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16-Raam-Seetaa's Marriage

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Prem Mudit Man Se Kaho Raam Raam Raam, Shree Raam Raam Raam


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16-Raam-Seetaa's Marriage

Seeing Parashuraam Jee going satisfied, Janak Jee got very happy. He greeted Kaushik (Vishwaamitra Jee) and asked him "what to do now". Muni said - "The marriage was dependent on breaking the bow, therefore as soon as the bow was broken, the marriage was done, still you have to perform some activities according to your family customs. Send a messenger to Avadh Puree to invite Dasharath Jee."

Janak Jee sent a messenger to Avadh Puree and called other high people and assigned different jobs to them. They all went and started their work. The whole city was decorated. And it was decorated so beautifully that seeing it Brahmaa Jee also forgot his own Creation. Whosoever saw Tirahut (Janak Puree) at that time he forgot the beauty of 14 Lok. Indra was surprised to see even the poorest person's wealth. It seemed that Lakshmee Jee herself was living there in disguise.

The messengers arrived in Ayodhyaa and delivered the letter to Raajaa Dasharath. Dasharath read the letter and his eyes were filled with tears of joy. In the meantime Bharat and Shatrughn also came there and asked their father what was written in that letter. Raajaa read the letter again. Both brothers got very happy to learn about their brothers.

Raajaa asked the messenger about the welfare of his sons - Raam and Lakshman. Messengers said - "Your sons are very brave. Even Sun's and Moon's light is also less in front of their glory. There were many kings in Seetaa's Swayamvar but nobody could even move the bow except Raam. He lifted it up as if it was a flower bow and broke it. Baanaasur who could lift even Sumeru Parvat, he also did Parikramaa (circling around, or circumambulation) of that bow and Raavan who lifted Kailaash Parvat in a play, he also couldn't even move it. Then Parashuraam Jee came with a great anger, but Raam cooled him down. Then he handed over his own bow to Raam and went away to forest. You are blessed that you have got such sons"

This news spread in the whole Ayodhyaa very soon. Everybody celebrated the occasion. Then all started their journey for Janak Puree. Dasharath and Vashishth Jee were sitting in chariots. On the way, Janak Jee made arrangements for many kinds of food for the procession. When Dasharath Jee arrived in Janak Puree, Janak Jee himself came to welcome him. When Seetaa Jee heard that the marriage procession has arrived in the city, She also showed Her powers. She called all Siddhi to felicitate the procession. Siddhi provided everything for their comfort. Raam recognized this welcome as the powers of Seetaa Jee. He liked it.

Hearing father's coming to Janak Puree, Raam and Lakshman desired to see him but hesitated to say anything. Then Vishwaamitra Jee took them to Dasharath Jee. There everybody met everybody. Raam and Seetaa got married. Seetaa's younger sister Urmilaa was married to Lakshman. Janak Jee's younger brother Kushdhwaj's two daughters, Maandavee and Shrutkeerti, were married to Bharat and Shatrughn respectively. Many different kinds of food were prepared for the procession. Bharat looked like Raam and Shatrughn looked like Lakshman. People could not recognize them immediately whether they were the previous pair of brothers or were they the other one?.

After the marriage ceremony Janak Jee requested Dasharath Jee to stay there for some more time, so they stayed there for some more time. Then Vishwaamitra and Shataanand Jee told Janak Jee to send Dasharath Jee to their home. Then Raajaa Janak made the arrangement of their farewell. Everybody was very sad. Seetaa's birds were crying. Mothers were teaching their daughters how to live in in-law's house. They all handed over their daughters to Dasharath Jee. Then Dasharath Jee started towards Ayodhyaa.

When all arrived in Ayodhyaa, all mothers welcome their sons and their brides. Celebrations were made of princes' marriage in whole Ayodhyaa. 

All were living with great pleasures. Mothers were very happy to see their daughters-in-law and showed their love to them in different ways. Raajaa Dasharath was also very happy. Mothers asked Raam - "How did you kill terrible Raakshas like Taadakaa, Subaahu etc." And Raam replied to everybody satisfactorily. Thus some time passed.

One day all were sitting in the royal court. Everybody was happy to see Shree Raam. Vishwaamitra Jee daily asks King's permission to leave, but the King holds him back requesting him to stay there for some time more. But one day he decided to go, so the King politely bade farewell to him.

Iti Shree Raam Charit Maanas
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