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1-Raam as Crown Prince

Some time passed happily to the marriage of Raam, Lakshman, Bharat and Shatrughn. Raam was getting popular among public. Everybody loved Him. Seeing this Raajaa Dasharath was very happy. One day he thought that now is the time that he should declare Raam as Crown Prince (Yuvaraaj). All Muni and Vashishth Jee seconded for this proposal. Raajaa asked them to find out the earliest auspicious day and came home.

Vashishth Jee decided an auspicious day for the ceremony and ordered to bring many auspicious things. People started decorating the city once more. Raam was worried about Bharat, as he was not in the town. Bharat and Shatrughn were away to their maternal uncle's house. Raam used to love Bharat very much.

When queens heard his news, they also got very happy. Whosoever told this news to them, he or she got many clothes and jewelry in reward. Queens also got busy in preparation for Raam's coronation. Vashishth Jee himself went to Raam's palace to tell this news. Raam got surprised to hear this news that He was going to be declared Crown Prince. He said - "We all four brothers were born together, ate food together, played together, even our all Sanskaar, Karn-chhedan (piercing ears ceremony), Yagyopaveet, marriage etc were performed together, then why only the eldest son should be coronated in the absence of the younger brothers. This is not good in this family."

At the same time Lakshman came with this news. All prayed for Bharat's coming back so that he can also see Raam's Abhishek. Whole Ayodhyaa was decorated in various ways.

But Devtaa were not happy hearing this news. They prayed Shaaradaa - "Hey Maa, Do something. Raam is not there to rule Prithvi. Find the way to send Him to forest. You know that Raam is beyond joy and sorrow, so you go to Ayodhyaa and do our job." Poor Shaaradaa started towards Ayodhyaa to serve Devtaa's purpose. She was thinking that "My status is very high, but I am going to do a very low work." Thinking thus she arrived in Ayodhyaa and changed the mind of Kaikeyee's dearest maidservant Mantharaa.



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