, Neti" (not this, not this), Shiv Jee also cannot see Him in His meditation, (means who is beyond mind and speech), the same Raam is running after a Maayaa deer. Sometimes that deer comes near, sometimes it goes far, sometimes it appears and sometimes it disappears. Thus playing with Raam the deer has brought Raam very far from His hut.

Then Raam aimed His arrow and shot it. It fell immediately on the ground. First he called Lakshaman's name in Raam's voice, then he remembered Raam and left his body. At that time he showed his Raakshasee body and remembered Raam again. Raam sent him to His Param Dhaam which is difficult even to great Muni. After killing Maareech, Prabhu Raam returned immediately.

When Seetaa heard "Haa Lakshman" in Raam's voice, She got scared and said to Lakshman - "Lakshman, You go immediately, your brother is in trouble. He is calling you." Lakshman Jee said - "Hey Maa, Only a motion of whose eyebrow can destroy the universe, how can He be in trouble?" At this Seetaa Jee said some heart piercing words. By the inspiration of Bhagavaan, Lakshman Jee also got worried. He proceeded towards Shree Raam leaving Seetaa Jee under the protection of forest and all directions.

Abduction of Seetaa
Raavan was looking only for this opportunity. Seetaa Jee was alone, so he came to Seetaa Jee in the form of a Sanyaasee. From whom Devtaa and Daitya are so much afraid that neither they can sleep in the night nor they can eat food properly in the day time, the same ten-headed Raavan is going to Seetaa Jee as a thief looking here and there. Kaagbhushundi Jee says - "Hey Garud Jee, When somebody follows the path of evil, he loses his might, grace, and wisdom."

Raavan explained politics, scared Seetaa Jee and expressed his love to her in several ways. Seetaa Jee said - "Hey Saadhu, You are talking like a wicked person." Then Raavan showed Her his real form and told Her his name. Seetaa Jee got frightened, but patiently She said - "O Wicked, Just wait, Prabhu is coming. You are now under the control of Kaal by loving me as a tiny rabbit loves the lioness." Hearing this metaphor Raavan got mad but he worshipped Seetaa Jee's feet in his heart.

Then he took Her on his chariot and rushed immediately by skyway. But because of fear he was not able to drive it properly. Seetaa Jee was crying - "Hey Raghuveer, Why did you forget me? Lakshman, it is not your fault. I got angry on you, so I got the result. Prabhu is kind enough, but He is very far. Who is going to tell my trouble to Him?" Hearing Seetaa's cry all conscious and unconscious creatures got sad, but nobody could help Her as all were scared of Raavan.

Jataayu recognized Seetaa Jee by Her voice. A Raakshas was taking Her forcefully. He spoke - "Hey Seete, Don't be afraid. I will kill this Raakshas." And he rushed towards Raavan calling on him - "O Wicked, stay where you are. Are you so fearless? You don't know me." In fact when Raavan saw him coming, he guessed that either it was Mainaak Parvat or Garud bird. But he again thought that Garud already knew his might along with his Swaamee Vishnu, so he could not be Garud. When he came nearer, then he recognized him. It was Jataayu. He said - "Oh, This is old Jataayu. It seems that he will die in my hands."

Jataayu tried to stop Raavan. He took Raavan off the chariot holding his hair. Raavan fell on the ground. Jataayu asked Seetaa Jee to sit at one side, and returned to fight with Raavan. He wounded Raavan with his beak. Raavan got unconscious for one Ghadee (24 minutes). Then Raavan took out his big knife and cut Jataayu's wings. Jataayu fell remembering Raam's Leelaa. Raavan brought Seetaa Jee back on the chariot and started again driving his chariot. He was frightened so he was going swiftly.

Seetaa Jee was crying. On Her way, She saw a Parvat below, and on the Parvat She saw some monkeys sitting. She remembered Bhagavaan, and dropped her cloth. Raavan took Her to Lankaa. He tried his best to make Her agree to marry him, but when She did not agree, he kept Her under an Ashok tree in Ashok Vaatikaa (garden). The way Shree Raam went to kill the deer, Seetaa Jee chants His name remembering the same face."



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