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2-Mantharaa's Mischief

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2-Mantharaa's Mischief

Mantharaa saw here and there and found that the whole Ayodhyaa was being decorated. Raajaa's palace was also filled with joy and everywhere people were running around to do various jobs. She asked the reason for this joy. She was told that it was Raam's Abhishek as Crown Prince. Hearing this her whole body started burning. She thought "how this happened overnight?"

She went to Kaikeyee with a very sad face. Kaikeyee asked her - "Why are you so sad on this joyous occasion?" She got silent and continued taking long breaths. Kaikeyee said smilingly again - "You talk too much, so it seems that Lakshman has said something to you." Mantharaa said - "Who can say anything to me. Nobody has said anything to me. Today who else is happy except Raam who is getting the status of Crown Prince. I cannot tolerate all this joy. You don't think about anything, your son is not here, you love your sleep, you don't see King's cunningness, I am not happy with all this." 

Kaikeyee knew that she was an evil person so she said to her - "That day will be very auspicious day when my Raam will be King. Elder brother rules and younger brothers serve him, this is Soorya Vansh's tradition. If really tomorrow is Raam's coronation then you may ask for anything you like. All mothers are same as Kaushalyaa for Raam. And He loves everybody very much, especially me, I have already tested this. I love Him more than my life. Now you leave all this, and tell me the reason of your sorrow at this moment of joy."

Mantharaa said - "Whosoever becomes the King, it is not my loss, I am not affected with that. But reality is this that I cannot tolerate your loss, that is why I have some plans to do something good for you. If there is anything wrong in this plan then pardon me." Under the spell of Devtaa, Kaikeyee asked about her plan considering her as her the closest friend. 

Mantharaa said - "Whatever you say, everything is right, you love Raam, Raam also loves you, but now those days are gone. Even own people become others and friends become foes. King is cunning and Raam's mother is very intelligent. Both have planned this event very well. They sent Bharat to his uncle's house and decided to declare Raam as Crown Prince in his absence only. Maybe that this is your family tradition but I don't like it."

Kaikeyee asked - "What is wrong in it? Why don't you like it?" Mantharaa said - "You are still asking me why I don't like it, as if you don't know. Even animal knows its own good and bad. The whole fortnight has passed for this news to break out, and you have got this news from me? When Raam will be king then Raajaa will throw you out like a fly from the milk. You will have to serve Raajaa and Kaushalyaa along with your son. They will imprison Bharat and Lakshman will be close to Raam." Kaikeyee tried to understand her and said - "Yes, you are right, Mantharaa. I also have had bad dreams for a few days. But what can I do now. I don't know anybody else from whom to take advice. It is better to die than serve the enemy."

Mantharaa said - "Do now as I say. It will give you joy for ever. Since I know all this now, I have been thinking in this direction. You have two boons to ask from the King. You ask those boons from him now. In one boon you ask for the kingdom for your son and in the second boon ask for the exile to Raam. And remember when King vows on Raam, then only you should ask for these boons. Now you go to Kop Grih (in which queen used to stay when she wanted to show her anger to king) and lie there."

Queen Kaikeyee considered her as her best friend, thanked her several times, and went to her Kop Grih. When evening fell, the king went to Kaikeyee's palace. There he came to know that Kaikeyee was in her Kop Grih. Hearing this he got very worried. He could not guess any reason for that. The King who had Indra's strength in his arms became weak in front of a queen.



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