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5-Shoorpanakhaa Goes to Raavan

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Prem Mudit Man Se Kaho Raam Raam Raam , Shree Raam Raam Raam


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5-Shoorpanakhaa Goes to Raavan

Seeing Khar and Dooshan dying in the battlefield, Shoorpanakhaa went to her brother Raavan in Lankaa and instigated him - "You have forgotten your country and treasure. You just drink and sleep all day and night. You don't even know that your enemy is nearby. 

If you rule without policies, earn money without doing Dharm, do good deeds without offering them to Him and earn education without logic, you will be doing only labor and hard work. Sanyaasee are destroyed from pleasures, Raajaa are destroyed from bad counseling, Gyaan is destroyed from pride, modesty is destroyed from drinking, love is destroyed from impoliteness and qualities are destroyed from being proud very soon. This I have heard. Look at my condition and you are still alive." And Shoorpanakhaa started crying in his court.

Courtiers could not tolerate Shoorpanakhaa's cry, they lifted her up and asked her to tell everything in detail. Raavan also asked her as who had cut her nose and ears. Shoorpanakhaa said - "The sons of Ayodhyaa's king Raajaa Dasharath, have come for hunting here in forest. It seems to me that they have come to finish all Raakshas from this earth. Seeing whose might Muni wander now fearlessly, they look like youths but are like Kaal (Death).

Both the brothers are very mighty. They are very brave, patient, stable and good archers. They are killing Raakshas and are comforting Muni. They are very handsome. Raam is His name, and they also have a woman with them. She is so beautiful that even a billion Rati (Kaamdev's wife who is supposed to the most beautiful woman) can't be compared with Her. His younger brother has cut my nose and ears. I called Khar and Dooshan but He killed them with their whole army in a few moments. Hearing this that I am your sister, they laughed."

Hearing the killing of Khar, Dooshan and Trishiraa along with their whole army, Raavan got extremely angry. He boasted his bravery and might from outside but he got frightened in his heart. He thought - "There is nobody in the universe who can even touch even my servants. Khar and Dooshan were mighty like me. Who else can kill them except Bhagavaan? And if Bhagavaan has incarnated then I will go and fight with them and get Moksh having been killed by His arrow. I cannot do Bhajan with this Taamas body, therefore I should do the same. And if they will be human princes, then I will win them in the battle and abduct His wife."

Thinking thus Raavan went to the place where Maareech lived on seashore."

Shiv Jee says - "Hey Paarvatee, Now you listen to the story of Shree Raam. After Shree Raam had killed Khar and Dooshan, once Lakshman Jee went to forest to bring fruits and roots to eat, Raam spoke to Seetaa - "Priye, Now I will act as a human being, so until I kill Raakshas you stay in Fire." As Shree Raam Jee explained everything to Seetaa Jee, She entered Fire remembering Raam. She left Her shadow woman there. The shadow woman was the true duplicate of Seetaa. Lakshman Jee also didn't know whatever Bhagavaan did there.

Raavan Asks Help From Maareech
Selfish Raavan went to Maareech and bowed to him. Maareech greeted him and offered him an Aasan; and asked - "Please be seated. What is the matter? You look worried, and you have come alone?" Raavan told him everything and said - "You assume the form of an enchanting golden deer, so that I can abduct Raam's wife."

Maareech said - "Hey Dash-sheesh (who has ten heads, means Raavan), Raam is Eeshwar in human form. Do not  make Him your enemy. Only He gives and takes life. The same princes went to protect Vishwaamitra's Yagya. At that time Raghunaath Jee shot me a blunt arrow. I fell 100 Yojan far in a moment. Now my condition is like Bhringee insect. I see both brothers, Raam and Lakshman, everywhere. If they are human beings then they are very brave, it is almost impossible to win them. Whoever killed Taadakaa and Subaahu, whoever broke Shiv Jee's bow, whoever killed Khar, Dooshan and Trishiraa; I doubt it very much that He is a human being. Therefore you think about your family and go back to your home."

Hearing this Raavan got very angry and abused Maareech - "O fool, Tell me who else is mighty warrior like me in the world?" Then Maareech thought that there is no use to develop enmity with the nine type of persons: a person with weapons, a person who knows secrets, capable Swaamee, fool, rich, herbalist, Bhaat (singer of praises), poet, and cook. So when he knew that his death was certain in both ways, he preferred to die from Shree Raam's arrow.

Thinking thus he went with Raavan. He was very happy even with the idea that he would see Shree Raam again. He would see Him following him with bow and arrow. He would follow me to kill me and I would see Him repeatedly turning my head. Nobody is blessed like me today."



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