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4-Shoorpankhaa Goes to Raam

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Prem Mudit Man Se Kaho Raam Raam Raam , Shree Raam Raam Raam


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4-Shoorpankhaa Goes to Raam

Lankaa's King Raakshas Raavan had a sister named Shoorpanakhaa who was very wicked. Once she went towards Panchvatee and seeing both princes went crazy about them. Kaagbhushundi Jee says - "Hey Garud Jee, Shoorpanakhaa like Raakshasee are attracted to any man irrespective of any relationship, age etc whether he is father, brother or son, as Sooryakaant Mani melts in the Sunlight.

She took the form of a beautiful woman, approached Prabhu and said - "Neither there is any man as handsome as you, nor there is any woman as beautiful as me. Vidhaataa (Bhagavaan) has made us for each other. I have searched the three Lok, but I could not find a husband for me, that is why I am still unmarried. Now it seems that I have got him."

Prabhu looked at Seetaa Jee and said - "My younger brother is still unmarried." So she went to Lakshman Jee. Lakshman Jee considered her as their enemy's sister, so looking at Prabhu, He spoke - "O beautiful woman,  I am His servant. Since I am dependent to Him, you will not feel comfortable with me. Prabhu is the King of Koshalpur, whatever He will do it will be all right for Him; but if a servant wishes for comfort, a beggar wishes for respect, a drunkard wishes for wealth, a greedy wishes for glory, and a proud wishes for the four fruits (Dharm, Arth, Kaam, Moksh), then all of them are wishing for milking the sky."

Hearing this she came back to Raam, but Prabhu sent her back again to Lakshman. Lakshman said - "Only he will marry you who is completely shameless." She again went to Raam and showed her horrible form (Raakshasee Roop). Seeing her frightened look Seetaa Jee got scared, Raam signaled to Lakshman; Lakshman understood it and cut her nose and ears. (This system was in Persia also see Alexander 328 BC) Thus they sent a signal of warning to Raavan.

Killing of Khar and Dooshan
Crying miserably she approached her brothers Khar and Dooshan living nearby and spoke to them - "Shame to you and your bravery and your might." Then Shoorpanakhaa told them everything when asked. They immediately got prepared with their army, and followed Shoorpanakhaa to fight hose princes. Seeing sky filled with dust, Raam said to Lakshman - "Army of Raakshs is coming now. You take Jaanakee Jee in a cave and be careful. I will go and face this army." Lakshman went away with Seetaa Jee; and Raam took His bow and arrow in His hands.

Raakshas came rushing and surrounded Shree Raam, but as they saw Him they just got mesmerized by His beauty. They couldn't shoot any arrow at Him. Khar Dooshan asked their minister whether He was a human being or somebody else. They thought "we have seen so many Naag, Asur, Devtaa, humans, Muni, and we have killed so many of them, but we have not seen such a radiance beauty anywhere. Although they have deformed our sister still He is not worth to be killed." Then they said to their minister - "Go and tell them that they should surrender their woman whom they have hidden somewhere and they themselves should return their home. And bring their reply soon."

Messengers conveyed their message to Shree Raam. Shree Raam said smilingly - "We are Kshatriya, hunt in the forest and look for the animals like you. We are not afraid of mighty enemy. We can even fight with Kaal if he comes. Although we are humans, but still we kill Daitya and protect Muni. We look young but we punish wicked people. If you are not strong enough, then return home. If you will go back I will spare your life."

Messengers said all this to Khar and Dooshan. Hearing this they got very very angry and attacked Raam but Raam's arrows were very sharp. Asur got frightened and ran away from the battlefield. Khar and Dooshan said - "Whosoever will run away from here we will kill him ourselves." So their army again gathered and started fighting. They were playing Maayaa on Shree Raam who Himself is the Swaamee of Maayaa. Many arms and heads are flying in the sky, and bodies are running without heads.

Then Prabhu shot 10 arrows each in the chests of all army leaders. Warriors fall down, but get up soon again and don't die. Devtaa are scared to see this that Raakshas are 14,000 and Shree Raam is alone. Seeing Devtaa scared, Raam played a Maayaa. Now Raakshas started seeing Raam in each other so they fought among themselves and died soon. Now Devtaa were very happy, they prayed and showered flowers from the sky. Lakshman Jee brought Seetaa Jee back.



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